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  1. I did, and it was great It was part of my larger campaign, and the players made their way to a secret research station to search for a "missing" scholar they had been tracking. The Logicians were conducting research into teleportation-gates and of course they opened doors into realms were man was not meant to go. Bleeding walls, spooky mishaps and freaky madness. Loss of fatepoints and scared players. All good
  2. Fair enough, I vaguely remember those posts too. I'm guessing that the beta forums are long dead though. It'd be interesting if anyone did fancy running the numbers again though, as I'm fully prepared to be proved wrong on this. The Beta Forums are still available: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/forum/329-dark-heresy-second-edition-beta/
  3. Well, Tech-priests have cheap Toughness advances, and can get the ElectrIcal Succour talent to remove Fatigue anyway.
  4. Space Marines in the original RT were a different thing. More like the marines from Star Craft: Prisoners and other riff-raff, stimmed up and augmented, sent out to kill. The whole space-knights with religious orders came later.
  5. It is official as any Dev-made FAQ, but note that the later gamerules go the other way. In Black Crusade, Only War and in DH 2.0 you are free to use pistol-size weapons in melee with no restrictions on fire-modes. Range modifiers do not apply, and some upgrades have no effect IIRC. However, these games also have changed rules for Melee attacks (where Swift and Lightning attacks work just as Semi and Full Auto Bursts), so if you only change one element you risk upsetting the game balance. My recommendation would be to go with the later games combat rules entirely. See my Sig for my own implementation of this.
  6. Yeah, give everyone 200XP after each session More after major milestones in campaigns, etc.
  7. Well, he's at Point Blank Range, so there is that. Edit: Well, he could be. Now I see your point. Never-mind
  8. I once did an abrupt scene-change after they had resolved the main plot-problems of Tattered Fates and defeated the main-baddie. Basically they were suddenly sitting in the bar/lounge of the transport ship back home, and having an informal post-op discussions. I used improv-techniques and asked them questions like "How did you manage to take out that daemon and suicide cultist death-squad singlehandedly?" and have them come up with "plausible" explanations post-fact rather than play through it all using regular rules. It was kinda fun, and drove all sorts of (implausible) cooperative storytelling among the players.
  9. This is getting seriously off-topic, but you really can't trust those numbers. The population of Scintilla is most likely in the Trillion-range, not 25 Billion. Which would result in a few thousand psykers rather than just 25. Still rare, though, but at least now there's a few for most of the noble houses, various branches of gov't and still a few left over for battlefield duty.
  10. Excellent! I really liked that scenario, and would love to run it all the way through at some point!
  11. Looks very nice, mr LodgeBlackman99, sir! I've just briefly looked at the Freebooter section, and have one little question. Why do all orks at Rank 9-10 gain many of the skills from alternate Rank Mekboy (Tech-Use, Trade (Armourer), but NOT the corresponding skills from the Commando Rank (Silent Move, Concealment, etc)? Odda dan dat, 'ts a good 'un! I like the creative Ork-Talents too! Very nice
  12. As the Semi/Auto Combat Action is now a Half-Action, you can actually move, then shoot, or shoot then move. You lose the opportunity to Aim, but that's the trade-off.
  13. In which case I think it is completely fair to not be able to dodge, as argued in post 17 of this thread. Consider that if someone has already established their killzone with the full-action Overwatch acton, they are already pointing the gun aimed at you. The only remaining action is to pull the trigger. If this is done on your turn or not, it's not really an attack you can be said to be aware of, which is a requirement to be able to dodge anyway. In the situation you describe, I would not allow a Dodge test in any case. You don't dodge bullets, you dodge the "set-up", that is, you dive out of the way when you see a weapon being brought to bear upon you. When you're looking down the barrel of a gun, it's already too late. I DO agree that is it silly that you are unable to react to the Overwatch Action itself, that is when the person is setting up his kill zone. As this would involve aiming the gun in your general direction and then waiting to see what happens, it makes sense that it is not instant (it's a Full Action after all), and that you should be able to react. As written, it appears as it if's intended to be used before the enemy is in sight, and so the situations described in this thread are somewhat abusive.
  14. If you do not take any actions, there will be no events for you to react to. The only things happening on your turn that are not your own actions, are other characters Overwatch or Counterattacks. I can't recall any other stuff that can be done on other characters turns at the moment. And so, unless you do something to trigger these special actions, there will be nothing to dodge. While engaged in an extended action, you can react at any time other people might try to do stuff. On your own turn, nobody will be able to do stuff to you, so there is no sillyness. As for the last example, that's already been discussed in this thread.
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