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  1. Per the Combat rules: 3. Retreats and Routing If a player’s only option is to retreat to such an area, he must first destroy as many retreating units as necessary to be compliant with his Supply limit after retreating to the area. After taking such losses, he may retreat the remaining units. Per the FAQ: Q: When does the winner of a combat exert control over the embattled area? A: Control over an area does not change hands until all stages of combat are completed. In the case of a completely emptied area, at no point during the combat would the area be controlled by the attacker (and so would not count toward their victory condition). Per the Port rules: Taking Control of Enemy Ports If the land area connected to a Port is successfully attacked and taken control of by another player, that player may immediately replace any enemy Ship units in the Port with an equal number of his own available Ship units (or as many Ship units as he has available, he desires, or is allowed by supply limits). Excess enemy ships are simply removed from the board. Therefore, the answer is that the land units retreat first.
  2. I do not have any interest in this game so have not been following it closely; however I think it will be similar to how Cosmic Encounter works. If that is the case it would not be a LCG since really the expansions in Cosmic Encounter adds new aliens. While new cards could be added (or even new card types), the main focus on the expansion is adding new aliens. The cards in Cosmic Encounter are used as a deck of card as in any standard card game. You do not form decks from different set as is done in an LCG.
  3. The expansion is not just paper and cardboard, it also included 2 miniatures. In addition, I am sue it I not as simple as just having it reprinted since quality control has to verify everting is ok. If they expansion did not sell well then that is certainly a reason to be hesitant to print it again. While I do not know if it would be the case, if the estimated return from sales would be less that the cost to print they why would they do so? While I do think FFG is too quick to pull the plug on some games (especially the ones that I like 😁), they are in business to make money.
  4. FFG currently lists Twilight Imperium as in stock so no need to wait to get an email.
  5. Below is all the text in the Extinguishing the Fire section from the English version: Each time a hero enters a water space, he may pick up 1 bucket of water. If he does, place 1 blue objective token on his Hero sheet. Each hero cannot carry more than 1 bucket of water. Each time a hero carrying a bucket of water suffers 1 or more [Damage], he tests [Might] or [Willpower]. If he fails, he drops the bucket of water and places the blue objective token back near the River. As an action, a hero that is carrying a bucket of water while on the Cabin or House may douse the flame. If he does and the associated red objective tokens are faceup, flip them facedown; if the red objective tokens are already facedown, discard them instead. For each objective token discarded in this way, the heroes place 1 villager token in their play area (see “Victory”).
  6. Andrew Navaro said they were working on a Terrinoth product. If nothing come out in the next couple of years then I would assume you would be correct in that case but I doubt that will be true and think it is wrong to assume that is the case just because he is leaving FFG. As far as I know we do not know why he is leaving FFG.
  7. The answer above is correct but the premise of the question is off since you cannot support a support. You can only support units in an embattled area.
  8. This answer in the FAQ covers this, although it is for Sallador Saan versus Victarion Greyjoy the same principle would apply. Q: If House Greyjoy plays his Victarion Greyjoy house card against House Baratheon’s Sallador Saan house card, are the participating Greyjoy ships still reduced to 0 combat strength? A: Since both text abilities occur in the same timing window, the resolution is affected by the turn order. If the Greyjoy player was first in turn order, Salladhor would resolve after Victarion, reducing the Greyjoy ships to 0 strength.
  9. A new Investigator Decklists (V.6.1) was posted yesterday. It looks like all errors have been corrected except for a minor miss-worded sentence in Mandy Thompson Strategy Tips.
  10. I see FFG has not yet updated their Arkham Horror: The Card Game Investigator Decklists file for The Dream-Eaters. Are they no longer updating this? While I am sure many people do not use it I will be disappointed if they do not update it.
  11. A took a quick glance at my pdf and did not see any issues.
  12. You do not need to attack the monster in your space, and such an attack does not require an evade check.
  13. I noticed the error when it came out. I mention the error you noticed to FFG in February and Matthew Newman thanked me for pointing out the errors mentioned that a revised version would be posted in a week but that never happened. At the same time, I also pointed out that Marie Lambeau does not list her Mystifying Song but that error is easy to resolve since you just add that card and change the total event cards from 11 to 12. I do not think there has been one Starter Decklists version that did not have at least one error, and each time I have pointed out the errors, and except for this time, they have been corrected.
  14. King_Balrog, what other product has FFG announced that they then where this long on delivery?
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