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  1. I haven't had a chance to play it yet, but hopefully we'll break it in during Gen Con next week. I do have to say this though: am I the only one so far who is much happier with the way the figurines fit in the bases this time around? They fit very snuggly, needing only a little glue and work. Anyone else find this to be so?
  2. I just recently used Hexographer to create a map for a scenario; it's not designed for BoW obviously, but it worked well for me to essentially "record" an image of the map I made for the scenario. I just put numbers into the hexes where units start, then described what units go in each number, and the rest of the details for the scenario I typed up, all in Word. You can save the map as an image, which I then just pasted in the Word file. http://www.hexographer.com/ Good luck!
  3. ...and thank you FFG! House Baratheon answers my call, and then some!
  4. Any advice on expanding the battlefield? I'd like to buy an extra game board, but I don't want to have to buy an entire new core set just for that! I suppose one could go to the work of making one from scratch, but if anyone knows if FFG plans on selling this one component separately or as part of an expansion, maybe I could wait...or maybe there are options I hadn't even considered...
  5. I'm also curious to know if this is the only way to get another game board. I'd like to have another board to increase the size of the battle field, but if buying another core set is the only way to get one that also seems a little silly!
  6. @ Ken on the Cape: There are some great rules summaries out there; in particular I think you might like to check these out: http://www.headlesshollow.com/freebies_games.html#ark It doesn't run on your computer obviously, but I've found them pretty handy and a heck of a lot easier than paging through the rulebooks. As for what Niceguy1979 posted above, I hadn't seen that before; is such a project even legal? I would think that FFG would shut that kind of project down...
  7. If you enter an Arkham location that already contains a gate during the movement phase, you enter that gate and pass to the first location of the corresponding Other World during the Arkham Encounters phase; this constitutes a "normal" transition from Arkham to the Other World. Then, during the Other World Encounters phase of this same turn, you have an Other World encounter. Unless this Other World encounter specifically removes you from the Other World, you remain in the first area of the Other World location. On the next turn, during the movement phase, you pass from the first area of the Other World to the second area and resolve an encounter there during the Other World encounters phase. Again, if this encounter does not specifically eject you from the Other World, you remain there, and emerge from it (i.e. return to an Arkham location that contains a gate corresponding to your Other World location) during the movement phase of the following turn. If, however, you are in a location in Arkham and a gate spawns on you, say, during the Mythos Phase, you are immediately drawn through the gate and delayed in the first area of the Other World. If you were not delayed, you would move from the first area of the Other World to the second area during the Movement Phase of the next turn, before having had an encounter there; thus, you would be able to emerge from the Other World and return to Arkham without having had two encounters in the Other World. This is why you are delayed when you are drawn through a gate that spawns on you; it guarantees that you remain in the first area of the Other World for the next turn and have an encounter there, as you normally would have to if you passed through the gate "normally." Does that make sense? Hope so!
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