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  1. I'm not a Decent newbie (been playing since 1st Edition was new). But I'm getting my butt handed to me in normal mode of Road To legend (Kindred Fire). My party is: - Orkell the Swift (Beastmaster) - Ashrian (Apothecary) - Silhouette (Treasure Hunter) - Ravaella Lightfoot (Conjurer) In Kindred Fire, I lost the opening Quest before we fully made it into the second area. My party is very fast moving...most of them have 5 movement and/or 5 fatigue. I try not to linger around and kill every monster. But we were slaughtered. On the first side quest I went on... the one with the shadow dragon boss where flesh boulders are chasing you... again, i did not linger and we sprinted through the first couple of map setups...and got wasted in the final battle. (BTW: I own all the expansions and most of the other content, so I'm playing with pretty much every monster. That's been fun to have a wide variety of monsters to fight against) So my party is 2 quests into the game and I've earned exactly 1 XP and about 300 total gold. I feel like if this doesn't turn around me for me quick, I'm going to get eaten alive as the campaign progresses. And then here on the forums, I read that people are saying it's too easy. Really? What am I missing? Do I just suck? lol Help? Are there any good sites where character strategy is discussed?
  2. I played a Treasure Hunter in RtL, but it wasn't until I started that I realized that the class is slightly less useful in RtL because the "Draw shop item" and "trap door" cards are removed from the available search cards. The T-Hunter's ability to grind the search deck is less helpful because it's essentially just digging for more potions. I suppose it makes the game slightly more balanced (?) but I sorta wish the class would help me find more shop items, which is what it excelled at before
  3. Hi, 1. The conversion kit is not supported by RtL. This was one of my main questions as well. But if you check the RtL rules (PDF), it directly states it's not supported. Mostly because some of the characters and monsters were re-released (with changes) in the hero and monster packs. But to be honest, I just tell the app that I own all of the extra packs and use the cards from the conversion kit anyway. To play fair, I also look up the changes online and note the differences. 2. I doubt they'll make the campaigns from the physical box sets into the app. Better to focus on new content. Also, the gameplay rules are just different enough that it makes those campaigns not work quite right. 3. If you want yo b the Overlord, you have to play with the physical box campaigns. The fundamental idea behind the RtL app is that it plays the overlord for you. 4. Setup and playtime seems to be about the same in my experience. Your meilage may vary.
  4. Sadly for people owning the conversion kit, that's pretty unlikely.... Because they WANT you to buy the newer versions. But to be fair on that topic: the monsters have been gotten rebalanced in the H&M packs, because of feedback and new added rules (from expansions and so on). So from their viewpoint out, why would they allow the use of "game breaking /inbalanced stuff" if they gave you the oppertunity to get the "better" ones? (IMHO that's kinda their standpoint on that topic?) Why would they give us the opportunity? Maybe in good will because some of us owned the entire 1st edition run before they introduced 2nd edition AND paid for the conversion kit on top of it? I was thrilled about the Road to Legend app, but less so if I can't use the ton of stuff I invested in years ago with original descent. If you have all the expansions, figures, etc, then I would add all of the Hero's and Monster packs to the app's collection as they all seem to be 1st edition monsters and Heroes. Yes, I know some hero's abilities got changed or reworded, but that's what my label maker is for. I understand that it's not ALL the Hero's and monsters, but I think you will get more added over time as FFG releases more packs. But yes, would be good to be able to click Conversion Pack and have everything show up, but as stated, some cards have been changed pretty drastically so in FFG's mind they are probably not 'supporting' them anymore? Or maybe they need to release a Conversion Kit 2.0 that prints the newly balanced powers for heroes and monsters. Also, I like the idea above of just using a label maker. I invested hundreds of dollars into 1st edition and the conversion kit. Not about to re-purchase my Beastmen just because they have a new picture and a slightly different ability.
  5. Hello, Looooong time Descent gamer here. I own all the 1st Edition boxes and expansions. I have most of 2nd edition as well, including the Conversion Kit. Up until now, I didn't think I needed the new Hero / Monster collections because I already have those characters. But.... When I was playing Road to Legend last week I noticed that some of the monsters have been updated. For example, Sorcerers from the Monster collection have different abilities than the ones in the Conversion Kit. Does anybody have a list of the changes made between Conversion Kit and Hero / Monster collection?
  6. I interpret the rules to mean there's only one (1) instance of the Secret Door card in the Search Deck. The reason is because it says to have it replace the "Nothing" card, of which there was only one to begin with. So: 1 secret door card per Quest, but combine all secret door cards from all mini expansions into a single deck.
  7. My copy of Shadows of Nerekhall arrived today. As I was integrating the new components into the rest of my Descent stuff, it occurred to me how MUCH freaking stuff I have. 1st Edition: Base Well of Darkness Altar of Despair Road to Legend Tomb of ice Sea of Blood Hardbound Quest Book 2nd Edition: Base Converstion Kit Lair of the Worm Labyrinth of Ruin The Trollfens Shadows of Nerekhall All Lieutenant packs (exempt the new ones for Shadows of Nerekhall) I realize many of you might have the same, and might also have your minis painted. I might pay to have somebody do them someday. But for now, unpainted works fine. Also... if anybody lives near Sacramento, CA, send me a PM. Looking for more people to play with! Here are some pictures. Enjoy. The play mat seen here is one I made in photoshop, printed, and laminated. I love it. You can check it out on Board Game Geek. Not pictured: All my 1st Edition cards, tiles, books, player mats, etc.
  8. Awesome Lair of the Wyrm. Hopefully it has an all new campaign to go with it
  9. Columbob said: I think you meant 1-2 new classes rather than archetypes btw. Yup, I did. Sorry about that.
  10. I think the first few expansions should have everything: a few new monsters, 1-2 new archetypes, 4-6 new heroes (1 per class), and an entirely new campaign with associated artifacts. After a few of those, campaign only books would be fine. I also think it would be neat if some fans wrote up their own campaign!
  11. Probably noting official, but I know people like to "Play By Forum" (PBF) over at BoardGameGeek.com
  12. A lot has been said about the pros and cons of the "base 8" heroes. But I thought it would be helpful and fun to discuss some of the interesting characters in the conversion kit. Anybody ave any insights to share? In particular I like Okaluk and Rakash's mobility (6 moves with a single action), Karnon's raw muscle, and (surprisingly!) Aurim's overall improved usefulness in this edition:5 movement and 5 fatigue in a game that focuses heavily on mobility. Other thoughts?
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