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  1. Good talk all around so far, and I think I might need to better clarify my concept. Instead of doing away with the concept of the levels acheived, I was more thinking of something like the following (and I will likely adjust time frame ranges once I get a better appreciation for the system and it's scales): (Calculate time increments based on the value after spending DP) Life Points 0 - 25 (1 day) 26 - 50 (3 days) 51 - 150 (7 days) 151 - 300 (14 days) 301+ (1 month) What happens is that the player gets their 100 DP each level, but each increment they spend represents a period of time they must wait before spending in that category again. You spend DP for Life Points, Primary, and Secondary Abilities, able to spend in each category whenever the next time increment is reached. You must remain within your class's percentile limits for spending, and you only advance to the next level whenever you both gain enough XP and have spent all of your DP. Seeing as things like Ki Accumulation, Magic Accumulation, and Psy Points work on different scales than Secondary Abilities and many other Primary Abilities, seperate lists need to be made for their point spreads. I just haven't done that yet, as I'm still reading. Still, any new thoughts with this idea information put forth?
  2. Malckuss said: The GM Screen has a Method 5, in which the GM can give his players a pool of points for generating Characteristics on a 1:1 ratio, with the exception of purchasing a 10 in an attribute, which costs 2 points. The base is 55, with 45 suggested for a low powered game, and 65 for a high end game. Aha! See, I haven't seen the GM Screen yet. Thank you for the info!
  3. Still reading through the core book rules, and am loving what I am seeing so far. And while I'm not usually a fan of Class/Level systems I am seeing a lot of good methods laid out in Anima for that style of rules. However, I'm thinking of changing one aspect: Instead of spending all your DP at once when you gain a level, players spend the points in a more organic manner where advancement can happen only in certain increments over time. I'm still getting a feel for the scale of things and how often levels advance based on the XP structure of the game, so I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions.
  4. One immediate thought I had reading the character generation chapter were two additional options for Primary Characteristics generation: (Alternate Method 4) The GM either rolls 7d10 or designates a number between 28 and 70 to customize the power level and assure even distribution between characters. Method 5 - The players get the following spread of stat numbers each; 3,5,5,6,7,7,9. Then allow players to move any three points around without going below 2 or above 10. Any thoughts from other people, or other new options?
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