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  1. I'm in Weston Super Mare. I haven't tried EotE yet but have the rules and the Beginner Box. I definitely want to try playing or running it. My gaming group are currently playing in a saga campaign set pre A New Hope.
  2. I won't pretend to fully follow the maths back and forth in this ongoing debate/argument but a thought did occur to me regarding the usefulness of tracking total xp earned. That is, when a player cannot attend every session. If such a player only earns xp for sessions when they are present they will soon drop significantly behind others in character improvement. Traditional class-based xp systems such as Saga can manage this by having everyone at the same xp value. With incremental point spend systems, such as L5R and this game a track needs to be kept so that a unfun disparity doesn't build up. After all, not all roleplayers work traditional, easily planned around jobs. Thoughts?
  3. When opening the Quest builder using a notebook-sized pc (The Acer Aspire One) the physical screen is not big enough to view the entire builder screen but no scroll function is available, there fore the entire builder setup cannot be interacted with. Please introduce a scroll function into your interface for situations such as this..
  4. ChaosChild said: : It's a big box. Ain't that the truth!
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