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  1. i wanna that cost 5 dollars. for one mini and 10 cards. but 9.95 dollars kill me.
  2. Agree. my group had the luck to get the 2 best equipments of act 1. the campaign lost the fun.
  3. They're forcing indirectly for us to buy, because every time you play you get angry with that **** token and want them to be a miniature. it feels incomplete game. this is the marketing game. If we are not being forced, why don't they provide the decks to download?? The fantasyflight is famous in the gaming industry and part is because of that. I was impressed that they distributed on the Internet manual revised edition of runewars. runewars is and always will be a game full of expansions that you never really know what buy. because the curve of balancing it leans to one side and to the other side in every Expansion, and you're trying to fix that with expansions. hoping to go one sick freak expansions so good when the road of legend that had the descent first edition, in this second edition. that's a need to buy. who lives in the United States is still possible to buy in a shop easily. but who is not still have to pay high prices to import. Shipping and fees when I buy something only spent $ 50 in shipping. several boxes I break my legs and stick my pocket.
  4. the power of overlord is in expansions. in the core game (without convertion kit). I only won 2 first quests after this. I lose all quests. the heroes are very strong with itens and heroic feat. if all player knew how play they will use all heroic feat in all encounter. and will stay together using fatigue all the turn to gain movement. because some cards of the overlord don't break the movement he can stay use fatigue in one by one. and attacking all the time 2 times.
  5. nothing survive 4 hero atacking 2 times. and the other using hero feat to cure all.
  6. i prefer one box with all of the core set and another with the other of the the expansion lieutinents
  7. next time that would play i will try rules for balancing descent 1) once per turn on your turn the ovelord can discard a card to draw another overlord card. 2) the maximum of cards in overlord hand is 6. he can don't activate a group of monsters for get a overlord card. 3) the overlord starts every encounter with markers equal to the number of heroes it may -spend a marker to make an action that extra attack with a monster. (he can't do this with the same monster on the same turn) -spend a marker to draw a overlord card from the top of the deck.
  8. you draw one overlord card 1 time automatically in the begin of your turn
  9. the balance heroes overlord 2 atack per turn = large group monsters(each of monster can do the same damage of one hero red+blue) stand up = reinforcement stamina = overlord cards(that give action like the fatigue) itens = overlord only get buff in act II heroic feat = ---overlord don't have nothing----- the problem is the heroic feat that each hero have and the overlord don't have nothing to balance. the heroic feat of each hero, it can be used one time per encounter this give many disvantage in quest. because the heroic feat is much strong. and each hero can use 2 times per quest 1 in encouter 1 and another in 2.
  10. the problem is that you need give money for each hero. and this turn expensive. if buy each hero you can buy the core set again or another expansion with the same price. and they give many many miniature and cards.
  11. 3 expansions after the overlord get a buff, this is like the conversion kit that the monster are very good. you never will use the things on the core game again, because they are very weak. I am using a little rule that put a little vantage for the overlord. the overlord can 1 time in his turn discard one overlord card form your hand to draw another ovelord card from the top of the deck.
  12. the overlord need spend much xp to buy one the level 3 card. and the effect of they don't are very powerfull like the heros powers with this ERRATA.
  13. much expensive for some cards and one mini that it should be in the core game.
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