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  1. Hi all Just gotten into conquest. I'm trying to get a hold of Slash and Burn and unforgiven, but dont want to pay ridiculous ebay prices (£60 come on man) Anyone got an inside scoop where I can get a hold of them? Thanks in advance
  2. Its out now if you are a Backer? The physical books not looking far off either! Though in the minority I know, I have no particular problem with the Rules set for 40K
  3. Orks can be a reall pain in the ass to bombard. Especially once they get trucks.
  4. Many thanks! As it happens my FLGS has a copy sat waiting for me as we speak. Should have it tonight. I'm like a kid in a sweet shop!
  5. Nooooooo!!!!! :-( Is your the English language version Knightmare?
  6. Anyone UK side have it yet? I'm tapping my fingers....
  7. Granted I've only played one campaign of Descent, but the Overlord won _one_ mission (By Benny Hill pegging it for the exit) before we could kill his leutenant. I was checking the forums to see which tactics he should be using to pose us a challange, so I guess YMMV based on how cheesy the players are? We fought the 'Big bad' at the end of the Shadow rune campaign and litterally battered him inside a turn, it was quite the anti climax
  8. We read it that you either engage with the the Nemesis / Apostate or explore. But not both.
  9. Giantcavecrab

    House rules

    Finally got to play a game last night. I think I've figured what bugs me. The players spend a good hour usually trying to scrape together those first couple of levels which pushes the game into the 3+ hour for a session (a little long for school nights) we've considered stating the characters at level 2 or 3 to move the game quicker. Anyone see this causing an issue I might have missed?
  10. Giantcavecrab

    House rules

    I've been tempted to allow the apostates to ignore the corruption limit. Not sure how badly that affects things but it might make for some funny chaos spawns late game :-) Some interesting Ideas. One problem my groups had (with the 3 games we've menaged) is the length of the games. We seemed to spend forever pootling around the outer teir getting pwned bby greater demons. More controlling movement more would be a plus to speed things up. I also considered an amount of 'Starting influenece' might make equipment more appealing?
  11. I got my email form infinity games today telling m they had it
  12. The 'Optional Rule' in Malefic curses rules adendum is that you can 'switch out' (if all players agree) certain energy cards from spell books and replace them with flash energy. I liked Flash energy for the reasons above. We had far less speedy gonzales play (lots of games are won by the fast player who cant be caught) and I found the flash enegy made us 'Deal with' one another in our games more. Actually on the whole im rather impressed with the whole expansion.
  13. I was going to read / review this one. But to be honest nothing about its making me want to pick it up and read it.
  14. Mine came today (in the UK) It wasnt what I was expecting TBH. I've granted not read this yet (just scanned over my lunch break), but the second chapter (after an intro chapter) seems to detail several 'Heroes' of the deathwatch. You get their backstories as well as details on any relics that are unique to that character. By the time I'd gotten to the end of this chapter I seemed to be nearing the centre of the book (Its page count is around that of The Emperor protects probably) Then there follows a section on the crafting of legacies and all I can say on this is that they group together with cool names like 'Deamon Hunter' etc. *Spoiler Warning* Theres an adventure in the back as well, and all I picked up on that was theres a Chaos Marine terminator in it with a lightning claw and a flamer :-P So to summarise - Not a detailed review. But it isn't remotely 'Ascencion for Space Marines'. Plenty of nice art in it mind
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