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  1. OK... this sucks bottoms... cheers for FFG for saying "Thanks to all ye Players" and then DELETING our posts n' all. Oh yeah. That was a REAL BIG THANK YOU!!! But OK... this allows us to start fresh. Now where are all my friends of yore XD ? When I get around to it, I'll be re-posting my threads. Good thing I had my own 'back-ups' at BoardGameGeek and DeviantArt. Whew. Just need to repost those pics and copy+paste text. Wow... I'm gonna be famous again.
  2. I hope this answers your question: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=1&efcid=2&efidt=443185 Indeed... I come back a couple month TOO LATE!! I was quite active on these boards -- but only at the World of Warcraft: the Board Game forums. So sad to see the page gone (am still looking!) coz I've had a thread on the projects I was working on -- one of them being a re-work of the original game box to fit ALL (and I mean ALL) the cards from ALL expansions and the core game itself. Well I have succeeded! But am still putting the finishing touches and re-measuring my finished work so that I can release proper schematics so that everyone can make their own Game Master box and Character boxes. The other thread was about my painted figures... although I have these on my DeviantArt page at http://www.theanimaster.deviantart.com. I wish you luck with your venture... I wouldn't mind getting a second copy of every set myself (you know... just in case)! This is a hell of a cool game! My third project will be to formulate RPG rules and play the game as an RPG. This is for my students (I'm a teacher) to learn and practice their English and reasoning skills
  3. Huh? What's this? Is that definite? No avatars? why wasn't the other thread locked then?? Well, if we can't have our own avatars... at least have some characters from the World of Warcraft!
  4. Aye... Avatars needed. I've got some nice ones I've drawn of WoW. Or maybe THAT's the issue?? People drawing stuff of games that are copyrighted? - -" I dunno. I would just like to have my own avatar... coz I'm the creative type.
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