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  1. Hello- Interesting idea. I like all interesting ideas for Arkham Horror. It seems this idea will be really hard for small investigator teams. Having more locations open allows more choices that might match a certain investigator's strong points, and a small team of investigator's will have less locations to choose from. You might consider taking a gander at the Haunting of the Darkness. Hop over to Board Game Geek, and search for Arkham Horror and scroll down to the file section. Look for the Haunting... file and take a look at it. I rather like it. I rather think it is brillant. In brief, in Haunting the you'll never have a final battle as it is a ridiculous notion. That is not to say an investigator may not encounter a Great Outer One, but it is more accidental, and thematically is more an act of the Great Outer One attempting to ambush the investigator's machinations.
  2. Hello, Virgil this expansion of yours is a wonderful idea. You have a love of history, and this knowledge enriches Arkham Horror in a dynamic manner. If you are willing, I do hope at some feature date you'll post a link to the EON files. I am finding it extremely hard to read the text on my monitor. I would be more able to offer suggestions, if the text wasn't so sketchy. Perhaps, this is a problem strictly related to my monitor. I was mentioning to one of my mates about your expansion, and he thinks it is a fantastic idea. Both of use love the notion of visiting a possible future, after the Old One has awakened. All of your possible features are full of creative potential. Since, players will be jumping through various earlier stages in human history, might it not be possible to have certain artifcats, and tomes, linked to certain eras. Tomes in particular seem like they would be more present in certain past eras, and some of them may have been lost to the present Arkham. Another suggestion, maybe visiting certain pas/future locations can alter Arkham's present in some way, for the good or bad. Having an encounter within the future Reich, might unleash some effect upon the past in the form of a herald/monster to help the Reich come into being, or once it has come into being, to alter other time lines for the worst. The expansion seems, like it could add so many time quirks. What might a tome written in the period of the Reich be? Maybe, some slip up in the Industrial Age, causes a future variation, so when an investigator returns the Terror Level has altered, the number of monsters in play, gates, Doom Tokens, on and on... The grandfather effect would be rather funny, so one does something in the past, so ones investigator can't return to Arkham, or another player's investigator ceases to exisit immediately. If paying with an expansion, such as the King in Yellow, perhaps the current act is changed forward or back. So many wildly colorful doors are unlocked, with such an expansion.
  3. Don't lose Zothique. I was rather tickled to see that location. You might include a few more future locations. The three you have are quite lovely, but the future has endless possiblities. The three location rule isn't a dicate from the Holy of Holies. The main board has only two location where the Twilight Lodge is located, with a special second location as you know. It would be shame to ignore India, China and Japan. Maybe, a secondary board at some future date. Most of us occidentals know little to noting about oriental history.
  4. Impressive! Do you have any plans for the orient, and the countless worlds and dimensions of the multiverse?
  5. Hello. Impressive idea you have thought up for an expansion. Perhaps, you have read this before, or not, but regardless I'll mention it again - a Dream Land Expansion with Lost in Time and Space. Over all the Gate cards are rather two turn killers that don't offer a lot of choice or fun, so how about making a really wild surreal Dream Land board, that would take into account all the realms, and being lost among realms? Imagine the items, allies, skills, spells, tomes, artifacts and oddities that could be found among all the realms. Hopefully, you might develop an idea that would introduce your new map boards in a way that interact with Arkham in some diabolical manner. If you just want to do something specifically for being Lost in Time and Space, a deck seems like the simplest solution.
  6. Good to hear! Just a suggestion, with regards to Location Event Cards, you might consider to create at least seven, so the players don't have too much of an idea what to expect after a few plays, and to offer more variety. When writing them, you might develop a theme for each location, which all/most of the cards relate to, in some manner. It migth be person, event, item,... It helps in the writing and providing focus. Being that your working off of what was a role playiing adventure (?), maybe each of those locations, already have a developed theme. You might make a few Arkham Mythos Cards that come into play based off of events in the wider world. This might help tie in Arkham to the marcro-game that you are devising. The center of the Arkaham game universe still ought to be Arkham, or do you disagree? They might even trigger a gate in a far away location. Until...
  7. Sounds epic! Does the first Cult Leader provide clues to where the next Cult Leader will appear? It might be cool if several Cult Leaders could be in play. One prepares the way for the other. You might have a mini-Cult Leader Star Configuration (what not) Deck, showing the ill effect of what happens when cult leaders join forces to unleash forbidden powers. This might not be in the scope of you idea, but perhaps certain location events, might open up exotic rare locations from Lovecraft's tales, such as the ruins under Australia. I rather like the idea of a macro-game playing out around the core story mini-game in Arkham. It seems whatever is going on in the greater world flows back to Arkham one way or the other, and amplifies the base game. Thanks
  8. All the ghouls have gone to sleep. I suppose when the next season is announced, in other worlds a new expansion the ghouls will shamble forth. The Dunwich Tentacles as is is little confusing to me. Does the player have to make a Fight Check at the beginning of each Upkeep Phase, or before each new combat? Perhaps, if a player doesn't defeat the Dunwich Tentacle combat ends with the Dunwich Tentacle still in the street. The player takes 1 stamina point, and suffers a permanet fight reduction of one. Is each street location going to have its own clue deck? How does a player know where to go to get the proper card. If a card says, "Black Cave," is that where the event takes place, or is that only flavor text? It would be nice if they both go together, otherwise, it gets a little disjointed with what is happening in play and what the cards are saying. Using Lovecraft to tell a Lovecraft tale makes complete sense to me. Looking forward to more unfolding tales.
  9. Hello Ivory Tower, I'll glady try and play test your stories once, you've finished the novel. If you want you can an email to me at lemmingsunday@msn.com I can email you the superheralds, as I can't find via the search function. Shame that Thecorithian isn't around as much, as the dark gods have blessed him, with the ability to make wonderful custom content. He would be the one to help you fine tune the clue cards.
  10. You really can put forth a ton of stuff that need not just be a standard herald. Perhaps, a super herald as thecorinthian had developed. A scenario card that acts as an unfolding ritual. A random ritual effect deck. A deck of black rituals. A herald that mutates turn from turn. Just based off of calling the herald the Harbringer of Sleep, perhaps all focus sliders are pegged left, and it requires a clue point to move a slider. The energy required to stay awake and overcome ones overwhelming apathy requires tremondous effort. Perhaps, the first player investigator must pass a difficult will test or miss his/her turn in a coma like state. Or maybe, the investigator is instead possessed, and does something rather nasty. All investigators lose 1 movement point as time becomes sluggish.
  11. Hello Ivory_Tower, I like what you're doing, and if your willing to do all the hard work I'll gladly give it a try and try again. The writing is nice and not just a few colorless sentences. You're going to need to do a LOT of writing, if you want to keep things fresh,and really offer a lot of possibities. Actually, your take reminds me of those old paragraph board games, which Arkham Horror certainly has more then a touch of with its endless events. Perhaps, you might make some of the stories based around the current G.O.O., so that the clue collecting is pushing the larger story. Maybe, individual story lines for each of the Old Ones. Well, maybe just start with one and see how that goes? Having the Father turn into a demon certainly has a spark of nastiness to it. You're really opening up lots of odd new play developments. Lycanthropic states of mind. Possession. Vampirism. Abductions. Good work.
  12. Hello Ivory Tower, Good to see that someone has taken this challenge on. A few general impressions. Outside of the fragment of gamers that will complain that your trying to make a board game into a role playing game, and "If I wanted to play a role playing game then I would." (Hint! You're not forced to use custom content.) Having little story quests to develop the game is good, but too much of that and the over all game is lost. You're corresponding clue cards, at this moment at night seem way to wordy, not that it might not be a good idea. Clues might have several functions, and when gathered could be used to trigger the NPC Cards, so that might reduce the number of clue cards needed. I wish that there was a way to use clues in a sensible manner to lead an investigator to a certain spot, to either do something for the larger game, or gain a new clue that has a thematic connection. As it is clues are rather like smart bombs, luck, karma points, or what not, rather then knowledge learned.
  13. Blights could certainly function as a Sacrifice deck. It certainly works in the sense that those characters have been taken out of play, and remain so, as a result of open heart surgery via maw and claw. Frank's take on an Impersonal Story Deck is actually what I was thinking a while back, when some of us where brainstorming about how to make clue tokens have a story element behind them. Yes, Impersonal Story Cards would have to clearly be designed so they won't have been or will quickly be triggered when entering play. TheCorinthian both of the above would meet your modular desires. Frank how would you like to develop the Ghoul Wars? Would a herald/scenario not work, or is this something you would like as a permanent element?
  14. Hello, Many good points TheCorinthian, Heralds and scenarios are quite similar, although I had a notion, more of thought fragment, that scenarios might offer more possibilities. I certainly don't have any problem with introducing more personal story cards. Perhaps, a herald might have a story deck or something akin to an unfolding quest dynamic. Ancients Ones that don't have a sacrifice ability, would need some general ability. Perhaps, a random sacrifice event deck. Your super heralds are a blast to play with. I see what you mean, in that they aren't a pure monster, but incarnations of a herald. Yeah, I had a game or two with that custom Atlach-Nacha. The Final Battle rules had to be made up as we went along. One idea is that a specific Ancient One might have tendril like appendages that came into play under certain circumstances. My general feel is the tendril ought to be extremely tough and hard to evade. Failure results in the investgator being dragged to the Pit, and facing a superbeasty, being sacrificed, or... An Ancient One with a mutation deck could be quite entertaining. The investigators will never be same in spirit or body again.
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