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  1. Hi everyone! So I've dusted off my Rogue Trader books and decided to run a game for my friends again. Currently working on background with them and one asked about Naval service. My first thought was once your in the Navy thats you for life. Then I remembered that a bunch of Rogue Traders are actually ex Navy Captains. Anyone read anything about Navy service? I'd thought you only got out by getting killed or on rare ocassions honourable retirement as a reward.
  2. This is something I could technically post in the rules section but I feel its more games mastery. Ok so In the rule book it specifically states that a reaction can only be used outside your turn and in response to some event such as an attack. It doesn't go into much more detail than that however. Now Tech Priests can and usually do get a ballistic mechadendrite which according to the faq: “The Tech-Priest may use this mechadendrite as his Reaction for the round or as a Half Action Attack on his own turn, but it can only be fired once per round. TheTech-Priest uses his full Ballistic Skill for the attack.” All fair enough, for quite a while now my Tech Priest simply tanked any damage and shot back at attackers. Where it gets tricky is that reaction and what it allows. Picture the scene: The acolytes are fighting several mooks of a big bad. It gos on for a couple rounds and they are happily winning the battle. Cue dramatic entry of cult leader who is open to negotiation (this was during Dead Stars btw). GM: "Suddenly a severe looking woman in fine dress enters the room from the side door flanked by several armoured guards wearing carapace, they.." TechPriest: "I shoot her with my gun mechendrite as she enters" GM: "You can't shoot her, shes not attacked anyone" TechPriest: "I use my reaction to her entering the room" GM: >.> Much as I hate it he had a point, there is no specific limitation to reactions other than a implied use for attacks so i'm curious what other GMs allow with reactions? I ended up ruling a reaction could only be used for something that specifically affected you, but in this case a Rapid Reaction test would allow the shot. Probably the most irritating bit is the classic GM describing a grizzly scene or intimidating enemy and getting interupted by "I shoot it". They do listen usually I guess and are aware of the "GM talks - I listen" thing but it's easily forgotten.
  3. Thought I might as well pitch in my thoughts on this book here after much silence. I am currently sitting in camp sceptical about Only War. First off I don't see what this adds to the existing books. Humans are in 3 of the 4 existing books. Guardsmen are already in DH as is several comparable careers. Vehicles are there too including a bunch of Guard stuff. As for mass combat well thats been covered in about 3 methods as I recall. The only thing I see this adding is a new collection of prewritten stuff in one handy book. Don't get me wrong, I'll probably buy this (heck I have the other 4!) but await to be convinced. Why running a Guard style game couldn't be in a supplement when they did it for the Grey Knights is beyond me. What I would of prefered would be a simple update to the DH core. Now I'm not talking a full on new edition like many have mentioned but correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the current errata (other than 1.0) not even in the core book? Even including a few new updates from other books dosn't mean redoing all the other DH supplements.
  4. Voronesh said: Just seeing the "rebalanced" Legion bolter. Older is better, CSM stuff is older, wait whut? Am i allowed to laugh now ? Actually if you look at the Broken Chains Legion Bolters they happen to be exactly the same as the Deathwatch Astartes Bolters (well as of the living errata anyway).
  5. My players went through TF recently and the assassin ended up getting possessed. I just let him keep playing and made rp an even more distant character, quite callous in fact (leaving one of them stuck in a mono-wire spider-web trap). He had good fun having a boosted combat char (he's always been the glass cannon so the Toughness hit wasn't a big deal) as well as playing around with some minor powers for a while till he got rumbled and exorcised.
  6. Well the first tthing I'm curious about is how you seem to have a discipline power at rank 1? Discipline powers arn't normally available till rank 4 unless your GM is giving you them early. Although good luck hitting Seal Wounds threshold of 20 on 1 dice! The minor powers you've mentioned sound fine though. Generally speaking for the first 3 ranks all a Psyker can do is be another guy with a gun or a sword helping out bash in heretics. The minor powers are more irritants than anything or just cheap tricks. Healer is a must for quick health recovery till you can get Seal Wounds later. Spasm is amusing and handy if a bad guy has a big gun. Flash Bang is like an unlimited flash grenade pack. Weapon Jinx can be very handy and speaking as a GM can be annoying as hell. Unnatural Aim is fantastic. I could go on but the thing to remember is there's no proper offensive minor powers, view yourself as a normal guy fighting for the emperor with a few tricks up your sleeve. When you hit rank 4 however the real fun begins. If you are indeed going doing a Biomancy route it's an amazing Discipline with a good mix of powers for any occasion.
  7. One way you could look at it is; there are 4 bits for weapons on the character sheet thus adding your starting Knife and Pistol you can only have 2 weapons (or 1 in most cases thanks to other starting gear). Also whilst it's cool there's the armour additions point with the jump pack & shields there should really be a seperate "backpack slot" that is filled with either the jump pack or heavy weapon ammo. This would stop all the munchkins trying to field more that one heavy weapon or trying the jump devastator idea.
  8. Storhamster said: It seems that my group is the exception in that I only grant XP after the mission, which is often after some 3-4 sessions. The players also spend their XP after missions. This allows me to grant XP according to how well the mission went, how well they roleplay and so forth. To make campaigns work I usually break them up in several missions, awarding XP after each one. True, this practice sees me handing out more XP at once than I would if handing out on a per session basis. My players seem happy with this practice since they feel like they "level up" properly after a mission. Granting an additional sense of achievement. Nope you're not the only one. I hand it out after a mission, or if it's a long adventure I'll hand it out at a suitable break or chapter end if it's a prepublished. Also instead of gettting the starting 400 XP I've reserved that for awarding players with skills that frankly fit in with their character as things they should have or reflect what they've done. Likewise with others here I've allowed advances mid game on rare occasions if it's one the player had told me they intended buying and it comes up they need it there, I'll grant them the skill and deduct the XP they next recieve. I'm also kinna strange on fate points only restoring them after in game resting. Though it usually works out every session anyway.
  9. Somehow I doubt it, they didn't have a seperate print version for the Dark Heresy or Rogue Trader collectors so I don't see it happening for Deathwatch. I mean they will of already shelled out the money for printing the books so they'll hardly scrap them and reprint a proof read version. As we know from Rogue Trader the main reason for the delay is the hand calligraphy stylee Warrent of Trade/Apocryphon Oath. Don't mean to sound so negative or anything just being realistic. Personally I liked the free pdf idea someone had but whilst actually feasable it's highly unlikely too and talked about to death in another topic.
  10. I thought I might see something posted from you Gregorius, I've always admired the encounters you knock together. I can see me using both of those. Laughing Gods trash compacter thing I had half thought of so I might do something Haarlocky with that. As for the reason to enter I had already considered some sort of hidden room with lot's of info on Haarlock, perhaps even a journal or something. Of course all this is dependant on them actually getting to Part 3. They seem to side reeled horribly wit half the party on an obsessed quest to track down their old gear.
  11. During the ticking down of the clock, one encounter in the adventure has a corridor of death in a secret passage. Now this sort of stuff is great fun yet there's not much else unless you consult the Reed Cage stuff most of which isn't suited to the manse. So I was wondering if any of you sick and twisted GMs out there has added to the traps present? Or even if you've thought of some interesting events during the countdown.
  12. I like the idea of a team pool; promoting teamwork which is what this game seems heavy on. I am however, like several people here of the opinion it's quite low. I'm considering using a hybrid of the two for my first game. Using this now infamous table 9-4, each battle brother will get requisition equal to the primary objectives, then all the secondary & tertiary objectives are combined into a single squad requisition that the players can discuss on how best to use. Oh and if an individual requisition isn't used it can be pooled into the team just like the box talks about on p273.
  13. Wow that would make a pretty awesome book! If only I had some writing talent. Pretty much summed up in what Millandson said. I think whatever Inquisitor has closest ties to that particular Watch Commander's team might have some pretty heavy questions for the Marine though. That is if they knew there was one of the Marines in said team, otherwise it would probably be kept internal with some questioning from the commander, purity checks from the Apothecary etc. before a ritual repainting of his insignia black.
  14. Vandegraffe said: Why does the pulse carbine have a longer reload time than the other pulse weapons? (p. 120) It's a full action to reload a carbine, but half for the pistol and rifle both. Correct meif i'm wrong, but isn't the Carbine the one with the built in grenade launcher? If so then perhaps the reload time is for reloading both the Pulse bit and the grenade launcher?
  15. Good long term requisition yea, though if you take a critical hit to that bionic leg, unless there's a tech priest in the party it could leave you pretty screwed.
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