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  1. Oh, one more thing... 4. If you control both of a nation's divisions, can you assemble a squad with infantry belonging to both divisions ?
  2. Hello, I just bought TOI, and after fiddling with the first scenario, a few questions popped up: 1. After an assault, can the active squad enter the target hex if it has eliminated the opposition, even if it didn't "win" the assault ? (not scoring the required hits) 2. Is a squad that has just entered a razor wire hex, assault an adjacent hex, and be eligible to enter if it wins the assault ? 3. How is LOS resolved when it touches a hex corner (not it's side) ?
  3. amadou said: Gwanum said: Nice find. I can't wait for more info and pictures. The description does not give much away other than the "mood wheel". This expansion gives much more depth to Conan's adventures... but it has some other surprises too If the base game was good, with this expansion is a must have... Are you an insider ?
  4. The preprogrammed adventure deck seems like a neat idea. On the other hand, I don't see a problem whith the duration of the adventures. If there are only a few dice (or none) left when bidding, then It would be a good Idea not to bid to high. Always bid for Conan according to the degree of his usefulness. If you think you might not control Conan for long, then use the numbers 3 or 0, and play a card that you really have no need for. Balance is everithing in this game.
  5. We usually pass it to the player who needs to refresh the fate dice pool. The dice that you collect serve as a clear reminder of who goes next. There is no need for a first player token in my opinion.
  6. It's a great way to make them spend one military action to move or recruit an army unit there. People rarely leave army units in their kingdom.
  7. These moves seem legal since there is no mention in the manual regarding the movement options of an army that is already taking part in a campaign. But perhaps I missed something, otherwise a player could move his/her army beyond it's established borders. So how do these examples seem to you ? 1. An army or a part of that army abandons a campaign in progress and moves to a friendly province. 2. An army or a part of that army abandons a campaign in progress and attacks an enemy province (or another neutral province).
  8. I think Hyperborea has enough "edge"as it is. It is the biggest nousiance for Turan (and later, Aquilonia) with it's kingdom card drawing rate and the bountiful supply of sorcery tokens.
  9. Hem said: Prob is, some of my friends PLUS my woman don't like map conquering games... that's pretty annoying... ...meanwhile, I bought the complete works of Howard !!! So I can read it ! Anyway, that game is on my wishlist, that's for sure. I find this game to be different in the map conquering theme. There is a fair challenge even in the conquering of neutral provinces. If you do not consider your moves carefully and plan your invasions in advance, you might very well be wasting valuable resources. I don't know why your friends and lady don't like conquering games, but by my taste, this one is different. They might like it. If you feed the rules slowly, and consider your first game as being purely for introduction, I suspect you might get a positive response. ...or get to hate it even more than the others. Cheers!
  10. If a TI game is to be the next one, then it should very **** well deserve to be the last one revealed. (fingers crossed)
  11. Steve-O said: rickert said: Will FFG make any news games in the future that cost less than $99.95? That's the sticker price for epic box games, as a rule (since it went up recently). The two games announced so far are both epic, thus the price. The third box on the main page is a smaller box, so it should also be cheaper (~$50-60 I think). The blank box that stood for Horus Heresy was also small sized. I don't think that's a hint anymore.
  12. Captain IdahoIdaho said: [...] At the end of the day Fantasy Flight Games are there to make money and introducing a game like this could bring in people outside the category of "dedicated gamer" into buying and playing the game, but not as a card driven game. This is because there are many people who will happily play boad games and not be considered gaming geeks like myself, who will play games such as Risk as wargames, yet would consider playing with cards akin to playing Dungons and Dragons and therefore uncool. Whether they are right or wrong doesn't matter the key thing is by taking the mechanics of this game down a certain path that is considered niche will alienate potential customers and therefore a bad move. [...] Oh, I think it's great move. Everywhere I look, companies start dumbing down games just for the sake of attracting "new players" while completely dismissing their original fan bases. Warhammer 40K has turned slowly over the years into a mindless dice throwing extravaganza. I consider THIS to be uncool. Therefore I am delighted to see FFG putting strategy into strategy games. And removing pure dumb luck. I think StarCraft reached it's goal in showing that card based combat is a far more satisfying experience. Hats down to FFG.
  13. I'm not that fond of BSG anymore. After the initial hype, I realized that the best way to play Cylon is to reveal the first chance you get and keep doing as much damage as you can. The game is fun and entertaining for the first few plays, but as you get to figure out the mechanics, it loses appeal.... Unlike TI3.
  14. It's simple. Cultural Crisis is not a game rule and it's not a Political Card. It's an Action Card.
  15. Second Abilities can be playedd by the players that didn't choose the card, after it's primary ability has been played. As such you only have to spend one command counter from the strategy allocation area to play that second ability. You do not activate the card.
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