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  1. Great post, i'm glad that it was that long, it covered everything well. Looking at Promissory notes, there are a few points. The Mentak and Virus notes are worthless. Although they may stop you being the victims of the racial powers, they in no way stop that race smacking you. They only get your planets, not your tech or TG's. and if you hit back, you lose the note. Might be worth it if the Mentak are dug in a Rex and you're not a pie slice neighbor, as they are unlikely to go over the top, but otherwise useless. The Creuss IFF likely stands for Identification Friend Foe - a military term as a unit identifier Hacan. I strongly, STRONGLY disagree about Quantum Datahub Node. It is likely the strongest racial tech in the game. YOU CAN TAKE IMPERIAL EVERY TURN!!!!! This means Vp's, and the game. You can also guarantee trade is in the game each turn by taking it and then giving it away. It nearly sunk them in TI3, because they could only do it with trade partners, and if they got it, people attacked them to break the trade agreement. There is no stopping it this time.
  2. 1.15 :If an ability uses the word “then,” a player must resolve the effect that occurs before the word “then” before resolving the effect that occurs after the word “then.” What is you can't do the first thing? Do you still do the second? 1.9 : Some abilities have a cost that is followed by an effect. The cost of an ability is separated from the effect by the word “to” or by a semicolon. A player cannot resolve the effect of such an ability if he cannot resolve that ability’s cost. It doesn't seem to be a cost. What are peoples thoughts?
  3. Also the lack of signal jamming decreases the risk of having your entire force frozen for a turn with a single card.
  4. All good! Thank you so much for the podcast, and also replying to me!
  5. Hey Guys, Really enjoyed this. Lots of good points. I really hadn't thought about how amazing the Mindnet are. The glacier of death is coming! A few things, Warfare I in TI3 did give you the CC back. It didn't allow a rearrange of CC's though (not that that seems very useful). Next, I love the Arborec, but there are a few things that i would have emphasized. First, Sarween Tools. It works with their GF's!!! This is the must have tech for them. With the pooled production, two GF's can build two more GF's paid for with Sarween. Or two fighters, or a destroyer. I think 2 GF's and a carrier is the starting force for the Arborec, and it grows as it goes. I commented in this article : Not sure i agree with your take on the racials. I think both are nice, but by no means necessary, due to the pooled production. As long as you have 2 GF's you are good. I don't think you move your GFs around, you just leave them behind, as guards and production centers and build more at the front. One other point, the Upgrade is just the same as Infantry II. The regen roll is the same as everyone else. It's not as good as Sol's but that is also a racial unit. As for the Yin - so much hate! Their main strength is that they are extremely difficult to move. They attack you? Ram their carrier. No invasion. They bring two? make them make ugly choices about the balance of fighters and GFs to keep. All for the cost of a destroyer, that was going to die anyway. Also, in a small firball, ram their cruiser with your destroyer! its a two for 1 cost exchange, and it will help. Also, no one can sustain damage against these guys. They do? Lose the dreadnought. They land on your planet? Convert one of their troops. Consider a situation were the Yin player has a PDS and a GF on a planet and two trade goods. How much do you need to take it? I think anything less than 4 GF's won't cut it. He'll buy one of yours, making it 3 on two, and might shoot down another one. 4 is an awful lot in the new carrier environment. And nothing short of a warsun or a very few of the flagships will help. As for the bomb (flagship), you just park it above a system you don't want taken (like say Mecatol). AND NO ONE CAN. Who is going to commit to lose a fleet so someone else can come in and claim the reward? These guys are all about take and hold. And never giving back. Not one of my favorites, but solid and painful to attack. One last thing. I'm Robofish, not Jumbofish. I would't bring it up, but I choose this name 10 years ago playing TI3. I'm a Jol Nar loyalist, and if this wasn't a TI podcast i wouldn't care, but it is so..... glory to the headmaster!
  6. If they have all the techs, it's worthless. Of course by that point the fish should have won the game.
  7. This is looked at in the Documentary. TLDR very very expensive, only 6 races, and confusion as to exactly what each unit represented (is that a Jol Nar cruiser or destroyer?)
  8. I just got an email from FFG about this. You do have to pay for the units, they are not free.
  9. I really enjoyed this. I thought your ideas about the Naalu were spot on. I hadn't thought about fighter swarms. Once they have hybrid crystal fighter II, they are building units that are as good as other races cruisers I for half a resource each. And take up half a fleet supply. Construction limits are going to be the issue here rather than resources. You can build a very powerful fleet with very little. Couple of points: the Xxcha had a -1 on opponents rolls in the first round of combat in TI3. Also with Sol, you say that there will be great stacks of GFs everywhere. I think that in TI3 the use of the 2GF ability was rare, as it was extremely expensive. 2 GFs for a CC is not a good deal! I think this is even more true in TI4 in a poorer CC environment. As such, I think that the Federation is all about the CC ability, and the vast fighter swarms, assuming they can build them. Sol cares about build slots as much as the Naalu. Could you please post in this thread or a new one when there are new episodes?
  10. That's cos you hate the Winnu. Did the Lazax do something to your home world?
  11. Wow, you are so right. Great thought, and we'll done FFG for getting the race right!
  12. My current thoughts are that they should be allowed any tech that has 0, 1 or 2 prerequisites. That way they can have XRDs, DSCs or a host of other options, but can't rush Mecatol with out effort.
  13. I think that is fair. While the Winnu look weak, we need to play them as written to see. Maybe we are missing something. However my point is not 'these guys are weak'. My point is: if you make the pick any tech you like change, this will be the result.