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  1. 2 players per team, originally minimum Threat after the win is the best (they changed that due to the Gandalf Combo) Deck Rules like in the manual (50 cards, 3 max/card) Of course not EVERY card is centered on Gandalf (there are not enough anyways) - but you take card draw (one player can help the other cycling through his deck) and blue for the recursion. TBH with the starter Set I'm very open to suggestions but if you manage to play to the recurring Gandalf point and smack the guy down every turn it doesn't really matter how you performed before and I didn't find a way for a better score yet. You stall the game 'til you went down with your threat and win. (That said I our group doesn't play it like that because it is boring as hell)
  2. Well imho Gandalf is the best ally you can get atm and abusing him with sneak attack and recurring combos (tomb of the kings, etc.) is unfortunately the best choice to win with a good score atm. (in our local tournament everyone just built around abusing him - I left that tourney before it started after learning that, just too boring to waste my time)
  3. 1.) Will a sneak attack Gandalf return to my hand before paying a visit to the graveyard? 2.) Can I exhaust attachments and allies the turn they come into play? thank you
  4. Thank you for the info.. well I guess due to the fact that it is full coop we will houserule it to "maximum 2 copies - 34 card decks" (that should fit the maximum 3 copies 50 card decks approach, as long as there are no cards that may be included only once in a deck)
  5. It's really my fault not knowing every single thread that ever has been started on these forums - I'm very sorry.
  6. Then I must have misread the announcement that came out that time - not having that for a core set is very weird though.
  7. I was very disappointed to realise that what was achieved with Warhammer Invasion and A Game of Thrones was NOT used for LotR. After opening the base set I realised, that the set had only 1 or 2 copies of certain cards. Of course one could say: "You don't need 3 copies - it's coop after all" and that is true - but what is also true is, that that vastly effects deckbuilding, because you just can't count on drawing one of the copies in reasonable time, thus limiting your deckbuilding options for creating a "solid" deck. Come on FFG - are you serious?
  8. Ironically this threat isn't as frightning anymore as in 1999
  9. Imagine the ton of additional rules if every character they do has to fit into a timeline for deck construction purposes. This is common to LCG's/TCG's, see A Game of Thrones for example. Some characters are present in multiple versions, some that died in the books can fight people who get introduced later.
  10. I really really hope that only the german version got pushed back - I hoped for this to arrive before christmas
  11. FloLeBlanc


    Sounds very sweet. Will this be a one shot game or will there be some sort of campaign mode coming?
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