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    Gast265751 reacted to caroper2 in Thank You   
    Just wanted to say thanks for this well conceved and implemented tool.
    It is easy to use and intuative.
    Any plans to extend it to produce Faction Specific Scenario Cards in the same format as the ones included in the game?
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    Gast265751 reacted to Graf in Scenario Cards   
    Thank you very much for this awesome scenario editor!
    It would be great if there would be a possibility to create Scenario Cards (or if there would be at least "half maps", like those printed on the Scenario Cards).
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    Gast265751 reacted to xero989 in Campaign option   
    Something That I would like to see with this would be the option to compile multiple scenarios into an epic campaign that is what I'm doing right now but I think it would be nice to have like a most loved Campaign option just to make the compilation of Campaigns a little easier for users. 
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