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  1. I'd give them PDS 2, as Deep Space Cannon was the tech that only they started with in 3rd ed. It makes them unique, doesn't break the tech rules and helps them early. Or maybe give them the choice of Spacedock 2, PDS 2 or Destroyer 2. None of them are super powerful, but make for interesting decisions.
  2. 1. The speaker still breaks ties, even if they can't otherwise vote 2. These abilities can be used multiple times in a round as long as you can pay for them. I'd add that a command counter is far more valuable than a destroyer, so use this sparingly. 3. The command counter is the payment.
  3. Yes they can. Generally a waste of a Command Counter, but with the right tech it can work
  4. I like the current tech system, but we need more techs. Ideally multi coloured ones, to avoid the clunkers. Red, in particular, needs some love. Warsuns need a boost. They are white elephants at the moment, with the rebalancing of Dreadnoughts. New races are always welcome. New systems with new features would also be great. A planet with multiple tech skips? Either of one colour (like red) or dual colours Wormhole nexus
  5. Yes, casualties from ambush can be taken on fighters. It's a good early game ability, but not useful when there are 10+ fighters heading at you. Fighters can be used to take the hits for anything, with the exceptions of Graviton Laser System, the Mindnet Flagship, and Assault Cannon.
  6. I think there are two issues here: volunteering information, and telling the truth when asked. For the first bit, you are not obliged to say "hey guys, I'm a planet from winning here". If someone lied about the number of planets, and gained advantage from it, I would seriously consider playing with them again. At the very least I'd demand to look at their position from their seat, and count their planet cards myself. The reason that the shorthand is you tell the truth when asked is that it saves time, but if someone opts out of this, I'll absolutely waste their time, my time and everyone else's time to count their stuff (planets, techs ect). And I won't apologize for it. We are ultimately here to have fun, and this would be a fairly serious way to put a black mark in a ledger. I'm only playing a few times a year, so why play with someone like that?
  7. What great people! Birthday game!
  8. There are 2 laws that are utter death to Creuss. This is one of them. Agendas matter. If you can wipe out the TG stockpile of the Hacan or Mentak, or eliminate 3 of the 5 dreadnoughts of the Mindnet, you can force the Ghosts to have a bad turn. This is a response to TI3 where we voted ourselves 2 TGs each and called it a day. No one had the courage to propose the big laws so they went unplayed. Not anymore! FFG is demanding you have big agenda phases. That means peoples games are on the line. Navigate the rapids, or drown.
  9. I saw a Jol Nar player pick up integrated economy and go on the war path. It was brutal. Everytime he hit he rebuildt after. When his opponent fought back he got trade goods from E res. Had he had victory points from this he would have won the game.
  10. We play that discard pile is face up and can be inspected at any time. Hold over from 3rd. Unsure if it correct.
  11. I think the folks at Space Cats Peace Turtles are planning something similar. Maybe talk to them?
  12. This is indeed definitely the case. Move us into low orbit and power batteries! !!!
  13. I played it a few times. I always played Lazax (and always won). It was good for either 5 or 7 players as ithe stopped the usual problems. It had its problems, and felt unfinished, but stopping the fall of the Empire was a satisfactory feeling.
  14. My understanding is the other race in the expansion will be the cyber apes from the RPG. In addition the designers want to have a second go at Mercenaries. The space/ground interactions were interesting but a third field will be added for variety - agenda phase abilities. They will change your vote count but grant you additional abilities. The Hacan one can give another player a unit in his HS, and you get the units cost in votes from that player. Need 4 more votes? Hand out a dreadnought! The nexus is back, but it looks like Malice is better. The image is blurry but it's a 2/3 or a 3/3 and one of the new secrets wants a PDS and 4 GFs on Malice.
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