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  1. Hi, looking forward to the two Android novels that are on the horizon, does anyone know if or when they will be available in the UK? FFG have them slated as first quarter of 2016, but with no sign at the moment does anyone have any news on them? Cheers
  2. Hi, I have ordered up the premium edition for postage to the UK and I wonder if anyone knows what is ETA might be? I know that US customers can expect it "in time for the holidays" but is there any mention anywhere as to whether international postage will go out at the same time? To be honest after paying postage costs in excess of the cost of the actual product I'd be pretty pissed off if international postage was delayed or given less priority.
  3. Hi, reading the preview article about Apex and his face down installations, I was left wondering - can these cards ever be "rezzed" or flipped/paid for, or are they just food for his other card consumption mechanics?
  4. I'm a beginner too, so if this is not on the Mark please correct me. However, one way of explaining it is - you don't need the same icebreaker type to go past ice. Likewise you don't need the same strength as the ice to go through either. You can potentially go past the ice without either condition met. However in order to break a subroutine you do need to meet these conditions. This means that If there is an "end the run" subroutine on the ice, you'll need matching breaker type and equal strength to proceed. If there is no"end the run" subroutine, you can go through regardless, taking the damage or other effects as detailed on the subroutines.
  5. Hi, Looking at the timing of the abilities of the Tau card Ambush Platform got me wondering: "Interrupt: when you deploy an attachment reduce it's cost by 1. Combat Action: Exhaust this support to deploy an attachment from your hand." My question is, can an exhausted card use it's interrupt ability? In this case for example to reduce a cost of deploying a card? I cant find anything in the rules for that but perhaps I'm missing something there. Cheers
  6. Hopefully it will work out better than it did in Invasion. In Warhammer Invasion there were way too many card types and loads were basically unused. Many were on only one or two cards.
  7. I think FFG could have made this important mechanic a little less opaque. There is a fiddly interaction between a Combat Turn, a Combat Round, a Combat Phase and a Battle...
  8. Mm, I think I see what you mean, though it seems needlessly tangled as a rule for simply finishing a combat round. I think I see what you mean though. Thanks for the help.
  9. We played our first game last night and we certainly agreed that the game has legs We did have a few questions however. I'm unsure about the wording/timing of readying units after a battle. During a battle combat rounds are played out and if units remain they all ready. Pg 9 of the Learn to Play book says "After a combat round is completed (usually when all units at the planet are exhausted), each unit at the planet readies simultaneously." Under winning a battle on page 11 it says "When a player wins a battle at any other planet his warlord (if it was committed to that planet returns to his headquarters , maintaining the state (ready or exhausted) it was at the end of the battle. The planet remains in play and other surviving units remain at the planet also maintaining their state" So my question is - if units ready as soon as the final combat is over, how would they remain in an exhausted state after the battle is over? Is it the case that they do not automatically ready after the final combat round? It implies that but I cant see it anywhere in the text... Cheers for any help.
  10. Hi, Third ed was released with some character cards for Descent and also for Runebound. I've sold a copy of third ed Dungeonquest n ebay but the buyer has been in touch to say that I have left out those bonus characters. This is because I'd previously incorporated those characters into my Descent and Runebound sets. So, I'm now left scratching my head as to which cards it is I need to dig out of Runebound and Descent to send to him. Could anyone remind me what characters were the bonus characters pleas? Or point to a detailed component list for third ed? Thanks very much.
  11. Hi, Not played yet, just been reading through the rules for our first game so this might be an obvious one somewhere. The turn has a specific action step where skill cards can be used, but many of the skill cards have actions that imply usage at any appropriate time rather than in that Action Step. I cant see anywhere that mentions whether skill cards can be used at any time, or in any specific quantity. Are there any limits to timing or numbers of people playing skill cards? Cheers
  12. Mallumo said: … and only once per trigger condition met. It is this specific aspect that I wondered about, because in the example I gave the trigger condition has been met once (a development card played) and an action has been triggered twice by two cards (place a resource token).
  13. What you say makes a lot of sense. It seems to me that right from the initial release of the game the keyword aspect of the game mechanics has been a bit of a mess. There are several keywords that never seemed to fit within the game and each set of releases seemed to contribute more of them to the list.
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