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  1. Did FFG release yet tournament rules for Rebellion?
  2. I sure hope we will see more Skaven cards, even in small bits!
  3. Hi Frank, I tried both torrent link, but none of them worked, do you have any ETA on it? Once I d/l I would be able to leave it on for some time. Thanks.
  4. Hi, I have both games, I prefere Beowulf: The Movie Boardgame over Kingdoms, because of the 3 different boards and the bigger variety of tiles. I have not tried any of these game as 2 players, but they worked as3/4 players. Cheers, Shakar
  5. Another hope that FFG will produce the expansion.
  6. The file has still an entry on BGG, but it exist no more. edderkoppen, can you send me an email with the link or the file to shakar@letrou.net. Thanks
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