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  1. Dear FFG-Team, at the moment it's impossible to make scenarios with several pages. In my case I translated the "Roc and a hard place" into german and the long english text is still longer as before. I only can change the font-size to the minimum of 8pt, but thats look awful and its very dificult to read. Furthermore I've no chance to change to CSS-Settings for the Header, to use the empty space above and under the header.
  2. Dear FFG-Team, first many, many thanks for such a great tool. It makes fun to work with it and it works really well. Unfortunately there is no possibility to download own unpublished scenarios as pdf. The separate htmlview doesn't work too, so it's impossible to print own Test-Scenarios or, for example, translated official scenarios. I translated the R.Borg-scenarios in german for me and my friends to play with, but because the permission statement it's not allowed to publish it here ore somewhere else. Please change this settings.
  3. Dear Battler, I'm proud to announce the last fight between both players Eisenzwerg and Falladir. After 162 battles these Battler won the two division. Let's see them fighting on Vassal - Friday, 13th nov., 20.00 (CET). with regards DamonWilder
  4. Hi Battler, I'm proud to announce the first northern BL-Tournament in Hildesheim/Germany. For more information see: www.worldofbattlelore.de
  5. Hi Falaffel, ich antworte mal auf Deutsch, da ich gesehen habe, dass Du eine Schweizer-Mailadresse hast. Ich bin der technische Admin aus der WoB. Die Fehlermeldung wird von einer Google-Map-Komponente versursacht, was aber Deine Registrierung bei uns nicht beeinflusst. Deine beiden Accounts sollten funktionieren, versuche doch einfach mal, Dich bei uns anzumelden. Zum Kontakt ohne Registrierung: im Impressum (linkes Menü ganz unten) kann jeder Besucher der Webseite die Verantwortlichen erreichen. Dazu ist jeder Betreiber einer Webseite verpflichtet. Wenn Du Lust hast, kannst Du Dich gern bei uns im Forum vorstellen. Viel Spaß auf unseren Seiten und natürlich nehmen wir Verbesserungsvorschläge gern entgegen. Liebe Grüße DamonWilder, der sich jetzt gleich mal um den Fehler kümmert.
  6. Hi Battler, we're very proud to announce that the first BL-League starts tomorrow with 22 members and 220 games. So - you'll see (hopefully) a lot of fun and action next month on Vassal. Be invited to have a look. With regards from Germany, DamonWilder (Admin at the WorldofBattlelore.de)
  7. Maybe you're right. In the moment we play a little tournament with a epic scenario, thats too long. If we choose a shorter scenario, most of us will play directly the two games against one player. But that should not a rule. I can't believe, that the most of us have enough time for more than 1 game/week. We not only want the Hardcore-Vassal-Gamer. I thought, if we are not more then 10 players it would enough to play 1 game/2 weeks. But maybe it's better to play a game/week. Sure, that will make it easier for new player to join the league. How would you start a new online-league?
  8. Are there any more Battler interested in a new BL-Online-League? We prefer a european league system (all vs. all; best wins; no play-offs) with 1 game in two weeks (we all are pinched for time). So if we play with 10 players the league will take ca. 36 weeks.
  9. @Hobbeskind when was the last update to the bible? And think about Harry P. ... Do you will be disappointed, if there were no part #7??
  10. Hi Toddrew, yes sure, ask at BGG - bitte :-)
  11. Hi Battler, I repeat my question from this post: Who is interested in an international Battlelore-Online-League? First season could start at may on worldofbattlelore.de (english supported if needed).
  12. Hi Battler, it's me DamonWilder, the technical admin of the worldofbattlelore. First: excuse my bad english, hope you understand most of that what I wanna say. Today we started a little tournament with the winner-scenario of our contest. It's just for the members of the WoB and it's just in german. Sorry. But the tournament is just a test for the upcoming iBOL (international Battlelore Online League) in May. First we plan an only-german-speaking iBOL. We do so, cause a) we start as a german fan-community and don't wanna expand to fast. We are only 3 admins and we don't have so much time we wish and need to administrate a worldwide fancommunity. Today we have more than 120 members and our site grows and grows. B) the timedifference! and c) we communicate over skype and the most german player don't wanna communicate in english. The Vassal-Chat is an alternative but the communication is very slow. Sadly we only have few registrations for our tournament, so we think about it, do expand that League to the none-german-speaking Battler. But there are some technical troubles. We need an english registration for our website and the iBOL. I search for a resolution, but I cannot promise, that we can offer it. And last but not least: How many english-speaking Battlers are interested in iBOL? Maybe it would be possible to play with two different leagues (german/english) and the best 4 plays a playoff?
  13. Can you say how long this works will take? Cause we plan a german version of the BL-Vassal-Mod and don't want publish it just a few days before the new mod will be published...
  14. Coltsfan76? Any news? Or do you the DoW-FFG-Way?
  15. Any news?? And maybe the german fan-community could help checking the scenarios... We're very interested in publishing the new mod fast as you can.
  16. Hi Old Dwarf, the most german BL-Fans totally agree with you. After two years of silence we need more informations. A few days ago I looked in the old DoW-Forum and scrolled through the old posts... I wondered about that after one and more years we are still in the same situation. Copy and paste this posts, nobody will notice that here. There are a few open questions: what will happen with the european centered 100-years war - Uchronia? Since Battlelore is published I wait for a longer background story and the history behind Battlelore. Where are the promised roleplaying elements? When will the hero expansion (a core set!) be published? There are a few more questions, I don't wanna repeat here. But all these questions hasn't been answered by Mr. Borg. I personally can't hear: "were working on it" once more. We wanna see facts now. And what I can't understand too are that kind of fans, who screamed: "Super, great, I can wait, Yeaaahh", if Mr. Borg or FFG says "all is fine, there are many products in developement". (I'm born in the GDR and there was a simple car 18 years "in developement" :-)
  17. In my opinion, it is inapprehensible, that no official said something. Just a little "hey sorry, news next week" or so. It's the old silent DoW-Style since 6 month.
  18. Hi Brian, thanx for your answer. First I wanna send you a PN, but it itsn't possible here. Do you know, when it will be published? And do you only check the scenarios, the rest is ready? Bye, Damon
  19. Hi Battler, I saw the new unpublished Vassal-Mod and I ask myself, why it isn't published. Looks good, works fine... I get no answer from the programmer. So everybody out here to tell more? with Regards, DamonWilder
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