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  1. Finally we can annouce the finalists and the winner + runner-up of the Dark Reign Short Story Contest. The challenge was to write a short story centered around an exciting new location that can be used in 40K roleplaying games. The 4 finalists are: Spinnaker’s Landing (Luddite) Vitrum Palatium (Colin Young) The Kevictus Installation (Deker Alexander) Wild Spyres (Matt Barron) It was difficult to even pick the four finalists. Let alone to pick one winner and a runner-up. But the judges chose: Winner: Spinnaker’s Landing (Luddite) Runner-up: Vitrum Palatium (Colin Young) The winner receives a $50 gift voucher from DTRPG and the runner-up a $20 gift voucher from DTRPG. We will contact both this week. The stories will be posted on Dark Reign as webarticles and also as one (big) ebook (pdf). Here are some remarks about the submissions from the judges (in no particular order). The Knife Wound (Cliff Hanson) - Good story and pacing - Location not central to story but interesting premise - Hot chick is evil a bit overdone - Location has lots of roleplaying potential Vitrium Platium (Coling Young) - Good story and pacing - Good to see (likable) female protagonists - Interesting location with good roleplay potential - Great cliffhanger The Kevictus Installation (Deker Alexander) - Good pacing - We loved the Cherub scene (you have to read it ) - Interesting location but kept a bit too mysterious - Interesting story but a bit unclear. A great intro to a longer story Yunis (Cody Kersh) - A great buddy movie using the 40k setting (with humor) - Interesting focus on exploration/discovery. Good pacing - Interesting location - No "cartoon evil" bad guys - Good interwoven story Birth of an Entity (Jepper Bree) - Good (3) interwoven stories - Good Necromunda alternative - What if Goldman Sachs had a planet for itself - Final is a bit too chaotic - Interesting roleplay location Wild Spires (Matt Barron) - Great pacing - Evocative descriptions - Interesting/unique location - Great humor - Great characters - Good cliffhanger, want to read more about the team Spinnaker's Landing (Steve) - Excellent story - Complete package (story, background, game info) - Interesting location with lots of roleplay potential - Intro to a longer story - Great portrayal of Nobles hunting - Good dialogue As you can see, we liked them all a lot
  2. Yes, WFRP3 really needs a program like Strange Eons. Such a tool for the WFRP3 community is not a luxury but a must-have. By stopping the development of the WFRP3 plugin for Strange Eons FFG has basically stopped homebrewing and community support. GW will not lose a moment sleep over this. But for FFG it could mean the death of the game. If this gets known by the greater WFRP3 community (not just this forum) I think there will be a major backlash. Roleplayers don't want to feel restricted by a company what they can and can not done with their game. The 3rd edition is restrictive enough with all the tokens, dice and cards. Stamping down on fan material makes things much, much worse.
  3. FFG has no problem with the SA software for their Arkham Horror board game. So it is GW. FFG is also now allowed by GW to give away competition prizes to fansites like Hammerzeit or Dark Reign (40K). Basically, GW is the bastard stepchild of Apple. Either you buy everything from them, or you don't have a right or access to it. So, (once again) blame GW.
  4. If you are a collector of games I heartily recommend 3:16 by Gregor Hutton. It is a must-have and a must-read for every gamer and game-collector. Why? Because it shows how light and fun rules can be while still delivering a deep roleplaying experience.
  5. Jericho said: Hammerzeit ? That's a site, right ? Who's the moderator ? I am, together with Doc Cthulhu.
  6. I have had no problems with it. And of course you have my permission to print it This range chart works as a charm. I don't understand why FFG didn't use a simple range chart like this for WFRP3 instead of tokens. Maybe they were afraid to be sued by Gregor Hutton, the creator of 3:16
  7. LordBael said: Linky please? Don't have any knowledge of that. It is the best kept secret in gaming It is still a work in progress, but here it is: Hammerzeit!
  8. jlok said: Do you know if anyone has made a 3:16 Carnage Amongst the Stars type abstract range chart for WFRP? I know this has nothing to do with simulationist rules but i didn't see any other movement rules threads in house rules. I think it would work quite well and cut back on confusion. People could still use the tokens to keep track of when they have used enough maneuvers to move from one range to the next. You don't have to change any of the abstract rules just add some visual clarification. I am excited about the idea and just wanted to know what other people think or if someone else has already tried this. Are you looking for something like this?
  9. Also, Trodomir should have given the fansite Hammerzeit! a chance before quitting.... The site is not (yet) as busy as StS or this forum, but the small community is at least positive about the game (besides its short comings) and we really could use an active member as Trodomir. So, I hope I will see him on the Hammerzeit! forums before he walks away for ever.
  10. James Wallace was not the first to complain about the "community", nor will he be the last. It seems that Warhamer (both Fantasy and 40K) have a higher number of rabid fanboys than other games.
  11. Jay Little is the lead designer for FFG's Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd edition. Jay has a long history with roleplaying games. He has been designing board games and writing roleplaying games for several years. On the unofficial fansite Hammerzeit Jay talks about his gaming life, his views on fansites and the fan-community, and what the future may hold for Warhammer Fantasy roleplaying. Read the interview at Hammerzeit
  12. discordead said: What happened to the site? I was messing with the DNS servers.... it is working now at: I'm trying to link the domain wfrp3.com with the above address. Still working on that....
  13. Let me know what you think of the site. What needs changing? What do we need to add to the site or remove from it? How can we make it better? The site is for and by the WFRP3 community so let's make it the best WFRP3 (and maybe WFRP) site on the net
  14. I have been so bold as to post stuff found on this forum on Hammerzeit (www.wfrp3.com) If you don't want to see your house rules on Hammerzeit than please let me know and I will remove it ASAP.
  15. Morskittar, Can I add the article to Hammerzeit! the unofficial WFRP3 fansite? Work in progress (
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