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  1. I was going to use this in a dwarf deck and use songs but never thought about Navis Belt. Cheers for help CJM. Thanks M
  2. Has to be played on a Tactics Character but can I play a song of Battle on any charcater to give them the tactics resource or does it have to be a charchter with the printed tactics resource? Thanks M
  3. I have used it since getting the game and find it useful for keeping track of what quest I have completed. Feel free to add me.
  4. A question about the guarded objectives :- If an enemy is a drawn as the guarded card does it stay attached to the card in the staging area until you engage it or will it engage with you when your threat is greater then its threat engagement cost? Thanks
  5. Cheers Dam, being doing correct but realy struggling with this one in solo.
  6. When setting up should your threat be the total of all 3 heros or just the two who you are able to use at first then add the threat of the prisoner hero when they are free?
  7. Cocky


    New characters are Gladiator, Gypsy , Amazon , Philospher , Swashbuckler.
  8. I preordered full game via Amzaon in October for £25 had an estimate delivery of the 24th December but just got e-mail saying it would be delyaed now waiting for a new estimate delivery date.
  9. My favourite has to be the Necromancer, Great character. Mike
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