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  1. Look, I came here to be attacked and honestly am having a great time right now.
  2. Unironically, if you don't know what a Conditional Sentence in English is, you may want to check out this wikipedia article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conditional_sentence As much as I hate going into "the rules are in English and so we have to follow the rules of English to read them" mode, it's really effing helpful to notice that 99% of sentences that are setting up a condition use the word "If." Look for that and you will be much happier when trying to parse which cards have conditional effects and which do not.
  3. incorrect. "While" effects do not have a hard trigger and can be added (or not) at any time during the appropriate step at the controller's discretion.
  4. looks like a typical Redline turn except he didn't acquire a target lock.
  5. Anakin can't add his ability to the queue unless someone's already in range/bullseye Chain Ensnaring is cut off by the same rule. Sense is now a free measurement to everything on the board during the System Phase
  6. also can't Fine-Tuned Controls or SuperPrecogAdvanced move or Full Throttle or Nantex ability (i think? can't pay the tractor cost to take the action you're not allowed to take, right?)
  7. More fun: two with tractor tokens and one without. A gives to B, who boosts. B gives to Soontir. C gives to B to reposition a second time.
  8. I would be looking at major events here, not some dude trolling at his 8-man local
  9. If you wanna tank your $30 tournament for a $5 challenge coin, I'm in.
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