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  1. There were none in the discard pile to be reshuffled?
  2. The card says "force an opponent to discard" the card, indicating that the opponent is taking the action, so he/she should make the choice. If the player of the card were intended to make the choice, it would say "discard an opponent's card", indicating that the card player takes the action.
  3. 1. The owner of the cards decides. 2. They can be used while defending, as long as the contest involves his/her own units/territories and not neutral ones. 3. Yes, as long as the contest involves his/her own units/emissaries/territories and not neutral ones.
  4. Each kingdom has its own deck of Kingdom Cards, which represent special characters, military units, events, and mystical powers that each kingdom may have at its disposal. The play of these cards gives each kingdom a distinct "flavor".
  5. From page 11 of the Rulebook: "All army units present in a single province are collectively called an army."
  6. From page 11 of the Rulebook: "All army units present in a single province are collectively called an army."
  7. Yes, it does. There are no obstructions.
  8. VolksCamper said: Trucks maybe captured, or destroyed, if unaccompanied by friendly combat unit (squad, halftrack, tank/SPG) by any enemy combat unit which moves into the hex. The enemy unit, may continue to move through the hex. Destroyed trucks are removed from the hex., while captured truck is replaced with a truck model from capturing players side, which may then be given an action, if desired, and moved away, in the same action phase. This rule prevents the tactic of trying to block hexes with trucks only. It's simplest to just treat trucks as equipment that doesn't require a squad to operate.
  9. Krieghund

    AT Guns

    A squad either fresh or in op fire will do.
  10. You can easily straighten the tank barrels by carefully immersing them in very hot (but not boiling) water. They should straighten by themselves, but if they don't you can (carefully) straighten them after removing them from the water. Then immerse them in cold water to set them in place. However, the way they got warped in the first place was from being packed tightly together with other pieces. If you repack them in the same way, they may warp again.
  11. 1. It's just for one roll. You have to refresh it before you can use it again. 2. It counts as two success if you are the Conan player and he is in that battle. 3. No.
  12. I agree with Aussie_Digger.
  13. It is treated as a siege (see page 16 of the Rulebook). In your example, you would defend the province with any army units you may have there. If you had none, you would defend with the province rating, and remove your tower if you lost.
  14. As in the original game, the cards are used to provide random reinforcements for the USA player, both in number and in location. This makes each game a unique experience. In addition, this new version will have a small number of cards to assign unique capabilities to each invader faction, further differentiating each game experience. There is no mechanism in the game for having a hand of cards and playing cards from it in order to influence events.
  15. The Twilight of the Third Age expansion is not compatible with the Second Edition because the cards are different sizes. However, if you are the lucky owner of the Collector's Edition, the cards in it are the same size as those of the Second Edition, so you can use your expansion elements from it and integrate them successfully. The expansion should work alright under those circumstances, but the game balance may favor the Free Peoples.
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