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  1. I saw a Jol Nar player pick up integrated economy and go on the war path. It was brutal. Everytime he hit he rebuildt after. When his opponent fought back he got trade goods from E res. Had he had victory points from this he would have won the game.
  2. We play that discard pile is face up and can be inspected at any time. Hold over from 3rd. Unsure if it correct.
  3. I think the folks at Space Cats Peace Turtles are planning something similar. Maybe talk to them?
  4. Robofish


    This is indeed definitely the case. Move us into low orbit and power batteries! !!!
  5. I played it a few times. I always played Lazax (and always won). It was good for either 5 or 7 players as ithe stopped the usual problems. It had its problems, and felt unfinished, but stopping the fall of the Empire was a satisfactory feeling.
  6. My understanding is the other race in the expansion will be the cyber apes from the RPG. In addition the designers want to have a second go at Mercenaries. The space/ground interactions were interesting but a third field will be added for variety - agenda phase abilities. They will change your vote count but grant you additional abilities. The Hacan one can give another player a unit in his HS, and you get the units cost in votes from that player. Need 4 more votes? Hand out a dreadnought! The nexus is back, but it looks like Malice is better. The image is blurry but it's a 2/3 or a 3/3 and one of the new secrets wants a PDS and 4 GFs on Malice.
  7. I recommend SCPT. A definite highlight to my week.
  8. Robofish

    Nekrovirus Ground Forces

    My understanding is that they do not require either support or supply, you just have a ton of extra ships for the combat phase. It is a powerful ability.
  9. Robofish

    Spending objectives

    You could in TI3 and you still can.
  10. You get 1 extra - 3 instead of 2
  11. Robofish

    Research agreement

    You can hold on to till they research something that you like.
  12. This is really great. One thing: it's Saudor that the Jol Nar and N'orr clashed in (and the first Warsun was destroyed).
  13. Robofish


    Do we think it will be reprinted in the expansion?
  14. Robofish

    Wormhole Research question

    I played the Ghosts yesterday and this came up and wiped me. I built another fleet and went on to win, but it was looking grim for a round or so.
  15. Robofish

    Expansion ideas?

    The one thing I think everyone is on board with is the wormhole nexus