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  1. I seriously doubt that FFG will offer a scenario editor.
  2. Gamer

    Any news about new addons?

    They could if they wanted to but they choose not to. Not all companies are so secretive about what their plans on the future are. Choosing not to give information saves them from getting grief when their answer later turns out wrong but overall I do not like their secrecy.
  3. Gamer

    Oath of the Outcast quest

    It should be Knowledge.
  4. Only the sea areas on the right side of the base game board are adjacent to the sea areas on the Essos board. I would recommend looking at an image of the Mother of Dragons Deluxe Gamemat to make which sea areas are adjacent clearer.
  5. Mep, obviously you dislike the current model of how they sell the core. If I wanted to complain about the price I would target the cycles themselves. In the long run I would think that would be more money savings for people who are serious about the game. I personally would prefer to get a cycle in one package, and not split into multiple products. If sold as one package, presumably the cost could be less than the current $120, although people might balk at paying it all at once, and so what the effect on sales would be I wouldn’t know.
  6. By my count added a second set of player cards would add 96 additional cards, which by your cost of $0.08 per card would add $7.68 to the price, brining to total cost to $47 or $48. I am sure that if you included these additional cards you would have less players initially willing to pick up the game do to the cost, and you would have players that play solo complaining about having to pay extra for cards that they never use. Since I bought a second core, having a reduced cost option to get the additional cards would have been nice but I do not know what the best solution is. It is hard to be certain with guesstimate numbers on cost and not knowing what FFG thinks the marketing implications are with their various packaging.
  7. She cannot be defeated is there are any portals on the map. Per the quest: “If there are 1 or more portals on the map when Zarihell suffers [damage] equal to her Health, she is not defeated. Place a fatigue token on her base to indicate that she is unconscious.”
  8. Gamer

    Hey FFG gives us a new expansion please

    agree you Ares Games now owns the license for the game and will be releasing an expansion called Adventures in Hyboria. See https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1402889231/age-of-conan-strategy-boardgame-its-back?ref=nav_search for details.
  9. Gamer

    Hey FFG gives us a new expansion please

    Ares is planning on doing an expansion. See "Age of Conan is back" on BBG.
  10. Per the base game Quest Guide under Setup on page 2: Unless otherwise noted, the heroes may place their figures on any spaces of the tile labeled “Entrance” on the quest map.
  11. For question 1, I asked FFG that question (back on February 2012) and got a response by Corey Konieczka: Q: How many crawling hand tokens are affected by a single use of the Crawling Hands Keeper Action card? The "Once per turn per crawling hand token" on the card implies to me that all onboard crawling hand tokens can be moved or text Dexterity with a single usage but others argue that only a singe crawling hand token can be affected per usage. A: Each time this card is activated the keeper may move ONE crawling hand token.
  12. Gamer

    Different colours of aliens

    The colors of the aliens are not how strong they are but the experience level needed to play the alien. From the FAQ: Q: When should alert levels on aliens be mixed? A: It is recommended that players start with green aliens only with no flares when first playing, then add flares. Play a couple of games, then introduce yellows to the green alert. Play a few more games with those, then add the red level aliens. The alert level is not how powerful they are, but how experienced your group should be to include them in the game.
  13. My Quest Guide does not have arrows pointing to the runelocks. It just indicates that the color of the runelock indicates what gate it is attached to (not its nearness to a gate) and that the color also indicates what attribute to test against and that nobody knows the color of the object token. Does your book have different text?
  14. Maybe I am missing something obvious but I am unsure how to handle the quest "The Overlord Revealed". The quest indicates that the color of the red, blue, and green objective tokens (i.e, the Runelocks) is kept secret from all players. However, to close a portal a hero has to make an Attribute Test and the color of the objective token determines which attribute to test against. If nobody can look at the color of the objective token how can a player know when they succeed since they do not know which attribute to test against? Since the hero does not know which attribute to test against do they have to announce which attribute they are testing against or do they test against all their attributes with one roll?