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  1. tech7


    I wouldn't be surprised if we will see some small expansions, or like for example the Anime card game multiple combinable games.
  2. Frog said: I bet the game is only like $17.50 online anyway! This doesn't matter, nearly every game is discounted online. I'm just saying that the MSRP seems high compared to FFG's other games. If the artwork is typical FFG/GW and it features a lot of distinctive artworks like it will be worth it (from a components point of view ).
  3. Don't mistake me, I judge games also mainly on their play value. But if this is really the complete content of the box, I'm a bit underwhelmed by the components. I will still most likely buy it since it is still a pretty cheap game if your usual FFG purchases are in the big or box line.
  4. 25 $ sounds a little expensive for less than 150 cards. Red november has the same price tag, comes in the same box and the box is filled completely. Of course we don't have the complete component list yet, but if it just has the 150 cards, a die and the three cardboard markers shown at product image 20$ would be more apporpriate, compared to FFG's other games. Well we will see. But I agree with the OP, those small games are nice.
  5. i think so too and I would be pretty surprised if you can't move there, but since there are a couplke of other important questions, I think its time for a FAQ.
  6. Iron Warriors were there ? Well, the GW background isn't quite consistent there (In the original GW game for example Magnus was also present http://www.boardgamegeek.com/image/169234/horus-heresy and in some other stories about the Horus Heresy) and we have yet to see the books about the invasion on Holy Terrah . I think that FFG encountered some problems in balancing the game with 5 traitor legions and imo leaving the Sons of Horus out was a better option than leaving one god out. Still a pretty bad situation regarding the background. I hope that we see the Sons of Horus in an expansion (and possible the remaining loyal Lunar Wolves(IIRC some survived Istvaan) ) Well, at least no one complains about the missing squats
  7. Mind Robber said: Dungeon Quest was never set in the Warhammer world if anything it might of been in the Talisman setting as it had 'Talisman' printed on the box. There is an edition of dungeon Quest and expansion, which were made by GW and included typical Warhammer miniatures, like the Chaos Warriors.
  8. What do you do with your game ? Yes the plastic terrain is very fragile, but it won't break by just putting miniatures there. And for the Runewars miniatures. None of mine is broken yet. and I don't expect them to do so. (But, you are right that the HH miniatures are better) I agree that the plastic fortification are too small. It is managable, but annoying. For the palace I kept the map part so that I can put markers there if the area on the plastic terrain gets too busy.
  9. Oops, I misread something http://www.boardgamegeek.com/article/4962153
  10. RC 1107 Delta said: FFG, if you are reading these posts, if you make an expansion that comes with all of the Heroes in miniature form that I could use to replace the cardboard on the stands, I would pay up to and including $50 for such an expansion. The minis don't even have to be painted. The Imperial ones could just be grey and the Traitor ones black and I'd love it. Please consider this. I think that everyone would buy it. I know I would. I don't mind. but please make it a standalone expansion. There are people who don't want minis for the Heroes.
  11. I have a question. The rulebook states that a Hero causes a coexistence battle, even if unsupported, correct ? However, the battle ends if there are no units (Heroes are not units, there is even an example in the rulebook) . Now what happen in a coexistence battle with a Hero. 1 - No iteration is fought since the battle ends immediately 2 - 1 iteration is fought 3 - the battle goes on until one of the other ends of battle conditions is triggered ?
  12. Shmoozer said: Kirenx said: That being said for the characters included there are 4 "special order" characters for decent/runebound that seem almost impossible to get a hold of as well as the out of print runebound Midnight characters. If they are going to reuse characters hopefully they will look at those ones. Also I doubt many would complain then if they threw in stat cards for decent and runebound. Adding those four would be an AWSOME idea!!! and of course especially when they would add Descent (and Runebound) Character-Stat cards!!! when using Terrinoth they might as well go all the way And Runewars character cards
  13. Second one. A round consist of the following phases: 1. Do one action (the active player) 2. Pay the cost (move the Initiative Marker) 3. Check for change of initiative and resolve it. 4. Special Phase. If there was a change of initiative, the active player will change immidately before the new round starts. Basicly, you can only do one action per round. Before each round, it is checked if there was a change of initiative, if that is the case, the other player becomes the active player.
  14. When do the special abilities of the Heroes trigger, if not specified ? For example, does Mortarions ability cause the enemy to draw less cards or does he affect the ranks after combat cards have been drawn ?
  15. Torbal said: [Why are so many Euro games designed for no more than five players? Just to ensure a sixth-player expansion will be quickly desired by players?] No, most euros are not fun with more than 5 players.
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