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  1. Nekrovirus Ground Forces

    My understanding is that they do not require either support or supply, you just have a ton of extra ships for the combat phase. It is a powerful ability.
  2. Spending objectives

    You could in TI3 and you still can.
  3. You get 1 extra - 3 instead of 2
  4. Research agreement

    You can hold on to till they research something that you like.
  5. This is really great. One thing: it's Saudor that the Jol Nar and N'orr clashed in (and the first Warsun was destroyed).
  6. Hypermetabolism

    Do we think it will be reprinted in the expansion?
  7. Wormhole Research question

    I played the Ghosts yesterday and this came up and wiped me. I built another fleet and went on to win, but it was looking grim for a round or so.
  8. Expansion ideas?

    The one thing I think everyone is on board with is the wormhole nexus
  9. Exo trireme 2 utterly dominates the barony. In large scale combat they just lose. Ditto the Jol Nar if the go warsuns.
  10. Necro Flagship: No limit?

    Or you could just have 20 Infantry on the planet, and the results are the same. It is almost impossible to invade that many troops with out x89
  11. Sarween tools

    But each time you act you must spend a command counter. You'll run out of them before you get all of your units on the board. Also note you can only build at space docks, with a few exceptions.
  12. Wow. By those rules, it would seem so
  13. Australian release

    Are you in Sydney?
  14. Are there rules for how players are seated and next to whom?
  15. When you vote, you now use the planets. Also, there is at least one AC that taps a players planets during the agenda phase.