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  1. So I've played a few more games, and while running HQ turn one has worked every game I've played in, it's just a fact that the runner will get ahead in points and credits early on. Maybe there's a crazy corporation build to combat that, but for me it's knowing that late game you can score two agendas VERY quickly that keeps me from whining about the runner's insane early game capabilities more. Also I wasn't running HQ for the 2 credits, I was running it because either you keep the agena in hand so I have a chance at hitting it or you play it with an ice that you can't activate since 1 credit doesn't pay for anything too spectacular from what I remember.
  2. From what I can tell, there's a strong change the runner can steal at least one agenda first turn since, even if there's an ice in front of HQ, they probably can't pay for it so you just make 4 runs at HQ. Then the runner can make WAY more money and easily bypass anything you can play early on (and/or discard the asset that makes credits to where you can't make money other than 1 per click). How is everyone playing corporations to get around that?
  3. Does this treat a successful run as though it was on HQ for game purposes, or does it turn the run into an HQ run to where they look at a card in my hand?
  4. So what do the attached cards on the objectives do? No cards reference them, the rules don' say anything, and the quest card doesn't say anything. As far as I can tell they're stuck on there forever and you can't actually beat 1A.
  5. My group's had a fairly large problem lately with the game not being a challenge at all to beat. We played vanilla up until last night when we added the egyptian expansion to the game, and we basically get around 4 seals on the board before much time has passed at all. We saw the clarification for the professor and the gangster (have to pay full costs) which makes the professor less ridiculous, but even with that we still barreled through any monsters and obstacles the game could throw. Does everyone get this way with the game after you've played it enough to know exactly what to do, or might there be some major errata we're missing? We play by the book and have had multiple outside players play without any problems, so I don't think we missed anything in the rules. To be fair, we did see some nasty effects from cards that we dodged, but still we noticed there were 4 seals after the first 4 portals were gone through starting the turn they appeared and were like man, this expansion didn't ramp the difficulty at all. Oh and I highly doubt anyone will ever shell out $50 for an expansion with a board, so those won't help.
  6. I completely disagree about Sister Mary. I've no idea why she shows up low on people's lists, she's pretty much instantly picked when we deal out 3 randoms to choose from unless the person wants to mix it up. Then again, my group sits on the church until they're blessed since its pretty much the best upgrade in the game, so starting blessed is awesome by itself.
  7. My group sneaks by monsters more often than fighting them, mostly because no one cares if the terror level is 4 or 5 if we keep sealing gates. Usually you have to get a skill to use it well (or +speed/movement so you can move your counter over), but by no means is it useless.
  8. Wasn't Innsmouth in June, thus a new expansion wouldn't be out until next year? I haven't bought expansions yet, but it seems like FFG is in no hurry to print them.
  9. Avi_dreader said: FFTARoxorz05 said: So those rules were bascially made for people playing the game completely wrong just to break the end game fight? Seems like FFG shouldn't care about those people since they completely miss the point of the game. Well... There's still annoying co-players... Best to make their behavior illegal ;') Well maybe its me (and this applies to all board games as well as dnd), but I don't play these games just to play them. I play em with friends to have something fun to do. I could care less about playing with random people much less those that might break the game as you described, and usually everyone here actively avoids interaction with those types to begin with. Of course I don't mind busting out a game with people I just met, but actively searching for players just to get a game in isn't my style at all.
  10. So those rules were bascially made for people playing the game completely wrong just to break the end game fight? Seems like FFG shouldn't care about those people since they completely miss the point of the game.
  11. So I recorded my Halloween game last night, and other than being amazed at how many people don't get deputy and somehow lose the experiment rumor, I saw these rules at the bottom of the page: "[1] Added KW's clue-per-seal limit [2] Added Kevin Wilson's anti-clue-shotgunning rule" I couldn't find anything about them since I don't have expansions or FAQs or any of that, what exactly are they?
  12. Wilding said: Back in the old days, what did Good or Air have? Every symbol or deck type will have its flagship card. It's like trying to say that Blue in Magic wouldnt think of something other than Cryptic Command. (The analogy is that it is just usually the best choice for nearly every deck that can run it.) Just because it is the best option, or usually the best option, does not make the card broken. Broken would mean that, short of divine intervention, it ensures victory. Since this isnt the case, it's just a very powerful attack. Apparently 24 damage after a Stun: 2 and played after your opponent's card pool is most likely full isn't a win condition. Also to the people that are all LOL ITS A 1 CHECK, it'd be banned by now if it wasn't. Also, Air and/or Good had One-Armed Maneuvers, Penetrating Lunge, Hop, Strike Heads, Air Backbreaker, Rolling Storm, Criminal Uppercut, Bo Rush, Void Nova, Ohicho Throw, Witch Hunt, Special Forces Training, Flowing Gale Hook, Mark of the Beast (that better come back soon), Undertow, Galford's many many loop decks, Reverse Waterfall...
  13. Heh, I was always told you could go under but you'd get in trouble if you went over. Oh well, since no one sells starters online I guess I'm stuck without em.
  14. What's the MSRP on individual starters, and if it's under $11.99, who do I contact about the illegality of my store's prices?
  15. Feline Spike isn't played unless theres no chance of E or R negation, OBVIOUSLY! Just because you don't know how to do that doesn't mean its a problem for anyone else.
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