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  1. move low to high. Everyone shoots "simultaneously" low to high, and then all dead ships are removed. Firing order kinda only matters for crits there, but it also lets the aces take the kill shots on the most-damaged enemy more often.
  2. Correct. The Neutralize Results step is after Dice Modification.
  3. 88 Vader with Precog, FCS, and Afterburners 53 Soontir Fel 52 Grand Inquisitor 193 total (yes the other two are naked)
  4. only one result, admittedly, but I just took Precog Vader to Philly and 5-0'd the Worlds Qualifier. All but one of my games finished on time, but that had as much to do with the format as anything, as my two imperial opponents looked at the board when they were losing with 15 minutes to play and said "he's just gonna leave, right? good game." Not having to loiter for mov freed us from going through the motions.
  5. And with the pictographs swapped out for actual words, Barrage Rockets says “you cane equip this where you can equip two missile upgrades.”
  6. all four arcs are shaded different colors. everyone fires 360º!
  7. whoa there, buddy, who brought wild Extended cards like Saturation Salvo and Debris Gambit into this conversation? We're talking about serious, System Open-level play, where those powerhouses are banned.
  8. If all of your ships choose to fly off the board, though, it's fine.
  9. just make it orange tokens and he has great synergy with regen droids, with a bonus tractor defense when needed. Could even eat a jam if someone has Passive Sensors or something.
  10. icv2.com keeps that data, but their website is not very easy to search. the latest i could find was fall of 2018: https://icv2.com/articles/markets/view/42621/top-5-non-collectible-miniature-games-fall-2018
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