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  1. Are you in Sydney?
  2. Are there rules for how players are seated and next to whom?
  3. When you vote, you now use the planets. Also, there is at least one AC that taps a players planets during the agenda phase.
  4. PDS are now immovable. Saar docks can carry infantry and cam move and produce. Note the Jol Nar also start with 3 ships with capacity.
  5. Pooling is allowed. It makes things so good for the plants. The upgrade is still there for 2 production (it also does everything a normal GF upgrade dies - +1 to combat and gene synth regeneration) but pooling makes it much less necessary.
  6. I really enjoyed this. I'm so looking to my first game.
  7. Yes. Note that if you build GFs, they can build later. It's OK.
  8. Interesting group think. I don't think my tables are as altruistic as yours. We're more all out for our own ends.
  9. I strongly disagree with this. While this maybe true of a neighbor, what the Winnu can do to the 3 players on the far side of the board (wormholes aside ) is fairly limited. And imagine sitting down with a player who says "I have a divine right to the center and it's vp(s)". My response is going to be " yep, you, me and 4 other players". And if they are going to insist, well, that's what I have a fleet for. This is where starting units come in. The Winnu have only 1 unit with capacity, and only 2 GFs (Iirc) and only 3 resources, meaning that they have to be lucky with timing and SC to get a 2nd system in round 1. What do I meant by this? Imagine you are lucky enough to start as speaker with a random race. You look at your options and then take technology cos well, it's tech. Not the Winnu. If they want to take a second system, it's warfare, trade or diplomacy. This is a fairly major problem. A number of races can take 2 systems with what they have at the start (eg tribes and N'orr) and every other race can do so with a build using just HS planets. But not the Winnu. So with a weak fleet, and a poor start, the suggestion of well, everyone better let me have Rex or I'll spend the next 6 hours making sure we are both miserable is a poor one. Players like this must be stood up to or they can take what they want with brinksmanship.
  10. Me too! amazing job FFG!
  11. Me too!
  12. Yes, this is disappointing. They should have emphasized the capacity, which is a big deal. "With one such ship, you can conquer any system in the game (except the Hacan Hs)!"
  13. The pre-order is being packed. Soon! A Note On Twilight Imperium Pre-Orders We’re proud to say that as of this moment we are officially sold out of the exclusive Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition promotional items! If you have placed an order through the Fantasy Flight Games website on or before Friday, October 27, 2017 at 7:30 AM Central Time, you will receive an email update soon regarding shipping. If you placed a Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition pre-order with your local retailer, they will receive a shipment date from our sales team soon. Please contact them directly if you have questions about your copy of the game. Stacks of hardcover rulebooks and art prints are being carefully packed in preparation for delivery, we can’t wait to get them in your hands!
  14. Watches space tumble weed blow through......
  15. Great post, i'm glad that it was that long, it covered everything well. Looking at Promissory notes, there are a few points. The Mentak and Virus notes are worthless. Although they may stop you being the victims of the racial powers, they in no way stop that race smacking you. They only get your planets, not your tech or TG's. and if you hit back, you lose the note. Might be worth it if the Mentak are dug in a Rex and you're not a pie slice neighbor, as they are unlikely to go over the top, but otherwise useless. The Creuss IFF likely stands for Identification Friend Foe - a military term as a unit identifier Hacan. I strongly, STRONGLY disagree about Quantum Datahub Node. It is likely the strongest racial tech in the game. YOU CAN TAKE IMPERIAL EVERY TURN!!!!! This means Vp's, and the game. You can also guarantee trade is in the game each turn by taking it and then giving it away. It nearly sunk them in TI3, because they could only do it with trade partners, and if they got it, people attacked them to break the trade agreement. There is no stopping it this time.