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  1. I'm wondering about the upgrade cards in there. I'm sure something must fit on the Interceptor, too.
  2. haslo


    Just like "TIE" is not "TIE Defender" or any other kind of "TIE Fighter", and thus by your logic Twin Ion Engine (which says "TIE only") shouldn't be useable by any ships at all. The FAQ was clearly needed but the rules' intent also was absolutely obvious.
  3. haslo

    IG/gunner bufff?!

    This combo has been out for a while, and was semi-confirmed through a variety of rules questions sent to FFG. This is not a buff, they just put into the FAQ what people already knew. It's an interesting combo, but hard to set up and brittle (because it only works when all the pieces are around), and it relies on an YV-666 with its long slow turns. It's also just two "real" shots because the first one has to miss for the other two to trigger.
  4. meta-wing isn't currently aware of points for its squads or even tournaments. I did already have a ToDo item in the pipeline concerning points for tournaments, I've added a bullet point in there for initiative bids - thanks a lot for your suggestion!
  5. It isn't. Initiative bid is the number of points spent in the list to make it more probable that the player gets to choose initiative. They are not unspent points, and not a "handicap" by any means.
  6. Clickbait is everywhere. With so many sources of information and "information" struggling to get our attention, no clickbaity title seems too low...
  7. That sounds like a reason to take your business elsewhere the next time you buy something. The prime reason why I pay higher prices at my FLGS when I could just buy much cheaper when importing myself is that they provide exactly that kind of service (and organize tournaments and whatnot, of course).
  8. Back when Stealth Device was good, every Interceptor did.
  9. haslo

    Epic FAQ???

    It hasn't been updated for years though, right?
  10. Thanks a lot for the site, it's awesome!
  11. haslo

    X-Wing has gone AR

    Not once you've flown a couple hundred maneuvers with your ships. Absolutely before you're at that stage.
  12. Except you don't, at least not with XG-1 Assault Configuration.
  13. I think the main feature of the Gunboat will be its Reload action...
  14. Judging by how often I play the game in any given week, it must have been pretty much the entirety of this year. This aligns with my impression. I do love building squadrons, finding combos, exploiting synergies and tweaking lists. When I played Android:Netrunner, one of my favorite parts of the game was building ever new decks. The game as it is is pretty much targeted right at me. Jumpmaster and Nym dominance notwithstanding, I couldn't be happier.
  15. You're such killjoys I'm very excited about the TIE Silencer! And I'm really looking forward to the new stuff for the Starviper, and of course the GUNBOAT GUNBOAT GUNBOAT.
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