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  1. Hi there, Does anybody know when the German version of Banners of War will be die? Bests
  2. great! thanks for the replies!
  3. Hi There, when a stronghold is left without units - what happens when enemy units move into the hex with the stronghold. Is it automatically turned or does it fight for itself? bests, zed
  4. zolledine

    3 player game

    one thing is for sure - if you add planets the game will last longer. giving you time to research and build much more before getting in contact with the enemies
  5. Great answer! Why do you think do I post that question? What I found out now is, that installations are the "Infested Centers" and the Warpgate... Anything else?
  6. Hi, I was just wondering - what exactly is an "installation"? As it is not a base - there must be sth else on the board that is "buildable"?! Thanx in advance!
  7. hi, i do just own the tannhäuser basic game - and i'm thinking of achieving novgorod. but what i'd really like to know beforehanb is: can i play with three factions (reich, russians and us) on one board? i'd need more entry points - which would be possible with the secret doors...
  8. zolledine


    well, i'd say he gets his grenade back - even though it is powerful
  9. zolledine


    Hi, I am a Tannhäuser Newbie - so this question might be stupid: are the characteres supposed to have ONE grenade or do they have a set of grenades. So do I discard the grenades after usage? Bests, Z.
  10. I'd also say that a game is faster the better you know the rules - so we play with 4 guys and after having it played for three times we manage to play a game within 4 hours straight
  11. i'd also say these games (WK and WotR) are totally different - as you just really have fun playing WotR when being 2 - and WK only being fun when you have larger groups plus the time factor - WotR last like a whole day and WK is playable within 3-5 hours!
  12. hey, one thing that worked out fine: give the knight that doesnt pay for up to 450 a lot of troops and start with 2 others with 50 - 100. remain near the stronghold with the 450er and ****** some new troops, then go for the big cities overseas... bests, zolledine
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