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  1. Tallgeese said: If you could prob a few about this though that would be hugely appreciated...... I poked, prodded, probed and informed, but as my player group is mostly composed of students and people with no money it seems unlikely that there will be Sheffield people there due to transport costs, etc : / Hopefully there might be enough of us to fill a minibus for the Kotei so we can at least all travel to where you are once, but I'm not sure if they can afford that either... Well, I hope everyone enjoys the event : )
  2. Hi Steve, As much as I'd like to come to the last ever UK Nationals, I can't attend for the very good reason of I'm being sent to Sri Lanka for 8 weeks to train people to take my job. Yes, I know that I could build a deck so strong it can play themself and still win, but unfortunately it would still require me to shuffle it and regrettably this would prove to be be quite a problem as my arms haven't been able to stretch for thousands of miles since that accident with the bicycle pump and compressed air cylinder.....I digress : ) Anyway, best of luck with running the event, and hopefully see you at the L5R Kotei in May : ) - Ross
  3. Hi all, I'm still alive : ) I'm really sad to hear this, even if it is completely expected. The main reason all of the Sheffield players quit UFS is because we were all sure this was coming after Soul Calibur, but I didn't post lots of negative things on our farewell post as it would probably have helped kill the game itself at thet point : / I know most of the Sheffield players will still be travelling to conventions, etc for other games, hopefully this istrue of other play areas as well? It's been a fantastic four years meeting and playing with the UFS community, so thank you to everyone for making UFS a great game - Ross
  4. Hi everyone. Umm, pretty much what the title says really. For a long time now a lot of players in Sheffield have been unhappy with UFS (nothing to do with the support from Steve or the players in the UK, both of which are great), and this has been steadily getting worse for the last few months. I'm not going to go into too much detail here, a brief explanation is that most of my players were unhappy with the endless control wars of block four, but hate block five just as much due to the lack of interactivity in it. Most of the Sheffield players were in Patriot Games recently and we agreed to stop running events. Another major factor was concern over the future of UFS and the likelihood of further sets and support. On a personal note, I have been playing UFS since set one and I am truly saddened that in Sheffield the game has reached this point. I have spent a lot of my spare time travelling around the UK playing UFS and have played it at most of the shops in the UK. I have met so many fantastic people and had so many fantastic experiences it would be impossible to list them all here, but I would like to say a big thank you to all of the players in the UK and especially to Steve Graham and Kevin Beadle for making the UFS community the most friendly and fun one I have ever found in the 30+ card games I have played. I sincerely hope that all the remaining UFS players continue to enjoy and support the game and that there is still plenty more UFS to come in the future. The last Sheffield event will be a farewell event in January (since I have a massive pile of promos and nothing to do with them) : ), and if anyone would like to visit us they're more than welcome. I will be logging into the forums less often from now on, but any PMs sent to me will still reach me as they are sent directly to my e-mail address. If anyone would like my address it is samuraiross@yahoo.co.uk. Finally, most of the Sheffield players have moved to Legend of the Five Rings as our main game, so we will still be turning up at various places in the UK and especially at conventions, so please come over and say hi! - Ross
  5. There are very few cards currently legal, so it would be very easy to catch up At the moment, the only cards legal for standard format are cards with the five point shuriken on them. If you didn't already know, FFG have reprinted Close Throw, Mark of the Beast, Cursed Blood, Martial Arts Champion and Power of the Edge with a five point shuriken. About half of the UK has switched to legacy as its main format now tho'. And yes, you do remove the top ten from the game, especially against Lilith
  6. Viewtiful_Joe said: Just because FFG themselves don't support Legacy, doesn't mean we can't register it as a standard tournment and get prizes that can be used in either standard gameplay or legacy. FFG are fine with supporting Legacy, you can register tournaments in whatever format you like and still get sent the same prizes Viewtiful_Joe said: In regards to you saying that people get dragged back into Yugioh, or some of their previous games, I'd say that it is still possible to hook these people, although I understand your difficulty in doing so, I've lost many cards and a lot of time building decks for people that never got used. I've discovered that in order to convert people from one game to another, you need to offer them something they don't already have, otherwise they're just shelling out more money to do what they're already doing. In this case, I'd say the UFS community is the biggest selling point to the game, so that is what we need to shove down people's throats in order to make people think "hold on, maybe this is a better game". That's normally how I promote UFS here too, the problem I face is that Sheffield has a massive Yu Gi Oh player base (our standard monthly tournaments regularly get 150+ players), and the peer pressure against anyone who starts playing UFS tends to be overwhelming. I had one player who was openly laughed at be a group of Yu Gi Oh players for playing another game. I normally have no trouble attracting interest and even getting new players who buy cards, the problem lies with retaining their interest in a game with 8 player tournaments with a few free promos against a game with 150 player tournaments wieh consoles and booster boxes. As mentioned in my post above, I can only hope that you succeed in Colchester and make UFS into a mainstream game again in at least one area of the UK One approach I have found works well is giving away free decks made of commons and uncommons, and pushing the fact that UFS doesn't have a rotating banned list like Yu Gi Oh. I tend to push the community atmosphere more to older players of games other than Yu Gi Oh, and I've found that running side events for Street Fighter IV, etc is a good way to get people interested in UFS Alternatively, you could just throw demo decks at people
  7. ....is now a Sheffield postrelease tournament I'll post a date for it once I create the Sheffield December Events thread, which will be when I know that the UK has received the prerelease kits. Between the Prerelease, Store Championship (still waiting to receive the kit) and Christmas event, December should be an interesting month
  8. Aaargh! It's a giant thread! On the UK board! Run for your lives! Firstly, I understand your post completely and it's great to see that there are still people in the UK who are passionate about the success of UFS. I'd like to wish you the best of luck with expanding your player group and hope it works out better for you than it has for me (I've basically tried everything you mention below over the course of the last year, even giving away about 60 free demo decks and promos at a 150 player Yu Gi Oh tournament) as every time I attract new players from other games, the other players of those games (who often haven't actually tried UFS and refuse to do so) basically put pressure on them to quit UFS and go back to their old game I don't have much knowledge of your playerbase, are you certain that it is the memories of block three that are causing problems and not the current format? Opinion in the UK is very much split into two camps on this - the first camp feels that UFS had ceased to be either fun or a fighting game with the endless control wars of the past and loves the new format, and the second feels that the new format is lacking in strategy and interactivity. There is a lot of support for each standpoint, and as I fall firmly into the second camp I'll explain my opinion and then let someone else post their feelings from the opposite side. I have played a lot of deck types in the past, but I seem to be best known for my control decks as these are the ones which have made the biggest impact in tournaments. Although people see me as a control player I am very happy that the control wars ofthe past are gone, because I agree that for the most part players find control games boring and it certainly doesn't do anything to attract new players to the game. However, the new format seems to be the opposite end of the spectrum for me. I have built several aggressive decks and found that the outcome of the game is most often decided by two factors - firstly the coin toss and secondly whether or not any player is playing a character with a kill condition which amounts to an extra turn of speed, e.g. Hilde, Fury of the Ancients. My current two decks are the closest things to control I can build - speed pump reversal lock Lu Chen and aggro control Rashotep. However, these decks KO their opponent on turn three often enough to make it consistent (but not in the majority of games) which raises the question of "If my deck is going to regularly kill on turn three, what's the point of trying to make it control? I may as well put more aggressive cards in and try to kill them on turn 2". This is why I feel that the current format is not interactive - where games only last a few turns, going first or having a built in kill condition tends to make all the difference. There is a lot of damage prevention currently legal, but it is consistently outweighed by the damae pumps, most of the best ones of which are also re-usable. I've found that using prizes from outside UFS definitely work well to attract interest - If you're lucky you may find some Street Fighter IV action figures reduced for Christmas which would also work well (check your local sci fi stores, e.g. Forbidden Planet). I'm happy that you like the banned list, the changes to it are down to a trickle now (I plan to add Devil Reverse, and have Signature Style and promo Adon on a watch list), so it should be pretty much finished. If there is anything you feel should be on there please let me know! I have serious concerns about the future of UFS after this set in regards to FFG support, and I sincerely hope that they are unfounded and that the game continues to be produced and sells well, but we'll see how successful this set is....at the moment the Sheffield playerbase is stable at about 8 people in total which is also a massive from the past when I regularly ran 20+ player events, but I'm not the only person here who worries about the game's future. I'm not sure whether it's the same in Colchester? Well, I need to start work, so I'll finish rambling about my view of UFS at the moment Other views would also be interesting? - Ross
  9. Umm, not a lot really. There are no more major events this year so everything's gone eerily quiet on the forums, and the shipment of Quest for Souls to the UK has been delayed so everyone's running their prereleases next weekend instead of last weekend. Some stores have had their store championships already but it seems that people aren't travelling to them other than their local ones, and about half of the player groups in the UK have switched to Legacy as their main format (the other half still prefer the new standard format). I've created an epic banned list of doom which can be viewed on the Sheffield November events page, and singlehandedly invented TDR - Tapdance Revolution! Play on a DDR machine with really noisy shoes and win by making your opponent double over laughing
  10. It seems that posting about prereleases is the cool thing to do, so - The Sheffield prerelease will now be held on Sunday 29th November. - Ross
  11. I'm really sorry about the short notice on this, now that it's nearer the time I find that I can't afford to attend the Store Championships in Ripley and Beeston. Are you OK to take me off the lists of pre-registered players? Apologies - Ross
  12. This should be the last update!!! + Necro, War Between Sisters & Aghano Geri. ...right, done
  13. Does anyone know what's actually happening about these? I haven't received any kind of store championship kit or heard anything about them so I haven't included the Sheffield one in my tournaments for this month, but I notice a few scouts are running their championships soon. I can't reach Steve by e-mail or telephone to ask so does anyone else know what's going on? Do you have your kits yet?
  14. EDIT: Added **Alba**, Awakening and You Will Not Escape to the banned list, also moved tournament on Sunday 15th November to Wednesday 18th November.
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