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  1. I didnt get one my email address is JJwozere_1@hotmail.co.uk Jonathan Armstrong
  2. i am actually going to go for an air build i have a few ideas but i will have to see, but we are so going to be doing yun v yun lol
  3. Joe your last bit of your comment makes me laugh, i just hope i can do the same with yoshimitsu and yun seong or either one will do.
  4. Looking good Dan but we will see if it is good when i play it hehe, of course when i have done my deck building with the new set.
  5. Yay some oone else which has seen yoshi with heir to the storm i new some one would but i hadnt seen anyone put it online yet.
  6. lol i made sure i got one of each which in the end i traded for one and won the rest so i am happy
  7. but if they do have 0 diff foundations it can react????
  8. if you declare no cards can your opponent respond with torn hero to commit it as it is one difficulty ( just a thought i had and wasnt 100 percent sure, also thought some one else might what to know)
  9. i would of loved to help but i dont think there is anyway i can get there dam my finacially screwedness
  10. i will see how my finacial status is at the time, cause at the moment it is rubish and there is still the prerelease
  11. i recon made not born should be reprinted cause it was fairer then holding ground as it was one more difficulty, plus i am an astroth player lol -3 damage for the win
  12. i know, i still would find it funny if they got to wesley snipes to do photoshots for the art work it would be perfect lol
  13. cant believe i didnt see that one coming, do you reckon they could get wesley snipes to do an action shot for the character card lol.
  14. what about raven, i think he is the most awesome character, maybe because he is the only character i have managed to play well lol.
  15. This is a difficult one for me cause id i dont like a deck even if it wins i will take it appart and i mainly go for fun, but if i had to pick one i couldn't cause it would be a toss up between 3 old school astaroth (Physically fit demented moon on a throw fell the pain) yun seong (Rare with infiltrating) and my new astaroth ( ROTH SMASH and has no staging area), now yun seong everyone will tell you was my best deck well most of them will, or they will shock me. but astaroth i just love the pure power of the guy and insain damage i could pump out. my one wish would be for them to reprint made not born, that card was freaking awesome, plus todays meta does need something to stop the high amount of damage that decks can pump out so easily ( i'm not complaining though), i just loove the reaction of some one in the miniblock tournment at uk ufs nats turn 3 i think it was, " right now thas a mid 3 for 23 damage throw" and the reply was purely a shocked "23". but any way purely for the fact that from the day he was released till the day he was cycled that i played him and loved trying to keep him a challenge for any player to play i will have to say yun seong.
  16. hell yea i was actually wanting the shadowar set so we both got what we want lol, i so want a rematch lol hehe, to be honest i wasnt expecting to get as far as i did.
  17. the felicia was paul aka theo, and the astroth was me (Jonathan) , and your right the only attack i did draw was 2 body slams it would have been cool to see the other rounds if they happened, but i am pretty happy with coming second though . well done though.
  18. yea colchester did well this year took first and second in the main event and in the block 4 side event i came second with astaroth OH YEAH, i lost to a jin deck but for the final to save time we only had one match so it would have been intresting to see what happened in the next round. but i am happy that my astroth did so well , also I LOVE CLASH OF THE AGES. and congrates to joe even though we were saying it to him on the car ride home lol.
  19. why are you all going to be nutters and come up on the saturday morning lol every time i do that the trains do like a and make me late for the first round, well it only happened once but still lol
  20. i have to admit i love astroth and from previous post you have annoyed me by putting him down so much when i think his ability with all the destroy one foundation support is awesome, but it's cool your seeing that he is usable, and the fact now that your saying even though you think these characters are bottom tier they are still very usable.
  21. who won just wondering and curious and stuffs so this is long enough to post lol
  22. Theo said: Pezinator said: Well Path of the Master is going to be banned, but not yet! Im having more qualms with finatial troubles and for the money. half the decks iv seen wouldnt work without POTM purely because it is the only all round damage pump in the block atm. Theo to be honest i dont see the problem with finacial troubles even if i was put against it and fair enough for the money is strong but thats why once you have negated it its destroyed. maybe we might have to ban nina as well lol she does annoy me lol
  23. yea i have managed to put them both in as seraching for family i manage to do easily and it cant be negated which helps ALOT. but yea finacial troubles which i was getting names of cards mixed up again, is an awesome card and even if i dont get to draw they just discarded a card woooooo but she seems to be doing well
  24. what if ragnar ate promo rikuo, can....not.......comprehend!!!!!!!!!!
  25. nina has some good cards but not really support for her ability but there is a reason for that cause her ability screws over decks as theo has made one and i am sick of that stupid ability GRRRRRR. and i have made christie she may be flimsy but dam she is fun and i love her 2 rare foundations
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