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    The_Warlock reacted to TehHandsomeDan in The Future of 2nd Edition   
    I think that if one keeps a couple things in mind, the scenario makes a lot more sense and offers a degree of hope too.
    The Asmodee purchase has affected a lot of how FFG does business. To be blunt, FFG products seem to constantly be in and out of stock marketwide for months at a time. FFG is clearly ordering smaller batches of both new and reprinted products, which is why it might be impossible to find a particular "Hero and Monster Collection" at MSRP this month (thank you, scalpers) but be readily available everywhere next month. I've observed this across their product lines for the past year or so now.
    Asmodee, as a company, doesn't seem to 'believe' in updating content as frequently as olde FFG has done in the past. Whereas we might have seen a big box and one or two small boxes a year (depending on the product line), most lines have now trickled down to a single box per year -I couldn't help feeling like MoM's last expansion was kind of a joke, after being spread out so far, only ONE new monster class and ONE new scenario? Ugh.
    Lastly, Asmodee has a bit of a reputation for purchasing companies and then culling back to just the main top selling product lines. This is where Descent throws a wrench into the mix. Prior to the app, Descent sales appeared to have been slowing down to crawl. It was enough that many retailers we're beginning to reduce their inventories with pretty frequent discounts on expansions and miniature packs -notably more often than most product lines. After several years and expansions, nobody would have faulted you for saying that the product was winding down.
    But then the app happened.
    The whole thing was a bit of an experiment, one that FFG had likely been pouring money into long before the buyout, making it difficult for Asmodee to justify cancelling. When you're that close, it would be a waste not to finish it up and see what happens. And when that app launched, it renewed interest in the line. Those of us who had all the expansions were ecstatic about new content for our existing stuff, those who didn't have everything suddenly had reason to want to get the rest of the product line right away. And whether you had just the base game, a couple expansions, or a giant collection, even the paid additional app content seemed worthwhile to most. Descent suddenly turned back into a gold mine.
    So what happened? Why stop making content for it?
    There's a lead time from development to finalized product. And the most logical guess is that Asmodee pulled any resources that might have been working on physical Descent expansions, to work on other products -new lines like the recent Rune Wars miniatures game, or just existing lines that had previously been selling better than Descent. Management would likely be apprehensive about moving people back to an older product like Descent, likely wanting to see sustained sales, to be sure this wasn't just a brief fluke. Once people get reassigned to make new Descent content, it could be a good year before they're even ready to send things to the printers in China. Factor in quality control, internal testing, etc., and you've got a pretty big gap in time between releases. 
    Also, consider that FFG/Asmodee might want to give their newest Terrinoth product the limelight for a 6-12 Month period, so as not to cannibalize their own sales. So if something is nearly done with development, they might be keeping tight-lipped about it so as not to hurt RW sales.
    Given the renewed success of D2e since RtL, I do think more expansions will arrive. But I think we may not hear about them until later this year, with release potentially next year.
    All of this is of course speculative, but it all makes logical sense.
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    The_Warlock reacted to Rawsugar in Infinite Fate... I hate it   
    lot of people underestimate casters because people who play them hold on to their spells till the perfect moment rather than casting as many as possible. If all the spells do during a game is steal an object and maybe kill or toadify an opponent they are good but not imbalanced, Still among the better characters but nok broken. However if casters cast spells left and right for several small advantages every turn they become extremely powerful. The ability to hinder opponents regardless of where they are is especially powerful.
    Casters CAN be more balanced depending on the spelldeck if there is only 1 caster in the game as some spells are hard to cast without other players having access to spells, and some objects like wand even out the difference. basic game was more balanced in this way, the more expansions there are in play the more powerful casters tend to become.
    I'd say its a tossup between replenish spells and fate, which is why i like playing doomsayer.
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    The_Warlock got a reaction from Uvatha in Attack rolls + weapons ! Need assistance .   
    "two movement dice isn't a movement die and you can't add anything" should be self-explanatory.
    If this is not the case, our outdated FAQ 1.1 tells us the following:
    Clockwork Owl
    Q: Can a character use the Clockwork Owl during movement if he uses a Riding Horse or casts the Speed Spell?
    A: No.
    This is what the Clockwork Owl says:
    During movement, you may move any number of spaces up to your die roll, instead of moving the full distance as indicated by the die roll.
    The answer makes me think that  dice  and die are different words, just as spelling can tell. If you roll 2 "dice" and add them together to determine your movement roll, you cannot use effects based upon your movement roll when the card says "die".
    I know it's awkward to find answers in completely unrelated topics, but this is all we have for now. An updated FAQ should definitely reunite those scattered answers into more general rules and use the Q&A form only for single cases. Let's hope that after 4 years of expansions we'll finally get a comprehensive FAQ.
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    The_Warlock got a reaction from Tengmalm in Rate Expansions in order of Preference   
    I've put some effort in making a post about Talisman Expansions on BGG once, so I'll copy and paste it here adding a word about the Deep Realms:
    There are many good suggestions in this thread, but I think there are several other things that a newbie should know.

    Talisman expansions are made of:
    - new Adventure cards
    - new Character cards + minis
    - new Spell cards
    - new Alternative Ending cards (starting with Frostmarch)
    - new special cards and components
    - new mechanics and rules
    - additional board (big box only)
    - a special deck to use with the board (big box only)

    The first expansions (Reaper, Dungeon, Frostmarch, Highland, Sacred Pool) are much more important for what they add to the base game. There are recent expansions that add more quality to the game, but Spells, Characters and Adventure cards found in earlier expansions are more basic, numerous and somewhat essential to Talisman 4th edition.

    Getting the more advanced expansions like the City, the Firelands and even the Woodland might not address the need for a more varied base game (more Spells, more basic Characters). Firelands played alone with the base game gets brutal and can even put you off if you're not prepared.

    In general, it is recommended buying the expansions in the order they were published. Over the years the expansions have been designed with an eye at what fans were expecting, so they ended up filling gaps of the game as soon as they have been reported by players.

    This is the story so far:

    Reaper is a basic expansion, without a specific theme to it. It was designed just to expand the basic game after reissue by FFG and adds a NPC figure (the Reaper), which was generally well received.

    Dungeon is the first new Region and is made to speed up character levelling and give a new challenging way to reach the Crown of Command. Characters and Spells provided in this expansion are super-essential, even more than the Reaper ones.

    Frostmarch left some people disappointed because it was not full of even bigger challenges but diluted the current Adventure deck with many "lame" cards. At the time I thought it balanced the Adventure deck nicely, because it was filled with cool stuff and tough Enemies, so adding some ordinary stuff and lesser creatures was balancing the content a bit. Characters are not among my favourites, but they're ok. Spells are a must and so are the first 3 Alternative Endings.

    Highland has fewer Spells and adds an interesting new Region for early game exploration, where you find a lot of Objects and gold you cannot spend. Characters are excellent, except for the OP Alchemist who's still waiting for a nerf.

    Sacred Pool has some very special content, like the Misfortune Spell, and makes the first attempt to give more ways to spend gold with Stable cards. Characters are slowly getting less basic and more complex than before.

    Dragon is an epic level expansion that somehow replaces the base game with many many Dragons. It might sound great but the mechanics are all but flawless. There are some nice variants around the web about how to make the game with Dragon more enjoyable.

    Blood Moon adds a big bunch of Adventure cards, some good characters and a few Spells that are not so interesting. Some of the content requires the use of a new mechanic, the Time Card, which affects all creatures in the game but will be required in all your games unless you want to trim the deck.

    City adds a Region which is all about earning and spending gold to gain excellent power-ups. Characters are very good but a bit more complex to handle.

    Nether Realm is the first print on demand expansion for Talisman and adds a small deck of lethal cards to be used with 3 Alternative Endings. It's just a nice way to spice up the game if you already have enough variety of components.

    Firelands adds some more danger to the Adventure deck and a great variety of new Spells and characters with Arabian Nights flavour. Terrain Cards are probably the most relevant addition from this expansion.

    Woodland greatly expands the use of fate and offers a new corner Region with a completely different balance if compared to Dungeon and Highland. It's fresh and unpredictable, with fate always playing a primary role in all what happens. Destiny cards can be great game changers. It's more complex than previous corner expansions, characters included (they use special tokens for some abilities).
    Deep Realms is another print on demand expansion and provides a connection between two of the previous expansions, Dungeon and City. It uses material from those expansions as a reward for the challenges within. It is nice to rebalance the City expansion by randomly removing powerful Objects from purchase options and gives an alternative way to get Treasure cards.

    If you want a recommendation, either follow the chronological order above or make a selection based on exp. content, taking care of the following warnings:

    - If you want Sacred Pool, you'd better add either Reaper or Frostmarch to have many Warlock Quests to gain Quest Rewards from. Beware that Misfortune Spell (Sacred Pool) makes the Reaper deadly, especially with a thin Spell deck.

    - If you want the Highland, the Blood Moon or the Woodland, you'd better add at least Reaper or Frostmarch expansion to have a bigger Spell deck and a wider character choice. The Dungeon would be ok as well.

    - If you want the City, you'd better have the Highland as well to have a place that grants a lot of gold. Frostmarch adds lots of Bag of Gold cards as well, but they're a bit boring. City has no extra Spells, so it's advisable to throw in the mix one or 2 other expansions.

    - If you want the Firelands, make sure you have at least another small expansion to dilute the otherwise harsh Adventure deck, or a corner Region where characters can escape if things get out of control on the main board.
    - If you want the Deep Realms, remember it requires both Dungeon and City expansion to play, unless you adopt some house rule
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    The_Warlock got a reaction from Sacrilege83 in Toad misses turns   
    There's no official rule about this. I mean, there's no rule that says whether a missed turn counts as a turn or not towards the global time flow of the game.
    I've always played that if you miss a turn as a Toad, it's still a turn. Under that condition, missing a turn as a Toad has always been a good thing in my games.
    You might say this is nonsense, but I'm pretty sure that you count missed turns when checking for a full round, e.g. to determine the duration of lasting effects (e.g. Prophecy, Hex). I've just applied the same logic to Toads, Slow Motions, Transformations and other effects that last many turns but affect only 1 character.
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    The_Warlock reacted to Rigmaster in Missing a Turn and Something Happening at the Start of Your Next Turn   
    Please stop asking each other for rules when we all know there is none. That's just silly. This discussion is quite pointless since it's clear some people has made up their minds either way, which for me is fine. As long as you're in agreement with the people you play with and consistent with that it should be okay either way.
    In my group we play as though miss 1 turn = preoccupied for 1 turn. Hence the turn counts but your unable to do anything with it but that's just our interpretation. The use of rounds just signifies that all characters are effected (ie. Destroy magic vs toad)
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    The_Warlock got a reaction from gatorcoffee in Mist Dragon and fate   
    This is correct
    You cannot reroll a die after its result has been used for an effect. Once you determine which result is the lowest and which is the highest, you are using the current results and they cannot be rerolled afterwards.
    So, paying fate for the Mist Dragon looks like a waste; you can reduce the gap if you reroll the lowest die and get a higher result, but there's no way for your character to get a higher roll than the Mist Dragon.
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    The_Warlock reacted to Bludgeon in Pits in Inner region vs Misfortune (and other spells...)   
    That's nice that Elliot has his opinion, but it clearly contradicts what's written in the rulebook. Sorry, but there's no ambiguity in the chapter on fate. Even if game's creators inteded it to work differently, they should have made better job with writing. What they put in the book leaves no room for interpretation - you can reroll any roll ordered by the space you land on. 
    FAQ will not change that, although errata would.
    FAQs are great if you are uncertain about a rule, but this is not the case here (at least for me, it's ok to disagree ).
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    The_Warlock got a reaction from Danish in Transformed and Hunchback anomalies   
    You are describing exactly what happens during the game. What you gain or lose in terms of counters is kept when passing from one form to the other.
    The only reason why we seem not to understand each other is perhaps the fact that I'm talking about Strength/Craft/fate/life values (i.e. the numbers printed on the character card, as defined in the rules), while you are talking about Strength/Craft/life/fate.
    At any time, your total Strength = Strength value + Strength counters + Strength derived from cards in your possession. If you change Strength value in the formula, the total Strength changes. This is what happens when being transformed into another character, and back. Of course Strength gained from trophies or other sources remains, because it comes in form of Strength counters. With Craft is the same
    It is different with life. Your life is the number of cones you have.Your life value is the number printed on the character card and defines your maximum life for the purpose of healing life. Changing life value doesn't result in changing your current life. Still, you can heal or gain life while transformed and you're absolutely keeping your current life when you revert back. Same course with fate.
    However, it seems you already know all of this.
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    The_Warlock reacted to lovfinion in Toughen up The City?   
    I and my group are extremely happy with the city expansion as it stands, but would also be happy if FFG were to down the line, do an expansion that adds cards to very deck, similar to what they did for Arkham horror - in doing so they could satisfy a broader range of players.
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    The_Warlock got a reaction from Danish in Transformed and Hunchback anomalies   
    There is no reason why fate and lives should not remain, since they remain also if you are turned into a Toad. Since the card has no rules saying that you lose attributes gained, unlike the Toad, why should you think you would lose them when reverting back to the original form?
    Only special effects from cards override the normal rules of the game. If no exceptions are stated, apply the normal rules of the game.
    Transformed is worded poorly, but could not have been worded better considering the space available on a Talisman card text box. If the intention was to introduce a perfectly designed card, it should not have been designed.
    The character says that you have to consider all printed values as if those were belonging to your character, which is not very difficult to do. Reverting back to the original form means to use your original character card again, nothing else. There is no reason to lose anything you gained because of the transformation, except maybe character special tokens which are removed from the game if the corresponding character is killed.
    But hey, we don't know if you should get character tokens and starting possessions, so it's better to hope that a FAQ or official clarification considers that.
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    The_Warlock got a reaction from talismanisland in Harbinger omen cards - Continuous or one-off effects?   
    Surely using keywords, or locating one-off (immediate) and continuous effects in the same order on different cards would have been helpful. For example, putting the one-off effects first and continuous effects second, like in the Armageddon set, but Rise of the Dead and Stars Align go the opposite way.

    However, when you're asking yourself if an effect is immediate or continuous, you have to check if it has sufficient instructions to be a continuous effect or not. Continuous effects are clearly distinguished by sentences like "Whenever a character does XYZ...", with the Rise of the Dead omens being a sort of exception because they don't use that wording. Bonuses to the attack roll cannot be applied outside of combat and have no sense as a one-off effect.
    I see you have the most doubts about the Armageddon Omens. You may notice that the first of the two listed effects is missing a triggering condition, so you can't interpret it as a continuous effect.  When are you supposed to take the penalty? When you enter the Region with the Harbinger? When you start your turn in there? At any moment, thus taking an infinite penalty? It's clearly a one-time effect triggered by the Omen coming into play, it has not enough information to be a continuous effect.
    The Stars Align Omens are very schematic and each of them has one continuous effect (first) and one immediate effect (second). Your interpretation of the other 2 Omen sets seem right.
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    The_Warlock got a reaction from Bludgeon in Snow drifts and frogs missing turns ( I know this is a sore subject )   
    So many years have passed since Frostmarch has been released, but this is the first time someone noticed this odd wording on Snowdrifts.
    I agree with Bludgeon's answer, but the card has a weird way of explaining things.
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    The_Warlock reacted to Bludgeon in Snow drifts and frogs missing turns ( I know this is a sore subject )   
    I think other characters rolling against active player's craft is both counterintuitive and has no precedence with other cards/rules.
    We always played that missed turns count as turns for purpose of time passage.
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    The_Warlock got a reaction from jimmyfield in Attack rolls + weapons ! Need assistance .   
    "two movement dice isn't a movement die and you can't add anything" should be self-explanatory.
    If this is not the case, our outdated FAQ 1.1 tells us the following:
    Clockwork Owl
    Q: Can a character use the Clockwork Owl during movement if he uses a Riding Horse or casts the Speed Spell?
    A: No.
    This is what the Clockwork Owl says:
    During movement, you may move any number of spaces up to your die roll, instead of moving the full distance as indicated by the die roll.
    The answer makes me think that  dice  and die are different words, just as spelling can tell. If you roll 2 "dice" and add them together to determine your movement roll, you cannot use effects based upon your movement roll when the card says "die".
    I know it's awkward to find answers in completely unrelated topics, but this is all we have for now. An updated FAQ should definitely reunite those scattered answers into more general rules and use the Q&A form only for single cases. Let's hope that after 4 years of expansions we'll finally get a comprehensive FAQ.
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    The_Warlock got a reaction from 0beron in The Cataclysm new expansion is announced   
    Changing the main board mid-game sounds like a super-fiddly procedure. I can't think of it with all faceup cards, minis and parts that have to be moved from one board to the other, maybe with 4 corners wrapped around. Downtime and chance of misplacements are at the highest level.
    I think the main purpose of the Cataclysm is to give us an alternative board with new challenges and revised spaces. Bludgeon made a good list of things that could have been addressed.
    I'm surprised that many Talisman players are so reluctant to use only parts of their (now really huge) game. Leaving a piece in the box for a game or two is no blasphemy, it's just providing more place and focus for the parts you are using. My base board is pretty worn after 7 years of games and will definitely appreciate a bit of turnover.
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    The_Warlock reacted to Nemomon in The Cataclysm new expansion is announced   
    Forget about the FAQ - sooner we will experience a real cataclysm or (finally) the end of the world than FFG will update the FAQ =P.
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    The_Warlock reacted to JediKnightAmoeba in Any more Talisman expansions?   
    Isn't there someone close to the designers at FFG that they could get some answers?  You know, take the guys out, get em schnockered so they start talking?  Or maybe there is some really good looking girls out there that could....persuade....one of the designers to release some information?  I mean seriously, what kind of world do we live in????
    Seriously though, I do believe they will have one more POD and then I hope for the Miskatonic type expansion and hopefully and above all else, I hope for an updated FAQ!
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    The_Warlock reacted to bluehawks207 in Any more Talisman expansions?   
    I just wish they would make a new FAQ for the new expansions they have. Last one was in 2011.
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    The_Warlock got a reaction from chemical22 in Sudden Death   
    Nice idea, but I feel the "heal 1 life" option should be absolutely avoided. It makes characters impossible to kill with the standard Talisman endgame.
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    The_Warlock reacted to talismanisland in Talisman Island has sold out?   
    A bit? Hmm...
    Have you ever read any of the features or resource pages?
    Just about all of those things you mention are there already.
    Getting interviews is not as easy as people think.
    Neither is designing expansions and having them published, but that's a whole different kettle of fish.
    I have been thinking about cataloging my collection, but one needs time for that, along with the many other ideas I have for the site.
    I am a 'Dad at Home' and have more important things to do than think up regular content, though I do try, hence me spending a fair amount of money recently to trial different storage solutions.
    I've been researching two sets of alternate minis for the Digital Game and 2nd Edition.
    I don't paint, but if anyone would like to write an article then I'd be only happy to include it.
    I've also spent more than enough time rejigging the Talisman expansion for Strange Eons to help other people out. I use Photoshop, so didn't need to do it at all.
    What you call adverts, I would class as news. Without people knowing where and when to buy expansions and games, there would be no expansions.
    As I said, the site is a labour of love. If nobody visited it I would still use it to list editions, expansions and minis etc. Most of the things you want for the site are already there.
    The site will be back as soon as I can fix the menus. That will take a lot of my free time which is at a premium. I will still post news as I find it, even if it is not directly associated with the game per se.
    As others have suggested, if you want to visit a site which is better than Talisman Island, you'd better start to make one.
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    The_Warlock reacted to Nemomon in Talisman Island has sold out?   
    What's Your point?
    The Talisman Island website belongs to Jon and he may advertise anything and anybody he wants to advertise. If Nomads wll release a "Snakes and Ladders" game, then I don't mind if Jon will advertise it too. And also, perhaps You didn't notice, but lately there isn't anything related to the Talisman to make news about, so mentioning that Nomads have not locked themselves into a Talisman cage, but are also working on different board and card games is a good thing. Perhaps not for You, but I bet there are many people who would want to know that and perhaps even support Nomads.
    In short, I have no idea about what exactly You are complaining. Not to mention, I have no idea actually WHY You're complaining.
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    The_Warlock got a reaction from FFGbailey in The Harbinger is coming - New expansion announced!   
    The Rise of the Dead is actually one of the toughest Omen Sets. I think the Stars Align and Armageddon are a bit more manageable.
    Still, I believe that the Harbinger expansion requires a completely different approach to Talisman. It changes the game a lot, it makes the board very hostile and players must calculate their movements well, not just roll, move, roll and see what comes up. For this reason, it's recommended for experienced players, who know well what to expect from the board. Fleeing from the Harbinger is mandatory to avoid drawing too many Harbinger cards, so you need to know where you can move.
    This expansion requires something unusual for a game of Talisman: a sort of non-hostility pact between characters and a sense of responsibility for the greater good. They must stop acting like kids, throwing Spells and other hindrances towards the others at every opportunity, but must concentrate on developing their character. They shall also understand that drawing Harbinger cards should be avoided whenever possible: those cards will harm not only your character, but all characters, and most important they make the Omens advance quicker. They don't offer many rewards, and all of them have a price to pay that may seem acceptable for the present, but will weigh a lot in the future. The design of some cards, e.g. the Altars, is just "devilish". You don't have to trust them, they'll give you a hand in the short term, but their ultimate purpose is your damnation.
    You have to move faster between Regions, in order to stay away from the Harbinger figure, and be ready to leave if an Event is drawn. They should also be ready to move on the Harbinger and face him from time to time, to send him far away. Your setup with 3 corner Regions allowed for this to be done conveniently.
    Thinking of The Apocrypha as the best strategy to win the game is a bad plan, since it might just not be drawn and will surely require the characters to suffer a streak of penalties, which ultimately will make everybody lose. The Apocrypha it's ok if it pops up unexpectedly, or as a last minute attempt to avoid an utter defeat. Don't start looking for that book too early, it will make everything go wrong.
    I think this is a really advanced expansion and a great game changer. I personally don't like to cooperate with others while playing Talisman, I prefer to stab them in the back or crush them with superior strength, but I recognise that the pact above it's the only way to take on the Harbinger's challenge. If we're up for a heroic attempt to save the world from annihilation, we'll use Harbinger; if we want to race for the Crown of Command and to gain ultimate power over our rivals, we play without it.
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    The_Warlock got a reaction from DHKnecht in Reprinted Expansions   
    The Woodland format is actually the right size for Talisman big box expansions.
    Still it was useful to have all those big boxes as they help storing the expansions. My 2nd copy of the game is stored with 2 small boxes (box included) inside each big box, after throwing the insert away.
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    The_Warlock got a reaction from Rigmaster in Q about the warriors ability   
    One last word. This problem is actually limited to the Warrior's ability, which has a not-so-streamlined wording that creates an ambiguity.
    Just compare how the Amazon's movement ability and Soul Drinker's effect have been worded. It's hard to think that you can spend more than 1 fate in those cases. Why is the Warrior so different? Because it's an old card, reprinted from old editions, which had no opportunity to be 100% streamlined for this edition. It's the same for other characters in the base game.
    It's amazing how long it takes for the Talisman base set bugs to come up.
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