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  1. These are good news - now i have still to enjoy this summer and not just be looking forward to fall 2009. It's gonna be hard.
  2. Any news on BL are good news, at least for me. I feel a sudden excitement, and as the rest of us, I surely hope it won't take any more months untill the first FFG Expansion is available. Still hope they make it available soon in german .... but who cares
  3. It's still ok for me, that FFG does not bring any BL-News on 1st of April
  4. well, I suppose we can not blame FFG for the delay - the promises were first made by Dow , and we waited and waited.... then FFG took BL, and we're still waiting for the heroes - I hoped that the first FFG Expansion was ready when they made announcement of the take over - but alas - obviously I was wrong and my heart is bleeding - such a great game, so much fun playing, painting, making 3D-terrains and then somebody's goofing it up (still I think DoW's to blame for this) Is it any help to say: The game's good as it is now with all the expansions that are out already? Of course it is, but when I started, we talked about a system, a new world, endless possibilities, heroes, new races, creatures - there's a lot missing (still I do not blame FFG for this) So I'm still waiting, sad that so few of the original intentions for the game came true. If FFG brought the heroes a short time after the take over I surely would have bought it (just to welcoming back BL) , but so much time went by, and for now somehow BL is in agony for me. I'm still hoping for that wonder to bring it back to life, but i fear the fire's out ... for good, the more that I can not expect a german version of the expansions in the near future!
  5. Sometimes I handle this kind of an 'open' - This means one player takes all the Gobos, the other one all the dwarfes (epic battle) put them where they want in the first 4 lines and then start. the battle. I did nearly the same with the humans - splitt them in two identical groups (banners und standarts), place them on the board wherever you want in the first 4 rows and then the battle starts - medieval rules - very tough battle Finally I prefere this type of battles, because the placing of the troups is an essential part of the game - place them badly and you're out of the game from the very start - and there are no cards to take the blame. And finally you feel more like a commander being able to place your troups wherever you want (eg all the cavallery on 1 side is possible, put the archers on the cliffs etc). And you save a lot of time makin' the battlefield ready (compared to choosing the cards, specialist-cards etc, revealig the cerds etc.) - and it's still BL - much fun to play!!! It surely tends in the direction of a 'Points/Unit' System like TT-games have. But too me BL is not a Game to bother 'bout Points / Unit' as with the number of dice-rolls and the huge number of Units give luck too much importance, to make it worth bothering 'bout' some lousy unit-points'. So as we say in German 'wrist times pi' is just right (of course to be fair you won't fight with 5 green gobbos units against 5 blue cavalry units) What I did not try until now is to make a pool of different units from which every player chooses one unit at a time, then the other player - consider the battle field, elaborate a strategy and try to get the units you want.... Or give each player the same pool of units and build 3 battlefields - now each player has to place all his troups on those three battlefields the way he wants - a lot of tough decisions will have to be made. You see - lot's of possibilities to bring the specialists into play, not 'officially' of course, but still lots of fun playing That's what I personally like very much playing BL - it's light, put the armies and battlefields together as you want, and while the battle rages, tactical decisions still are crucial. Most important: have fun!
  6. FragMaster said: Zeal said: "FFG deems HR/FF/RR lore cards too tame. See all new "ICE Comet" and "Leaping Lava" lore cards certain to provoke a table flip!!... Zeal How about the all new "Grass Blast" Cleric card that finally completes the HR/FF/RR set. It's targeting all enemy units in "Clear Terrain" hexes... "Invoque the mower" I'd call it, but you have to roll the dice before using it - if you roll a lore it all went wrong and you have to cut your hair instead - this card will continue keeping away girls from playing BL.
  7. Yeah, a conspiracy that will take over the world - after feb 11th
  8. bcwMD said: I'm just hoping they get rid of the weighted dice and bring out some balanced ones (instead of these ones that always seem to roll the proper color when my wife attacks me, and any other color when I attack her). The problem is widely known - these dices are from the first edition. Nearly the same wood they used for the dices of Mem44. I surely hope they stop producing those dices in china-wood. " Free wood for free dices" I say well and while writing nonsense th sun went up and a new day begins: 2.11.!!!!
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