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  1. Re:Coded has been confirmed to not be Kingdom Hearts 3D, becasue there are gameplay pictures which are very lagging compared to 3DS graphics...despite the graphics still looking as good as 358/2 Days, it does not cut 3DS graphics. P.S. Shinji Hashimoto has confirmed Kigndom Hearts 3D, is a "completely new game" and it was indeed the game that was confirmed to "make an impact," as it has on these forums a bit and many other forums around the world. The story is new, and he says more info will be out temporarily...the reason he does not say "soon" is becuase many countries have yet to get Birth By Sleep, and Re:Coded is on its way... P.S.S. So far Kingdom hearts Birth By Sleep has won 2 E3 awards, one from IGN and one from Gamespot. The reviews are even better then they were at the Tokyo Game Show and my favorite quote is "the magic from Kingdom Hearts 1 is back ."
  2. www.kh2.co.uk they have pictures. Re: Coded pictures have also surfaced...but that will be for the regular DS...the 3DS will have Kingdom Hearts 3D, which you shouldn't expect till end of next year if not early 2012.
  3. The game does look outstanding...once again, more then Aqua's, I can't get over how deep Master Xehanort's voice is... Does anyone know anything about the new Kingdom Hearts 3D game...thats the official name as of now.
  4. Yeah...well...it's suppose to make an "impact," and I don't think Re:Coded is going to make a HUGE impact unless it will lead to or basically confirm another game. Personally, I like the idea of the game, but for people I've talked to in school, they don't seem to care much about the game and they are average fans. So if it wants to make an impact among the entire gaming community, which is mostly average fans, it has to have something special about it. Does anyone know the day of Square Enix's conference at E3?
  5. There has so far been one picture from a cutscene and the graphics from that photo look like 358/2 Days very elaborate, nicely done cutscenes. I'm not sure whether the game will get a boost in graphis though...considering the game is done is sprites like the original CoM for GBA. However, the cutscenes will be redone alone with the buttons.
  6. Considering that Square Enix's European Twitter account finally leaked Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded for the Nintendo DS, this is a topic for that discussion. Considering E3 is up and coming, and I assume Re: Coded will be there in some way, shape, or form, this thread is to discuss it. Please, do not post any spoilers u might know about the game from Japan. NO SPOILERS!!! NO SPOILERS!!! NO SPOILERS!!! Discuss only what Square Enix themselves release please.
  7. Well...I knew Ven's would since Jesse McCartney is great at the Roxas/Ven role. Terra sounds perfect, and Aqua's I like too, but hers is deeper then I imagined...but somehow I like it.
  8. I never had a problem with Xion's voice. On the other hand, a two word sentence has come out "Take that" by Aqua, so you can here what she will sound like on 1up.com's 50 most anticipated games of E3. The game itself ranked 47 so it will be in the part 1 and about 0:40 seconds into it. Sounds a bit deeper then I imaged but I'll have to hear full sentences first.
  9. Thats true, it's almost like in Kingdom Hearts Re:CoM, Sora's voice was way to old for his body, yet after a while I was used to it...that will definitely happen to the voice because you do assimiliate to it in a way.
  10. Well, I would think that Mark Hamil is voicing Terra. We know Jesse McCartney got Ven, and the only girl listed is Aqua, so I would say either Terra or Vanitas, but I see him playing Terra more. Also, yes Lemoy is great, I know that, but I don't think he should have been casted. I take the voices very seriously because I don't think the game should be seen as a joke in any aspect, so that is why I dislike how it sounds off. In most cases I would love the comedy factor, just not Kingdom hearts.
  11. I like Lemoy and all, but hear the voice and look at him...they don't match up. How would u like Justin Bieber as Ven? 97% of the girls in the US would love that, but does that make it OK or make his voice great? NO!!!!
  12. No confirmation that that is his...it most likely will be, but I've heard it might be Master Eraqus...WHICH IS SO MUCH WORSE! Either way, the people voice acting are great, but the voices themselves look to be dissapointing so far. I know Jesse McCartney won't fail us as I always liked his voice as Roxas/Ven, but IDK about the rest.
  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! XD I won't be 19 till 2010
  14. I have a lot of extras...check my trade thread...I list all the cards I have and rarity...just post here which ones u want and I'll give u a good price...
  15. I still check here every day...you never know who will come on...after these forums become completely dead, I'll probly still be on them for maybe 2 months before giving up on this site. I still need that Sora Awakening promo...so I'm waiting.
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