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  1. I've been able to assemble a group of 6-8 players and we're meeting usually at Armada games in Tampa on Thursday evenings. I'd be interested in meeting up with your group on Fridays as well. Please message me your email address and we'll set something up. Thanks, Kevin
  2. Sounds great. I'm up at Armada all the time so I can meet you and any other interested players there. Please let me know when you are interested in setting this up and we'll make it happen. Thanks!
  3. Hey Art, I live over in Riverview and am interested in gaming. I'll contact you through FFG's friend finder and see about figuring out the details. Thanks for responding! Kevin W
  4. I don't mean to hijack the thread, but does this removal of damage qualify as "healing" or is it that only cards that specifically state "heal" count as healing. I was just curious if this interaction in the game state would trigger effects like that on The Glittering Tower and the like.
  5. I'm looking for players in the Tampa/Orlando/Sarasota area for competitive/casual play. I don't know whose out there and if Invasion is supported in this area so I figured I'd post here. I have several people interested in getting into this game and want to know if there is any community support (leagues/tournaments/etc). Thanks! Kevin W
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