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  1. Simple question: Can I ever have more than 3 fortune points?
  2. In the old forum is the following topic: "The FFG Forums have migrated to the new fantasyflightgames.com website. They are completely integrated with the website for the best possible forum experience. These forums will stay active for two weeks, at which time they will be locked into read-only mode. They will stay live until December 31, 2008, after which time they will be turned off. Thanks for your patience and understanding. " The old descent forum were about 2231 topics with 29254 messages. Now we have about 150 topics an 1000 mesages. What exactly was migrated? This foum is not useable at all, the search function is barely existent and the performance more than poor. I guess that most of your audience is 14 years and older. So get rid of the graphics and bring up a performant forum. You games live from all the players, an we love to discuss. But you turned of the platform to discuss on. The whole site is too slow and the missing "advanced" search option hurts... Kind regards
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