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  1. Fotonurth said:

    Bioroid runners would be so cooool.

    Heh, I know, right?  I've been playing the Android board game again with some friends, and the Bioroid detective has been a popular choice.  I'm not saying add completely new play mechanics in addition to the basic concepts already presented, but I think it would make deck building that much more interesting for Runners if you see the "race" designation on the ID card in all of the Runner factions, then start seeing cards that have effect text that might go different ways based on what the race might be.

    "Black Ops Blackout Team"

    Trash 2 hardware of Runner's choice.  -OR- Give 1 brain damage to Bioroid Runner

    Flavor Text: "Don't worry sir, with these new EMP rifles we can deal with whatever we may find without having to worry about waking the neighbors."

  2.  Yeah, hidden "Bluffing" cards for the Runner will likely be reserved for the first deluxe expansion.  I forget how they all worked in the original run of Proteus, but it might be an interesting method for Runners to fight back against Tags attempting to trash cards, like how ambush cards in the Corp vaults lure in Runners.

    How prevalent are cards that redirect Virus and Damage tokens?  That seems like a ripe area for playing with mechanics without needing to re-write the entire game.  ****, I wish I has a box set already so I could be looking at all the existing variations.

    Another thought:  Will we see variations on Runner IDs based on their "racial" template?  ie; will there be advantages seen commonly among Bioroids/Cyborgs/Gene-splicers/Base Humans?  Would there be a use for cards that affect a Runner based on what "race" they may be?

  3.  That, and a lot of retailers have abandoned Decipher products after how they mishandled the LotR property and botched things up internally.  They peaked high back in the day, but now they just churn out mediocre liscensed material that attempts to present itself as part of the hobby market.

  4.  I know how much people would love to see Vampire translated to the LCG format, but you likely never will just because of the stranglehold White Wolf has on the entire franchise.  They don't play well with other companies, and likely the intellectual property will only become accessible to FFG if White Wolf is cut loose from the EvE Online guys and they need a new company to buy them out.

    Likely if you're ever going to see a new LCG from Fantasy Flight that will have multiplayer conflict, it's going to be with one of their in-house properties, the license they have for Warhammer 40k, or something they can acquire through their relationship with Wizards.  So where would that leave us?

    Fireborn - Not likely as an LCG in my opinion, as the setting and story focus is not on factions or defined conflicts.  Would like to see this property see some new life, however.

    Grimm (not the same as the NBC show) - Could actually be really interesting, as this one-book RPG does a good job of showing a world with different kingdoms and the re-imagined fairytale concept is trending nicely right now.  Also the twisted fairytales vs. children concept could make for a very unique visual style and identity.

    Twilight Imperium - This is what I think is most likely for what you would be wanting.  They just made the Rex board game, have shown they have a real dedication to the setting, and there's the old RPG material and collectable tactics game from wayyyyy back in the day for inspirations.  It also has defined factions that would convert really nicely into strategy styles and deck formats, as well as an established setting where alliances can happen.  I would see it as some sort of "Location Control" mechanic that's present in a lot of the existing games, as well as down and dirty fighting.

    Tannhauser - Alternate History Deiselpunk vs. Magic.  What's not to love?  Likely would max out at 4 players battle royale.


    I'm sure there are other possibilities, but that's what I can think of right now.

  5.  Might be an interesting idea, and I would certainly look at it if it was announced.  I'm a huge fan of the Fireborn setting, and would love to see almost ANYTHING done with the renewed interest in the fiction and concepts.

    Problem would be working out the core idea of Flashbacks in an LCG format, as it is a major part of the RPG mechanics and the plot of the universe.  However, I do not count it as impossible.  Factions would be interesting… the dragons have various "sire" dragons they are related to spiritually, and then there are the supernaturals like the Fae and Those That Dwell Below.

    Overall, I could see something being done, but not using the mechanics similar to Jihad.  Jihad and Vampire: The Eternal Struggle play heavily on the political and faction fighting that is inherent to the setting, as well as the dark gothic nature of their immortals.  If FFG did an LCG based on Fireborn, likely they would want to craft something new from the ground up.

  6.  Thanks to all of you for the advice and explanations, it's really appreciated.  Seeing as I may be waiting until "Mid-September" for the official Netrunner release (not sore about that, just really anticipating this release), I'll likely visit my FLGS for a Cthulhu Core so I can get some play time in and prep my friends for starting in on LCG format games.

    Any advice for getting semi-formal play going in an area?  I know a lot of folks that are burned out on CCGs and I'm hoping now may be the time to get LCGs the player support it's been lacking in our area.

  7.  I'm looking to get into LCGs after a long time hating on CCGs, having been lured in by FFG's upcoming release of Android Netrunner.  Call of Cthulhu will be my next investment likely, but I'm curious about a few items.

    #1 - I get that the Core Set is needed for getting the fundamentals, but what are these different expansions I'm seeing?  They range from $15 to $30, but I'm unsure what to expect from their contents.  Do they expand out specific aspects of deckbuilding?  Factions?

    #2 - How often do you see expansions get released?  I like setting aside some "fun money" each month to keep myself from buying too many indulgence items, and I want to know how often I should expect to buy.


    Thanks in advance for any help, as well as any links if these questions have been answered many many times before here.

  8. pastah_rhymez said:

    My wish is that they only release big-box expansions. Chapter packs seem very annoying and expensive, in the long run. With the bigger boxes every player is bound to find something of their liking in each of them.


    I can see chapter packs being good if they function on the model I've been looking at in the other LCGs; Specific theme and focus for the bulk of the cards offered, combined with a small boost in cards for all factions.  (NOTE: those with more experience with LCGs… please correct me if I am wrong)  Buy the packs if they work for your strategy, or pass them over if you want to focus resources elsewhere.  Hell, I kind of like the idea of the chapter packs because it might allow me to do some card trading of unneeded cards with others without having to constantly worry about the random aspect dictating when I might get another copy of that card again.

    Still deciding on new cards… haven't had a chance to read over all the info on what's in the core set.

  9.  So, this will be the first LCG I will be investing in, and I'm loving what's been presented so far for material.  As I wait for the core sets to make it to retail shops, I gotta wonder what to expect from the future.

    Looking through the material for other LCGs, it looks like there's Deluxe expansions and Basic packs.  The Deluxe Expansions run about $30, the Basic Packs run $10 - $15.  So, for those that have been playing other titles, what can we expect?

    Also, what do we want to see in the expansions?  New mechanics, variations on what we've seen?

  10.  Looks to me that the most likely development will indeed be variations on the identities presented in the core set, with only major releases presenting possible new factions.  This would mean things like Subsidiaries or Branch Offices for corps and just new personas for the runners.  I also like the point made earlier about possible "joint ventures" IDs, and I could see it working well with low prestige budget, an interesting bonus, and a specific deck build rule for the ID (ie; "Your deck must contain +x points in Agenda", "You must have more Sentry ICE than any other type", etc).

  11.  The great thing about Netrunner was how different it was from the standard formula of CCGs that were appearing at that time, and it still is one of the few asymmetrical CCGs I have seen that actually works.  It had flaws, of course, but those flaws are the kind that I think will be easy to iron out in a conversion to LCG format.  My biggest hope is that they will preserve the feel of of CG images for the cyberspace cards and the traditional paintings for real world cards.

  12.  With the new expansion coming up, I started thinking again about teaching my friends how to play Twilight Imperium.  I still have the handouts I made for the commander rules variant, which helped those games go smoothly.  But what else could use cheat sheets?  What have other people found when running their own games?  What might we want to see available from FFG in the support section?


    Here's what I have so far:


    Commanders Cheat Sheet - A listing of what the commanders might do for you, and how they influence game play.

    Active/Pass Placecards - Used to signal and remind players who has passed their turn, and therefor no longer able to take actions this round.

    Rules Packages - Specific combinations of rules variants designed for various game play styles

    Rules Variant Cards - Don't make your friends fight over the rule book, and don't waste time reading aloud variant rules.  Cards that can be set to the side to show which options are in effect will not only ease understanding at the start of a game, but it will also allow for rules setup to happen in a way similar to board setup (if desired).


    Do you have ideas?  Care to show off finished products?



  13.  Most players I introduce the game to have one of two reactions right off the bat:

    1. Big grin when I mention the "Twisted and Wrong" Fairy Tale denizens of the Grimm lands.
    2. Intruige when I mention the simple rules to learn

    Now, I run with story-heavy play groups, and they're always looking for new twists to challenge them with making characters and seeing what kind of games we can run.  Our Grimm games got to be fun because when we were doing our character generation and pre-game prep session we were watching movies like "Goonies", "Hook", "Time Bandits", and "The 10th Kingdom" and everyone was getting in the mind of child protagonists that weren't just Harry Potter.

    Now, our group is usually playing Shadowrun, In Nomine, and 7th Sea.  What are you guys playing?

  14.  I have seen some tactics where players do some "Urban redevelopment" with the Warlord.  It's been a while since I've seen it executed properly, but I know it can happen.  Really, the Warlord card says that you can destroy your own stuff if you want in just those circumstances where someone might have that opportunity and wants a rules clarification.  Better to just have it written out ahead of time rather than have the circumstance come up and the game stall out while players argue over what the card "Should also say".

  15.  I know that FFG has Twilight Imperium as one of their founding games, and I know that it has a long history with the company.  Am I the only one that might be interested in seeing a new edition of the Twilight Imperium RPG in addition to the Dune Boardgame revamped into the TI-verse (unless this project has been pushed aside)?

  16.  If I remember correctly, FFG got the rights to the classic "Dune" boardgame, and are republishing with some rules updates and setting the game in the Twilight Imperium universe.  Why not use the original Frank Herbert Dune world?  Well, as I understand it, the Herbert Estate is not granting any liscensing on games to the Dune property and likely such liscensing would drive the price up by a significant degree.

    So!  Hopefully this project is still on the slate.  Might not be a new TI expansion, but it is keeping the setting fresh and might be an awesome companion game!

  17.  I'm a much biggger fan of the Linear d6 game rules for Grimm than the d20, though I think the d20 version was lightyears better than most of the d20 material published at the time.

    One of the things that I think the full Ld6 version has an advantage over the d20 rules is that the Linear System feels like you're playing kids in these fairytale realms.  I also think the Archetype mechanics are much better represented than the rules given for the d20 conversion that came first and acted as a sort of "Beta Test" for the RPG.  Beyond the Linear d6 rules feeling a lot better than the d20 rules, I also say that the world itself is much better represented in the full hardcover game, and more campaign options given to have fun with.  For this reason I say that the purchase of Grimm Hardcover is a great addition to any RPG collection, and the absolute satisfaction of a quality one-book RPG is worth the cost.

    Now, this does not mean the game is for everyone.  I do not recommend the game if you want tactical gameplay, complex combat, and a chance to heavily mod the system into some other sort of game from the one in the book.  It's emphasis really is for quick play fun, storytelling, and childlike imagination against dark and twisted nightmares.  Hopefully this and the other posts help some more with your decision.


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