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  1. Thanks for all the ideas, everyone. The first boarding session went very well, with the PCs slaughtering there way through a cargo bay they breached. As expected, they were nigh unstoppable, but even still they had to roll well since I gave their enemies chain swords and a handful of bolters. Plus, as soon as they breached the bulkhead, there were 4 flamers waiting for them. That got a good reaction from the players. Thanks for the tips about ratings and the general size and crew complement of the ship. I'm going to try to have some kind of RP / non-combat encounter for them as they try to get to the bridge. The PCs tend to respect non-combatants and would engage with NPCs. Anyways, I just wanted to thank everyone for their input!
  2. Thanks for all the replies! I'll give some more info, but please realize that my W40k knowledge is thin, and especially so when it comes to space/navy/ships. I still have a hard time understanding who owns the ships, how big they are, how fast they move, etc, etc. Luckily, my players are also W40k newbs, so they don't notice when I get things wrong. They're basically boarding a ship controlled by another acolyte. I'm assuming it's a "small" ship, whatever that means. Onboard will be a fair number of soldiers, I'm sort of assuming Imperial navy. It's a case of Inquisitor fighting Inquisitor, with good, loyal Imperium soldiers caught in the middle. You can also assume that I'm pretty bad at running NPCs while the PCs are pretty optimized and deadly. They're big fans of Long Las with accuracy, scoring big criticals while being a safe distance away. Close-quarters in a ship will negate that, but they'll still manage to chew through normal soldiers at an extreme rate while shrugging off hits from anything that doesn't have strong penetration. Also, they have a psyker who excels at fear effects and other debilitating attacks. He can clear rooms on his own without firing a shot... Of what I've read so far, I like the servitor-controlled heavy weapons ideas, plus grenade spamming in close quarters. Perhaps Zero-G grenade spamming... Also, I like the void shield idea, but I'm always scared to add in items like that. My players are pretty smart and they'll say, "So...how much does this +8 armor thingy actually weigh? I'm going to start carrying it and using it..." Then they're even tougher to challenge than they already are now...
  3. The PCs are boarding an enemy ship, and I want to give them some good encounters. I'm hoping to make it a 3-encounter scene: Initial boarding action ???? Storming the bridge I've got good ideas for 1 and 3, but I'm blanking on 2. What is a good, exciting encounter that can happen after they've boarded the ship, but before they get to the bridge? A few ideas I've had: Some kind of Zero-G environment, like a greenhouse A cramped hallway fight, with shotguns and flamers The PCs are very powerful (power armor, bolters, power swords) and can cut through rank after rank of crappy Imperial Navy ratings like butter. I'd like to have an interesting encounter that challenges them, or at the least, provides them some entertainment. Just finding a handful of soldiers in a hallway and then mercilessly slaughtering them won't really do anything other than waste time. Note: Roleplay encounters would be especially cool, like something with the ecclesiarchy or some kind of adeptus administratum. The players are fearless when it comes to weapons, but they get pretty nervous when a pencil-pusher starts accusing them of not filling out the right forms...
  4. I am affiliated...since I wrote the thing I also use Obsidian Portal to run my Dark Heresy game, plus I'm also in a WFRP 2E game right now. It really helps us keep track of all the NPCs, locations, etc. Anyways, thanks for the kind words and the plug, we really appreciate it.
  5. I use Obsidian Portal for my DH campaign, Victory Demands Sacrifice. Then again, I wrote Obsidian Portal, so no surprise there. You can use it as you like, but I mainly just dump my session planning notes in the GM only section of the adventure log. You won't see much there, as it's all private to me. I used to get my players to do write ups after each session, but we got lazy. It didn't negatively impact the campaign, so I was OK with it. IMO, the most useful part is the character list. Keeping track of all my NPCs has always been a pain, and Obsidian Portal makes it so much easier. If you haven't tried it, I'd highly suggest signing up and playing around. Every day we hear from people who were skeptical until they tried it for their campaign. It only requires as much effort as you want to put in, and even with a small amount of effort you can streamline a lot of the bookkeeping that goes into every campaign, regardless of rules or system.
  6. Hey everybody. Thanks for the replies. Let me first say that I'm not complaining about psykers being overpowered. While I kind of feel that way, I'm not here to *****, mainly to find a way to rebalance my own campaign so it's more fun for the rest of the players. I'll hit some of the points: Nulls Assuming Null is the same as Untouchable (my 40k knowledge is very limited), I have added one or two, but I'm trying to keep with the one-in-a-million feel of it. There aren't psykers everywhere, nor are there untouchables. Then again, the players know even less 40k than I do, so maybe it would be ok to break that rule. Perils of the Warp / Psychic Phenomena I have houseruled this somewhat and instead of rolling N times on the table, he gets a +10 to the roll for each 9. I may bump this up to +20 to make it hurt more. In addition, due to some in-game circumstances, he rolls on the table for both 8's and 9's, meaning he's rolling on the table almost every round. I can see where this will eventually cause him (and the rest of the party) some real difficulty, but at that point I think it will be too late. Killed by an accidental demonhost when he's just trying to light a candle won't exactly be the climactic cool death we're all hoping for. Still, I'll take this under advisement and try to make it clearer that he's playing with time and that I won't nerf the results. Multiple Opponents / AOE / Multi-Damage I have trouble managing a lot of NPCs, but I did this effectively in the most recent combat and it worked pretty well. If I can damage 3 or more party members in a round then the Psyker has to triage and choose those most hurt, meaning he can't attack and is constantly busy. This worked very well to make the combat more exciting and more challenging. A single opponent, even a very tough one, goes down very quickly. But, a tough opponent with a host of also tough minions made for a much better fight. I will work harder in the future to include more AOE stuff like grenades and flamers. I can definitely see the flamers being a major problem for the AOE damage, plus the slow burning thereafter. Sniper in the distance Someone also mentioned having a sniper taking shots from long range. This is something I hadn't considered and is a great idea. I try to keep combats close, to enhance the grim and bloody in-your-face nature that I like about 40k. But, I can mix in some "off in the distance" snipers at long range. This will provide for distraction, while also giving our Assassin something to do. He's got a lot of sniper-type skills, and he can use them to pick off enemy snipers, which I think he will really enjoy. These have all been great suggestions, and I want to thank everyone for taking the time to give your thoughts. BTW: If you're looking for a place to manage your game online, check out http://obsidianportal.com It's a little website I made to help manage tabletop RPG campaigns. Thanks again for the suggestions, and keep the ideas coming!
  7. Zelsior said: Unless they changed things I thought that psychic healing had the risk of hurting and corrupting someone after being healed once. That's for the minor power, Heal. This is the major power Seal Wounds. The bolt-to-the-head rule would be very difficult to get the players to understand. Most of them don't really know the 40k universe all that well, so I have to remind them often of basic things, like fearing psykers, hating aliens, etc. Besides, I'd prefer to avoid creating animosity between the characters (and the players). I'm always worried that it can get out of hand at the table. Thanks for the ideas, and I'd love to hear more!
  8. I'm terribly overwhelmed by the party's psyker. He's just so powerful. From our last session: Round 4: Heal 18 wounds on one character and 14 on another (Seal Wounds with 1 overbleed) Round 5: Do 15 wounds of damage to an enemy with 10 penetration (Psychic Blade) I've already upgraded to the Errata v3 version of Seal Wounds (ie. threshold of 20), and nerfed it even further by making the overbleed of 10. He still routinely makes the 20, often with an overbleed. Considering that he can do this round after round, I either have to kill a character in a single round, or he can heal them pretty much to full the next time he's up. Plus, when everyone's at full, he pulls out psychic blade and proceeds to do more damage in melee than the Guardsman. He's a good player, and he works to support the rest of the party, but he's just so powerful. Can anyone suggest ways to deal with this, especially the enormous amount of healing he can do? I don't necessarily want to kill any of the characters, but there's essentially no way to whittle a character down with the situation getting more and more dangerous round by round. Instead, I have to either kill/maim them in a round, or the next round they're full up. Everyone's been a good sport so far, but I can tell that the other players are getting tired of being outshined over and over. I'd really appreciate any advice people can give. If I can't think of anything clever, I'm just going to have to make my enemies smarter, such that they realize the overwhelming danger of a psyker, and every fight starts with them focusing everything on killing the psyker. That's more realistic, but I can see that getting not-fun really fast.
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