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  1. Penfold said: LordofBrewtown said: I think that a strong case could be made that FFG would gain sales if they at least had card lists (even if they didn't have a searchable database). So make it. Show us where FFG makes dollars and cents in this and remember that you are going to have to have someone pulling in a wage for time spent on this rather than on something else, which means any money generated by such a list, database, what have you does not just need to come in at the cost of the creation and maintenance of the thing, but it must be equal or ideally greater than what that person could be spending time doing. You say it is Marketing 101 (it isn't by the way), but this evaluation is business 101. If you could hire some HS or college kid to come in and do all of this for the ridiculously low rate of $12 an hour (roughly what an asst admin should make an hour) that list needs to generate a positive return in excess of that since any given employee's time should be returning an investment about three to five times greater than their wages. That same individual doing data entry, office work, or database management for the company on the office side, or that money instead used as part of the salary of another graphic or game designer is going to, IMO, easily generate a higher revenue than the card list... Is there anyone who disagrees with that? So then the question is, has anyone left a game or refused to play a game because there was no card list published by the company itself when said list was readily available from a third party? With this question it becomes very easy to see that the majority of people come to a game and stay with a game based on the game play. Replicating effort with no obvious increase in profit is a very questionable business decision. Whoah. I didn't mean to argue that it was a revenue maker, moreso that any additional cost is really immaterial. Also, note that I was simply referring to a card list - NOT a searchable database. What would it take - 2 hours to just list what cards are available in which packs? If you seriously want to see a simple business case showing this: Conservatively, 5 hours of admin time @ $12/hr = $60 cost. Heck, I'll throw in some kind of server/storage cost allocation @ $200 ( can't take up much more space than an FAQ), and round up to $300 annually to be even more conservative. That's a break even point of 20 extra chapter packs - IF your viewpoint is strictly that publishing a card list is a sales tool vs a customer service issue (which I don't think it is). Pretty low risk stuff. Now maybe 20 people aren't likely to purchase if this was done, but don't you think someone might? Especially as this is supposed to be an LCG, not a CCG. For all the talk of how different and LCG is, I'm not sure I see FFG truly treating it differently (but I'll acknowledge I'm not on the inside, and they obviously know their business better than I do). Part of the concept of the shift to LCG was supposed to be that a new player wouldn't have to purchase a ton (or all) cards to get into the game. Doesn't it then follow that printing a list of cards by set/chapter pack would enable a new player to get in the game? One of the other reasons given for the shift to the LCG format was to get more casual players (non-gamers and often non forum posters) to purchase the product. Do you really think they even know the fan sites exist? Heck, I've been playing this game since it first came out & I don't know anymore which fan site is up to date (they come and go just like many of the veteran players, as free time comes and goes).
  2. Darksbane said: I dont' think anyone thinks they lack the resources, all anything ever takes is time and money. I'm just saying that from a business perspective what do they stand to gain by devoting employee time and company money to something which will pretty much provide no return on investment. From a player perspective which would you rather them put time and money into, a card database which already exist in multiple forms or instead use that money and time to provide further expansions to their already impressive game line. I'm not saying they shouldn't do it, but I can see why they dont. As for it being easy, that still doesn't mean cheap or quick, and I don't see anyone here jumping at the chance to actually do the work for FFG for free. I think that a strong case could be made that FFG would gain sales if they at least had card lists (even if they didn't have a searchable database). So, I don't believe that FFG has nothing to gain. Nor would at least publishing a list of every card in every deck be costly. Isn't someone far more likely to purchase chapter packs if they know what's included? FFG is basically taking the position that we're less likely to purchase if we know what's in them, and we'll justcave and buy one regardless. I love this game; but personally, I wait until I've seen spoilers on the web site or a friend has purchased before I ever buy now. This really seems like Marketing 101 to me. Can you imagine a company in any other industry that would not tell you what they are selling? What if Kellog's just had boxes of cereal marked A, B, C, D and you had to purchase one before you knew if Fruit Loops or Corn Flakes was in box A? Or if GM or Ford didn't tell you if anti-lock brakes or a CD player were included in the car you were going to buy? The fact that FFG doesn't at least publish a card list by pack is simply indefensible.
  3. Dobbler said: WIth all the search plots available, the obscene broken combos are just too easy to pull off. And since we don't ever see classic cards banned or errata'd anymore, I venture to say that FFG doesn't care about this format. Just curious, how far do you think banning the search plots would go towards fixing this?
  4. There are a lot of characters from the current timeframe I'd rather see before the legendary ones - but either way I'd rather see new uniques vs new versions of exiting characters and locations. Since I'm seeing some people asking for some nuetrals - the next nuetral faction/trait I'd like to see would be the Brave Companions/Bloody Mummers. I think they could help fill in a lot of other themes at the same time also. We haven't seen a LCG Vargo Hoat; Qyburn would give another nuetral learned crest, Zollo a nuetral dothraki (which there should be more of IMO), Shagwell a fool, and Utt another septon or holy crest.
  5. LaughingTree said: JeffK said: And for the record - Robert's Rebeliion totally fails wihtout the arryns - no way do the Starks and Baratheons have the muscle to take down Aerys and Rhaegar. (Of course the Lannisters have a lot to do with this as well....) Hey, way to make my point for me! Jon Arryn didn't want to be King enough to fight for it. Hence, House Arryn is not a main player in the game of thrones. They're supporting cast. And House Arryn SUPPORTED House Baratheon in the rebellion. They never sought the crown themselves. Once again, supporting cast. This is not a valid argument against House Arryn being included as separate faction. I ask you, what premise are your statements above based on? That only factions that have a 'King' or 'Queen' actively vying to wear the Crown itself can count as a House? If that is the case then Martell should not be a House because Doran explicitly puts down any notion that Martell is actively seeking the Crown. Ok so Arianne got some crazy fantasies but House Martell itself is never actively vying for the Throne as a House. In fact, under Doran Martell is pretty much the definition of a supporting House. And who really considers Balon a viable contender for "King" of anything other than his own water logged islanders? Additionally if having a Royal Candidate somehow determines what faction should be its own House in the game then Baratheon should be 3 Houses not just one (or 2 Baratheon Houses, 1 Tyrell since Renly is really more a Tyrell King than a Baratheon King). What seems remarkable to me is that people are dismissing House Arryn as supporting cast? Really? Even if we take Littlefinger into account? I mean he may not be calling himself a "king" of course, but Littlefinger is one of the most influential and MAJOR players in the entire series. Does anyone think that Littlefinger doesn't harbor fantasies of wearing the Crown for himself or at least being the power behind the Crown? For Intrigue and Power in Westeros Littlefinger alone probably wields more political influence than the entire House of Greyjoy (which might have the military but in the books they have no political power on the main continent of Westeros outside any region they don't physically control with military might). In other words, no other House gives a rat's arse about Greyjoy's opinion on the "Game of Thrones" unless Greyjoy is raiding them (and even that was considered a minor nuisance until they stormed Winterfell due to Theon). Well stated. Heck, between Jon Arryn's orginally taking up arms against Aerys, and the Lysa's actions, and now Littlefinger, I think a fairly persuasive argument can be made that House Arryn has had the most impact of any House on the storyline throughout the books published so far.
  6. Kennon said: rings said: I think things are too complicated...7 houses in the game, 7 playable factions in the card game. All the rest is a lot of arguing about semantics. You could make the same arguments against almost every house - they dilute the other house's cards, they create balance problems. Heck, Martell has taken most of Lanni's strengths already (card draw, intrigue stuff). So...6 is the right number and 7 isn't? I guess I just haven't seen why. In theory I agree that SOME number is too many, I just think 7 is the correct number since that is the number George RR Martin used for # of houses. ~You really are going to argue against Martin on aGoT? Shame on you!!! Actually, there are 9 great houses according to Martin. Lannister, Stark, Baratheon, Greyjoy, Martell, Targaryen, Tyrell, Tully, Arryn Kennon is correct & that's why I've always argued for the 9 Houses (Arryn, Tryell, Tully), as those nine houses all represent an area within the 7 Kingdoms (I believe that's why Rings/many others cal for 7 houses) - North, Riverlands, Vale, Iron Isles, Westerlands, Crownlands, Stormlands, Reach, Dorne, and have their own bastard names. I'm noticing a common argument amongst detractors of more houses being - what would it add to the game/what mechanics call for this? I can just as easily turn this around and say why would adding houses detract from the game - the burden of proof should lie there. And there are so many mechanics, and more being added all the time, that separating these out/distributing is easy. Throughout the history of the game these have ebbed and flowed between houses. Personally, I'm not at all concerned with the mechanics, and as Stag Lord said, far more interested in the game keeping a feel for the books (in the regard, FFG really needs to start re-using some of the names of cards from the original sets, like the House words, the Iron Price for Greyjoy, etc). For me, when the argument becomes more about 6 houses is sufficient because of game mechanics/workings, and card names become too generic, this ceases being AGoT, and could just as easily be something else.
  7. So, Lars, as an Eagles fan, what's your take on Vick starting? Personally, although there's no denying he's one of the most entertaining/exciting players to watch of all time, I think that making him the starter over Kolb is a mistake long term. The big runs/escapes help hide the fact that Vick really isn't that great of a QB (IMO).
  8. Stag Lord said: How many frakkin' penalties can you take in one game/ Jesus - lose by one point and take 150+ yards in penalties? Talk about cutting your own throat. Hey, when your head coach is one of those machismo Ryan's - I think you'd better expect to be a heavily penalized team
  9. JeffK said: My thoughts are closest to Old Ben. I don't see how adding House Arryn as a new faction is thematically "correct". They play a supporting role in the books, not a primary one. Every existing house in the game has chapters in the novels written from the perspective of members of that house. There aren't any chapters written from House Arryn's perspective. It seems safe to assume that that GRRM made this choice for a reason. Those houses with POV chapters are presumed to be the major players in the story arc, and thus in the "game of thrones" it portrays. House Arryn, however old it may be in the world's history, just doesn't cut the mustard as far I see. The same goes for Tully and Tyrell. And which Arryn character would get the King/Queen trait? Without at least one King or Queen, you don't get the play the game of thrones. The POV angle is interesting - I disagree in that the POV's are constantly changing, and sticking strictly to that we wouldn't have seen the houses we currently have back when this game originally started. I disagree on the King/Queen trait; but, that could be because I've been playing since before that trait was part of the game & it's skewed my view. So, should Martell not be a house because they don't have a King? - what about Targ, who only has a legendary character? Also, strictly speaking, using that logic there shouldn't be a House Lannister, as their only Kings/Queens have the titles based on having a last name of Baratheon, so you should fold them into House Baratheon. JeffK said: I also have gameplay concerns, most of which have been already mentioned. My number one concern is the pack dilution that would come from adding a seventh faction to the game. While a game like Cthulhu can support a large number of factions (eight now!) thanks to a resource system that supports mixed faction decks. This makes it far easier to introduce a new faction into the game as they can work as an enhancement to existing factions, while also increasing the utility of ALL non-neutral cards as they can work in a much wider variety of decks. AGoT's resource system, in contrast, is simply too punishing to include more than 1 or 2 out of of house cards in your deck, and then only on rare occasions. Thus, the overall utility of non-neutral cards is lessened. Treaty agendas help, but currently treaty decks are not really played in "serious" games (not that I have anything against casual games, but any design decision must support both casual and tournament environments). And then there's game balance. AGoT is a deep, complex game. Adding a seventh house is only going to make the already difficult job of balancing the houses even more of a headache for the design team. It seems the environment is finally seeing a decent balance among the houses. It's not perfect, but definitely better than the "How do we beat Lannister?" times of a year ago. Is now the time we really want to complicate things? Finally, what would the game gain from a seventh house? The game gets richer and deeper with every expansion. The house specific deluxe expansions are doing a good job so far of adding new viable builds for the houses they represent, and I have faith that they will continue to do so. CP cycles have added seasons, shadows, stackable agendas and the neutral house affiliation. What is the game lacking that requires a seventh house, along with all of the potential pitfalls it brings? I really don't see pack dilution. Even going with 9 houses - that would provide for 2 new cards from each house & 2 nuetrals, or a minimum of 4 usable cards for each house with each pack. I say minimum, because they could always print a small number of dual-house cards. Is this really that different than now? Have they really eliminated all of the filler cards to date? Regarding balance, while always a problem for the designers, and in a state of flux, I'm not convinced that it would be that much harder to balance. The game did fine going from 3 houses to 4, from 4 to 5, and 5 to 6. I'm not sure why a 7th or 8th would produce any more pitfalls. Furthermore, as it slows down the number of cards added to house, it should help the designers monitor the power levels as the living card game matures and progresses. Personally, I'd rather see them as separate houses even if it meant they were generally weaker than the other six. The resource system for this game really isn't much of a problem either. The deluxe expansion pretty much includes all the resources you need, and most are house specific. Only the Seas are shared, and that's easily solved by either coming up with a new sea, or just slighly modifying/reprinting the current Seas and including in the appropriate expansions (Arryn - Narrow Sea make A/S/B; Tyrell- Summer make Ty/Ta/M, Tully- Sunset make Tu/G/L)
  10. Old Ben said: I can´t see why house Arryn should be represented as a great house in the game. I mean they are definetely a great house in theory, but storywise they are far from being a great house that acts on it´s own till the end of feast for crows. So it would only make sense to give them their own representation if Martin get´s to release the next book very quickly and house Arryn does something that shows that they have awakened from their permanent hibernation. I would like Tyrell better as an own house representzed house in the game, but i´m also fine with the houses like they are right now. Don´t forget that the neutral faction doesnt have any support cards yet. So we are at the moment waiting for some more support for "house" #7. Why we are talking about house #8 and #9 ? I don't think so. In my view, the nuetrals should for the most part be cards that can be easily incorporated into any house's deck (obviously certain cards will work better with certain houses based on mechanics). So, I don't think there really is a 7th house right now. Arryn or Tyrell would be the 7th IMO. Regarding story reasons, I suppose it depends how far back you go in the storyline. Lysa certainly played a part, and the only reason for a slumber ( I would definitely argue with permanent) was Jon Arryn's demise. Though, yeah you could definitely make a case for Tyrell before Arryn. I guess I'm somewhat surprised that there's really any opposition to adding a few houses. I haven't seen an argument yet that persuades me against the viability of any added houses.
  11. ktom said: Gualdo said: And since there are so few Arryn trait card so far no problem of inconsistency. The "Fury of" problem is not a problem cause they can print it in the core set. Assuming they'd even feel the need to go back and actually complete cycles like the "Fury of..." plots or "To Be a..." events. I doubt they would. Here's a question: With the "Neutral Faction" House card, would printing a bunch of House Arryn cards as neutrals and making them a "trait House," like Wildlings, NW, Brotherhood, etc. be enough? You could play the "House" w/o splashing it into a different one. And it might even be more thematic in the sense that House Arryn pretty much has left the question of who sits the Iron Throne to others. The reason I'm not a fan of House Arryn as a nuetral house, is that you lose flavor if you later want to add House Royce (or say Mallister under Tully, or Redwyne for Tyrell, etc). There's really nothing linking them to Arryn then in the game, they're not all that different than Night's Watch, wildlings, or Brotherhood characters.
  12. ktom said: Rydo72 said: As much as I think we'd like to see a House Arryn - it's far too late in the game to release a whole brand new House. I disagree. A small-box expansion (like Princes of the South, etc.) could pretty effectively introduce a new House to the game. I think it could be done. My question is whether or not it needs to be done. Does the game gains anything beyond closer unity with the source material? How would you distinguish House Arryn, in terms of game mechanics, from the other 6 Houses? Completely agree that a small box expansion takes care of this. Veteran posters on this board know that I've long called for all 9 of the Great Houses from the books to be their own house (that would add Arryn, Tully, and Tyrell). I understand (though don't necessarily agree) with the viewpoint that adding houses might not necessarily add that much to the game other than being more true to the source material. I think that there are more than enough mechanics to distinguish adding a house (or 3). We already have the challenge types split among six houses, splitting among 9 (still divisiable by 3) is easily done. Most mechanics in the past haven't been the sole 'property' of one house anyway. The combination of 2-3 strengths is really what defines a house/gives it it's flavor. Furthermore, there's really no reason that each house has to get/have the same number of cards available (FFG wouldn't have to catch a new house up, but could issue the small expansion, and have 1-2 cards per chapter pack).
  13. Stag Lord said: I would love to see Arryn become their own - 7th Great House. After eight + years of gaming are we still that married to the 6 House model? I think the game can handle it. You, Sir, are a man of great wisdom.
  14. I've never been a fan of that agenda, and especially don't like it in the current environment - I don't see enough downside risk in using this. l'lI reiterate my longstanding call for more anti-draw type abilities/cards. I assume that the new Stannis will negate this draw, but I may be rusty on Agenda rules.
  15. Husemann said: Kennon said: I don't know. Judging by the time period it seems that we're seeing them (last days of Beric, first days of Stoneheart) I'm not sure that I would say they were on any particular house's side any more. They became pretty much their own group. They belonged to no house, they just carried out the king's justice. Yeah, they are carrying out the King's Justice - In Robert's Name. That's why, in my view, I'd make most of them Baratheon - I view them as supporting the Robert 'branch' of the 3 bros. Though I can certainly understand different viewpoints, and I know we'd all do things a bit differently. Just saying, in my alternate dimension where I'm designing the game, Beric would definitely have been Bara. I'd have kept Thoros nuetral, and made other brotherhood characters dual-house or nuetral as appropriate (Edric Martell/Bara, Tom Tully/Bara - yes, I'll again harp that in my version there would be 9 Houses, with Tully, Tyrell and Arryn completing the Great Houses).
  16. rings said: I love having Brotherhood...not sure about the mechanics yet and really disappointed in the 3/2 costing system (Targ just kills these type of characters). ~Maybe if there was a character that gave them +1 strength...and let you look at your opponent's hand or something? Too funny. But I wouldn't be opposed, especially as I never was able to get/buy/trade for your card, not a single copy (thank goodness for the LCG shift). One thought - if I was designing, I would have made most of the Brotherhood characters House Baraheon (make Edric dual house Martell/Bara). Especially don't get how if your going to make the non-unique Bara, you don't make Beric Bara (since he's the Lord of one of the most powerful houses in the Stormlands). Otherwise, the abilities fit the characters pretty well, and they seem to mesh.
  17. I've never been a fan of the concept of House specific keywords (I think it just creates too much of a balancing issue to keep the keywords equal, and for the most part what they did had already been done in the game without needing the keyword), so it won't bother me if they go away. I'd keep keywords extremely limited, and always available to all houses
  18. I wouldn't. I'm not a fan of the house specific keywords that we have. I think the houses can given their own unique abilities/etc wihout going the house specific keyword route.
  19. kpmccoy21 said: rings said: BTW I think that old 1-cost location that allowed a draw if you had the highest iniative was decently priced...although at that time there was much more consistent location control. Which reminds me: 3. If everyone has more draw, shoudln't everyone have access to good location and character control? ... Personally, I liked the game better w/ PTTS and PTTT legal (w/ Paper Shield as the counter) but that is just me. QFT QFT x 2 This is a MUCH better game (IMO) with those cards legal & in the pool.
  20. A little late on this but anyone watch the World Juniors - specifically the excellent gold medal game? Congrats to the USA for finally knocking off Canada. Stag - I should have given you a heads up, team USA's captain was UW Badger (& Rangers '08 2nd rnd draft pick) Derek Stepan For you NHL fans that don't watch a lot of college hockey - this is a great tourny & great chance to see your team's draft picks playing. Interesting tournament too - both the Czechs and Slovakia failed to make round 2, as Switzerland broke up the 'big 6(7), and even went on to upset Russia to make the semi-finals, before Canada ended their run.
  21. Yeah, I don't understand why he didn't have surgery right after the season ended. You know I can't allow the Blyleven compiler comment to stand unchallenged, here's a brief debunking of one of those arguments: http://espn.go.com/blog/sweetspot/post/_/id/1914/does-blyleven-baines
  22. Yeah, I'm biased/was a fan - he was a good defensive player which helps, but even I can admit he's really not quite HOF caliber - but this isn't any worse than Jim Rice's election. But Stag, you can come up with better reasons than using Runs and RBI's (stats that are heavily dependent upon the team you played for, as well as era you played in).
  23. Would have liked to have seen Nymeria Sand's Entourage reprinted. I think Parting Blow was a good call for nuetral card draw - a reprint of Market Street would have been better than Dragon's Tail though (although now maybe I can get rid of a couple of my Westeros versions that are still sitting around)
  24. The return of Attack from the Sea pleases me greatly - one of my all time favorite plots, and very underrated. Probably not as effective with all of the high gold plots in the LCG era, but still an extremely effective tactical and flexible plot. Nice to get a version of Sarella - but no learned crest? Still waiting for a version of the Viper with a learned crest also.
  25. Tiziano said: Thank you both for your appreciation and your questions, answering is a pleasure. LetsGoRed : since about 3 years I've moved to digital, after more than 10 years working in acrylics and oils, mostly because digital is more suited to industry requirements (companies need printable files, not originals, and when scanned traditional media works always loose a lot, not to mention that digital allows for way faster changes, if any is needed). My works are painted with a Wacom , the base is made in Painter, the detailing in Photoshop, I paint in digital as I used to do in traditional, with no direct inclusion of photographic elements, for instance all the textures are painted. On average a card illo takes 20-25 hours of work (I work big, the work-size file of 'Wolves of the North' is about 4800 X 3600 px). kpmccoy21 Up to now I haven't been assigned images that depict specific events from the books. When I was assigned my first named character, Maester Vyman, I searched for hints about his looks ( and found he wasn't described) and his personality so that I could get an idea of the 'mood' I wanted for him , plus as much info I could find about the Maesters and their chains. With 'generic' cards, I try to be faithful to the spirit and the atmosphere of the books as possible, and, if I can, to put in some detail that could speak to the readers, sort of a 'wink' from my side, If I were assigned a specific scene I'll be sure to research it as much as I can and then see what elements in the books could make for the best illustration I could do, being careful not to insert spurious or out-of-place things . I hope this answers your questions, please, feel free to ask if anything else comes to mind longclaw, Ruvion, Gualdo Thank you, I can only say that working for the community is a real pleasure and a great honor. Great art & great info. Thanks for sharing
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