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  1. I would allow custom skills like playing an instrument and likewise to be bought, but at a nice xp discount if you would like to actually have the skills instead of just using attributes. This way it should limit weakening a character compared to others and generally.
  2. For me Amazon.co.uk has redeemed themselves abit. After two emails complaining about the order cancellation and how it made me feel, with a link to the book on their site. They responded more reasonably and gave me a 15£ promotional gift certificate so I could reorder the book. This does not cancel a couple of days with irritation and being somewhat angry, but I feel that it alliviates it quite abit for me.
  3. Peacekeeper contact Locque on messenger if you are interested in joining. That goes for one other player too if anybody wants in.
  4. Nuttunen said: I perfer writen... tryin to roleplay and speak a forgein language is hard. I find it easier to stay in character and less confuzzling when people type stuff. I agree wholeheartedly that it's probably much easier to stay inn character while writing. Since I'm usually a gm I'm willing to take a gm made character if there's a need for a speciel class/charcter. But I'd like to make up the personality of the charcter myself, but can base it on some wishes from the Gm.
  5. I would also be very interested in joining an online game. Prferably as a player since I'm the GM 95% in all games in real life. I'm up for using irc, skype, messenger, a rpg client and even forums... I'm Norwegian, but my english is more than good enough written. Might get some seconds lag spoken, but I guess that'll be okay.
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