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  1. heh Like they cost so much that one cant buy all Cant say that this Battle loresh westeros is better than Battlelore, but a must buy still. From those figures I can get free heroes and more different units to battlelore
  2. I think all the goblin units are deployed trough CtA cards. Those specialist cards will contain something how to implement Ogres and/or coblin cavalry to "human army" ... but the major thing is that you get CtA cards for 100% coblin army. Thats something lookin forward... and also the idea of 4 player game and having two team players have different race is best... no need for tokens to identify owners !
  3. Oh noh... Battlelore will be a different branch ofcourse. No question about that. I think the smart thing for the FFG is to make same thing that they did with the talisman 4th edition. Sell those needed "upgrade" backages that battlelore will work well with the "new battlelore game". This we saw also in the latest creature pack that there is some try to keep old customers happy.
  4. "Going by that description, the game sounds pretty different from Battlelore. Definitely different enough for me to justify having both, even if I barely have the time to play Battlelore enough. But does it justify supporting both lines? I can only hope so." Its different box so its different game. Tell this to your wife !
  5. I like AND its clear why FFG got Battlelore from the days of wonder... they didnt want to fight the law courts for the game. Another evolution from Battle Cry yeah !!!
  6. First one has the problem: or two. 1) The map title will get scrach from the box on top or under it. 2) The bases are in different place... so setup time will take too long. Ill hold the bases in with the units, so ill have some already setups for next game. Other than that.. awesome.. ill post my setup here soon (I hope)
  7. Its not just the price... its that Ill buy second Battlelore base game to some of my friends than buy heroes and Dragons.... Ill get more games by doing that.. The price is something that needs to be below 25% of the base game its called "addon" like in starcraft its 50% price of the original, but it feels like EXPANSION (and bug fix;) )... If battlelore could have EXPANSION, it would add complete new race, or all the monsters, or New units for humans (like all the addons that they have for men) AND heroes... Look at the cost of TIDE of Iron... it has EXPANSIONS... and they add new "army," units, boards, rules... I think that FFG has good cost/get ratio in all the games EXEPT Battlelore... After heroes, i am not that keen to buy these ADDONS for this price... ill just order MtG cards (so cheap... sure )
  8. toddrew said: I don't see how Battle Savvy makes the game less "gamey" and more like war. 1# simply: It matters who you hit. Reds even unsuppoerted can fight back. without the Battle Savvy there was no difference at all what unit did you hit. 2# not so simply: All units try to hit you while you kill em. This has something to do with human nature, so that makes me think its more "war" than previously. Please try the rules and try to use em in full extend. See the chance in commandcards AND in the mounted units. With Red Cavalry you can really see how major is the chance to unsupported weakling to bad-Az elite cavalry. PS archers are soooooo good no
  9. Battle Savvy: Good thing. Like my friend told me about Battle Savvy rules: Now the game is more like war... not just a ruleset to compete to win. Now 1 and 2 command cards are there to be used. Its like now you can use all the cards fully and green flanking is a valid option and Red units are a ELITE force to be feared ! PS Have any of us had the same feeling about red units Those got so good that those scout cards are used allways to move the slow unit to battle, nothing like old rules that reds just can make it in time to battle ,)
  10. Google cannot translate stuff behind an autentication... or login. Dont wanna sent your password to google. Just a survival tip.
  11. ps thanks omega man ! Future if Battlelore is good with this editor
  12. http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=fr&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.battleloreadventure.com%2FEditeuraventure%2FAventureListe%2F
  13. Use Google translate and all will be well !
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