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  1. Agreed. Round counters just lead to a different kind of slow play. No Legion Worlds stream games got past turn 4.
  2. untrue! you played 7 games and 46% of games went to time, therefore 3.22 of your games actually went to time without you knowing.
  3. So, I was wondering how many 2.0 games are going to completion. Not sure if this data is being tracked anywhere. I went through Gen Con 1a today and looked at each round played in listfortress. I did a search for "200" to get a rough idea how many games were finished. I didn't go through them by hand to see if there were any 200-200 final salvo games. Also, there's no way to track for concessions. Also, I'm sure there were games where someone reached 200 points after time was called. Anyway, the numbers: 54% match completion over the day. interesting that round 1 had the lowest number by far. Not sure if people were rushed in round 1 or if that's just a natural effect of people shaking out the nerved in round 1. If we remove round 1, we get 57% match completion, which still seems very low. Bring back Harpoon Missiles and TLTs!
  4. also looks like it has Advanced Sensors "no more actions" rider. How long before SNR rotates out once this thing is legal?
  5. it's just the B-Wing, right? God help us if they ever give it a crew seat again and someone puts on Saw and an Autoblaster
  6. Today in comments that haven’t aged well...
  7. this is what happens when people try to Krayt outside the Krayt thread
  8. double missile slot restricts what ships it can go on as well
  9. only Deadpool can kill off Deadpool, so we'll have to wait and see what happens...
  10. They are in the rulebook, not the RRG Rulebook page 9: ” Some of the faceup damage cards have lingering game effects. If a ship is dealt a faceup damage card with a persistent effect, place a critical damage marker next to it to remind players of that persistent effect.” you will also find them on the back page under “List of Markers” indicating that they are Markers, not Tokens.
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