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  1. This has probably been brought up before but after a clunky attempt at using the "search" "function" i gave up. So do you add whirlwind before Wrathful descent or after. RAW seems to suggest after because it says "doubles any damage dealt". Wrathful descent seems just to add an additional damage dice to the attack.. Wrathful descent: Inflict additional damage to horde after succesful attack(not damage) Whirlwind: "doubles any damage dealt" x=regular damage etc y=wrathful descent w=whirlwind of death. So is it: (x+y)w=death or or X*W+y=less death It seems that there could be alot of potential death according to the first equation, some in my group thought too much. But imo storm of iron and bolter drill seems even more overpowered with a stormbolter(insanely so)…… Personally i think it should be the first example equation that is what is meant. /thanks
  2. So they visited a spacehulk that forced their ship out of the warp(just like that they where in a collision course). Anyway, one of the human ships where pre-crusade design so they decided to investigate and download eventuall information(the Rogue Trader got annoyed wtih the Explorator for being so adamant about it and stayed behind). Well there one of their crew got infected during a blackout(the ships powersource was on low effect and had its geller field flickering). In the end they did not quarantine anyone so now the genestealers spread througout the ship. Any ideas on how to continue with this?
  3. Well since i am the only one in this discussion giving evidence we can come to the conclusion that khrone has nothing in particular against psykers. He may not like them(or whatever) but the proof is there. If you consider it canon or not is your problem not mine. Chaos is chaos it cannot be defined. And all my arguments with evidence(including Dan Abnetts books) tell us that there are Khornite psykers are met with " not canon sources". So i will end this discussion for myself here and now and do not bother replying to me because i wont look at this thread anymore.
  4. H.B.M.C. said: Firstly, it’s Khornate, with an ‘a’. Secondly, the Blood Ravens are not Khornate. Having Blood in your name does not make you Khornate. The Blood Ravens are a Loyalist Chapter. Thirdly, if the Chief Librarian of the Blood Ravens did fall to Khorne, he would quickly lose his favour with Khorne or lose the ability to use his powers, as Khorne does not allow for psykers. BYE Oh wow talk about strawman arguments. Why do you even bother correcting a obvious misspelling and then including it in you argument by saying "firstly". Secondly. What? Who claimed anything about that? The blood ravens are a loyalist chapter who split in two thanks to a Psyker who first fell to Nurgle but fell out of favour. He then turned to Khorne who was very pleased with him apparantly because he 1. Split the Blood ravens i two. 2 Plunged a sector into war. 3 Fooled the =I= to exterminate a planet. In return Khorne made him a Daemon Prince greatly enhancing his abilities. Stop assuming stuff without sources. Ergo: Khorne allows Psykers. Now stop fooling around.
  5. voresia said: chaos gods during a relatively slow day at work. I hope it helps, if not, well I had nothing better to do! And also, chaos gaunt? realy? A gaunt without a snapse creature close by is more or less a frenzied beast. Even whorse then Kharn! It could be done. Imagine a deranged Magos/inquisitor binding a deamon to a gaunt host? It is chaos. CHAOS! Edit: As for her assumptions about uncorruptible SoB's she is just wrong. Make her read the Grey Knight Omnibus.
  6. Haha. Fun thread. I thought the meaning of a PRG was content not mechanics. Seeing how the discussion goes on these Deathwatch boards i guess i was wrong. XD But seriously now, i doubt that the characters(The heretek for example) did not think about going rogue to get game mechanic pluses. When play you characters do you make them seriously in-game cool or just "teh Besthest!" because you can? I go for the first one in case i was misunderstood. (Directed at no one in general)
  7. Edit: And by saying they are still psykers i mean that they attract deamons no matter what.
  8. Voronesh said: Kasatka said: In short, no magic, no psykers, no sorcery, no magical items, no machinations, no plotting, no politicking, no honour, no fear and no surrender. Just raw, martiall prowess exemplified through maximum bloodshed and skull-taking. Unless you do your own 40k. Because its a cool idea to have blood magic or any stuff like that. (But yeah GW has retconned any magic/ranged/tricky away from Khorne, so if you want to play 40k as given by GW/canon, its a big fat no to anything.) Not true. Dawn of war 2 Retribution. There are Psykers who both comes under the influence of khorne(they are still psykers remember?) and worship them, Blood Pact(Dan Abnett). So yes it is "canon"
  9. Make him a daemonhost per the Dark heresy rules. At least he is still alive and it will be a funny twist for everyone if it can be kept secret.
  10. I thought that it should be interpreted like in Rogue Trader, if you "buy" ammunition(standard, Frag, Krak grenades etc standard stuff you know) you have an endless supply to take from in your ship. This does of course not mean that you have an endless supply while on a planet exploring, i think it is up to the GM to determine how many clips a character can justifyably carry. Much in the same way in deathwatch, when you have access to "standard" muntions you have an unlimited supply at you watch station/ship/bunker/whatever, not in your batman-cetrified-utility-belt!
  11. Aww for crying out.... It is Chuck Norris!
  12. The UM acted right in a terribly wrong way. I mean... A Krak missile? Lol. Maybe you should speak with the Player and try to convince him that Astartes does'nt do that to another astartes. Did he get personally pissed off or what?
  13. As Direach said. Use an Iron Hands space marine, he would be overjoyous to be part of this experiment probably.
  14. And Lasersight can only be put on Basic and pistol weapons anyway.
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