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  1. don't check too regularily, but about a couple times a month
  2. Wow, been a while might as well BUMP and see what develops
  3. RoxaSora +1 rikkuliam +1 lunafayte +1 Thanks all
  4. Hey, my suggestion is to either the captain pete idea or the valor idea, this deck, imo tries to do too much at once, at the price of any dark cards that will actually stop anyone, this deck would probably do alright against another aggro but it'll get smoked against a good WR, they wont be able to be stopped with your current dark cards, so you have to rely on killing them faster than they can heal (and oh boy do good world racers heal) but the problem with this, besides the healing is that they don't need to alocate any of their power cards to clearing their worlds so they will be able to use their power to knock off your valor, and without valor you just breaking even with the point they get every turn for playing a world (and I'm sure their healing will more than make up for the damage you deal via pete), and when they start with 7 or 8 hp, it's an uphill battle. however if you never play any world racers this deck will probably hold it's own, I'd consider some destiny islands and if you can get your hands on one a king, so that you can more reliably get out valor or sephy when you need them the most. But I do think this the best advice would be to put in some better dark cards so that you can stop a WR, the hard part is choosing what to cut :S
  5. Hey, my group usually plays with the SE cards, and we used to always use the original set with imperium II, but I realise I have no idea why we switched. So, I'm wondering which set you guys use and most importantly why! (excluding sets with the Original ISC, because well, ya)
  6. rikkuliam +1, thanks for the trade
  7. hey luna, unfortunatly, and as weird as it sounds I'm only looking for a rare version of parasite cage, I looked at you trade thread, and I am interested in the auron, if you were willing to trade that I'd give you a kairi promo for it, and if not that's no big deal either.
  8. RoxaSoraX +1 Keen_Player +1 Great Trades, thanks
  9. bump and edit, keen_player and RoxaSoraX got you cards today
  10. ....................................................................................................
  11. I can't seem to find your email address although I know we've traded before, but anyway email me at gtrogi@gmail.com
  12. For sure theres a way I'd want the goofy for sure, then probably the 3 promos If you'd be willing to throw in any rares too, that would be awesome, let me know what you think and we can get this show on the road
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