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  1. Stag Lord said: Burning on the Sands is one of the most talentless cards to ever see the light of day. Not even close/top 10. For starters, all the characters that allow you to discard something just for coming (Bandit Lord, Ser Aerys) into play are way more talentless IMO, not to mention Massing at Twilight, Castellan of the Rock.
  2. Regardless of balance, when a card is completely contradictory to GRRM's story ("anti-Nedly"), it should be banned - e.g. The Neck
  3. Maybe I'm must biased in that althought I generally Sean Bean as an actor, I'm not sure I really like him as Eddard. The books make it pretty clear that of the children, only Jon SnowArya share Ned's hair coloringfeatures. This is an important reason that Cat dislikes Jon so much. Maybe it's just the previews I've seenfocused on, but Bean's hair looks very light brown to me, certainly not dark,not at all like JonArya's. They can probably pass over this easily enough in the series. But, to me, the hair color, though not obvious, is really a major plot point for all of the houses throughout the books, from the Baratheons, to the Lannisters, Tully's, family dynamics within House Stark, even down to the minor houses (actually a lot of red hair color in the books, but I digress...).
  4. I'm undecided on rotation. I can definitely see the problem playtesters will have with too big of a card pool. On the other hand, I'm not sure the entry barrier should be an issue in the LCG now that the chapter packs are coming with 3x of each card. A new player should be able to go out and purchase just the chapter packs or deluxe expansions they want for their decks. Of course that assumes that all chapter packs will be available/reprinted if they sell out. If FFG would rotate, are talking about a new core set, or just chapter pack cycles?
  5. schrecklich said: That guy looks like a good Jaime, but (I'm agreeing with someone from your podcast here) why is his hair so dark? I always picture Jaime as having bright blonde hair and gleaming golden armor (the armor in the video is pretty dingy but perhaps he was shooting a battle scene when that interview was taken). Hmm, I think the Jaime casting is perfect - I can't think of anyone being better (he and Littlefinger may have been the best casting IMO). The hair color is the one detail of the characters that is important to me (I think it really is important to certain plot points) and his didn't bother me - nor did Cersei's - it's blonde enough/doesn't have to be bright yellow. I'm actually far more perturbed about Ned's and Robert's hair coloring - couldn't they have died/colored it?
  6. bloodycelt said: From what I've heard. Targaryen and Greyjoy were planned additions. Martell was originally going to be neutral, but GRRM told them to make them a house. Yeah, that's pretty much what happened. When the game first started (CCG/Collectible era), only Stark, Baratheon and Lannister were represented in the initial base set release (probably most similar to the Core set in LCG, but 250 different cards. Each "block" had the base release (usually August) and two smaller (145 new cards) sets released around Dec and May. Each of the smaller sets was kind of like a block of 6 chapter packs now. Greyjoy was immediately released in Dec (with lots of new stuff for the 3 existing houses), and then Targ in May (with very little for the 4 existing houses). Martell was not released until the May of the next year (a whole new base set, Ice & Fire, and first I&F sub-set, Throne of Blades, came in between). FFG did a much better job incorporating Martell into the game than Targ (in my opinion). Martell had few cards than the other houses, and less, options, but eventually caught up to the others. When they released Targ, it was too much, too fast. I don't believe it was ever confirmed; but it's widely accepted that FFG did not want a 6th house, but GRRM insisted. Therefore, I doubt they will introduce another house. However, I've long been a proponent of 9 Houses (adding Arryn, Tyrell and even Tully), and would be happy with any addition. A Deluxe Expansion is the most obvious and easy way to accomplish this. That would allow any new house to be playable, even if generally weaker than the others gameplay-wise initially, and eventually catch up. Some people may complain about dilution or not enough new cards per house. However, bringing back just a few dual-house cards (last seen in the first chapter packs and Greyjoy expansion) would solve this. You'd only need 1-2 dual-house cards every chapter pack or every other chapter pack. You could create even more card slots by reducing the number of house only events (do we really need that many, or event cycles like the "To Be A" events?).
  7. ktom said: In book terms, historically speaking, the Greyjoys and the Tullys are not considered "great Houses." They were raised after conquest by Aegon. They were never Kings in their own rights. By that definition, one could even argue that the Tyrells are not a great House either since they were raised by Aegon as well - to the position held by the Kings of the Reach, whom the Tyrell's served as stewards (it's very Gondor-esque). Ultimately, there are 7 Kingdoms and usually thought to be 1 great House paramount over each Kingdom - plus the Targaryen overlords. The Iron Islands are not considered one of the 7 Kingdoms, so the GJs have a really hard time claiming the title of "great House." I would disagree with that evaluation. True, the Tully's weren't originally kings (and neither were the Tyrells); however both seem to be considered great houses (are referred to as such or 'Lords Paramount' throughout the books). The Greyjoys are a bit of a tweener; but, I would consider them a great house, as they don't pay homage to any other great Lords (other than the King). I don't think the 7 Great Houses for 7 Kingdoms argument really applies, as by that definition Targaryen would not be considered a Great House. I think it's more appropriate to look at the structure of the Bannermen, and who they owe fealty to.
  8. Good topic - I think most of us love/prefer the unique characters. Without a viable Tyrell or Arryn faction in LCG, I'll pass on voting for those characters right now as well as maesters (could be in next cycle already?), and would personally prefer they wait on producing a Howland Reed for the time being. Also, without a Lanni expansion, their characters can probably most easily fill such a top 5 list. I'll try to keep it to 1 per house: 1) The Reader 2) Ser Addam Marbrand 3) Sarella 4) Maege Mormont (just so I can complete my Mormont deck) 5) Vargo Hoat Hon Mention: Lanni: Gregor Clegane, Ser Daven Lannister, Vrywell, Ser Forley Prester Stark: Rickon, Vayon Poole, Galbart & Robett Glover, Harrion Karstark Greyjoy: Black Lorren, The Knight Bara: Ser Andrew Estermont, the Bastard of Nightsong, Bryce Caron Targ: Qaro, Irri, Jhiqui Martell: Quentyn Martell, Anders Yronwood, Ser Cletus Yronwood, Garin, Nuetral: fill out the Bloody Mummers - Shagwell, Zollo, etc
  9. Maester_LUke said: Stag Lord said: Back to the wastelands with you. I will suffer my banishment gladly, in deference to my lrod of Stags. Luke, I believe you meant Dragon Worshipper. I wouldn't take any opinions regarding playing Bara from him too seriously. If the topic were Targ, then sure, he's the expert, but Bara, c'mon.
  10. Tracorre said: Same here actually, in Madison and recently got the core set(50% off at Borders mmmm) and have yet to play. I'll have to check that out - I only have 2 & could use a third copy of some cards.
  11. Guys, Complord and I play from time to time in Madison at the West side Pegasus games. There used to be more of us - but life gets in the way. We used to play at Misty Mountain Games - a nicer venue - but they don't carry the product anymore/had an ownership change that has affected service negatively IMO. Anyway - Complord (Jesse) and I (Jason) would welcome any new players - just friend us, or check out the Pegasus games site (they usually have an LCG night the first Tues of the month)? I've got a ton of theme decks, so Complord & I can go pretty easy on new players (you might get beat at first, but that would probably change pretty quickly). I'm also up for just playing at someone's place while drinking a few cold ones. Erick - thanks for bumping.
  12. As others have said, I'd prefer they take up the whole sleeve and the colors were correct. That said, I'd buy every house, including Tully, Arryn, and Tyrell, and even Dayne and Bolton since we have playable sub-themes (Dondarrion/Brotherhood too).
  13. As Ktom pointed out, Dany's handmaidens, Doreah, Irri, and Jhiqui have no LCG cards. The other omission is Quaro (the 4th of Dany's Khas) - who has never had a card, and seems to be easily forgotten. There are also Drogo's Bloodriders (Cohollo, Quotho, Haggo) - but, I personally believe it would be more appropriate to make them nuetral.
  14. rings said: Anything that stops a challenge basically, is just bad for the game (never liked the original Queen of Thorns). Imagine a house Lanni only card that said 'your characters cannot be killed by military claim while (Shae?) is standing'. It would be like Aemon heavy I would say the same thing about power challenges but Bara already has that (the army that stops power challenges while standing). Can't wait to play Bara decks with him and the army - hey, you get one claim effect per round, unless I happen to have searched for Aemon with the new Maester plot! No sky is falling, they are all controllable. Just don't like the direction. Agree 100%. Never liked the Story Events in their day, or anything that negates participation in challenges (Broken Arm). Just the wrong direcion for the game to go in. Stealth/kneeling a character is one thing, 'blanket' no participation is another. Personally, I also really do NOT like creating cards for these Westeros 'Legends' when there are a ton of characters who don't have LCG versions yet
  15. Great Idea. Now, will FFG revise the core set so that you get 3x of each card? I think they really should, as the Core set is supposed to be the starting point, and it really doesn't conform to the whole LCG mantra right now. Unless they plan on some kind of rotation or replacement/upgrade of the Core set with different cards, I'd be all for a revision with 3 copies of each card
  16. jack merridew said: would it be the Karstarks? Certainly looks like the White Sunburst on Black - a very nice touch. I love it when the heraldry/arms are included in the art, and Shagga looks appropriately unkept. Really like this art.
  17. rings said: Is it just me, or is this looking really good. The City plots just got WAY better. The agenda is awesome. Even if you only use it with the three 0-cost non-restrictive ones, it will replace 'no agenda' in my decks. The plot is just crazy. Effectively a 6/1/1 with a one-side search included. Almost every house has a good Maester on top of that (plus you can use awesome out-of-house ones like the new Lewin). City of Spiders is effectively a 4/0/2 with search. The attachments are just so-so so far, but being basically free is impressive for any stat. Might knock down Targ burn a tad (although lots of Targ these days doesn't care about attachments). Looks pretty dang solid. Too good? If first impressions hold true, we basically have an auto-include plot, and an agenda which will pretty much be run whenever you're not using a different one (making the no agenda deck an obsolete one). Sure, it seems great for building your own deck - but when everyone else is doing the same thing, the game gets much less interesting IMO. RE: the plot - I think Here to Serve proved that any "search and put into play plot" should provide gold of 0 or 1 to balance it out.
  18. No official OP in Madison, - Complord & I play about once a month, trying to play more. We've been playing at the West Side Pegasus for anyone familar with Madison (Misty Mountain doesn't carry cards anymore, and 1 owner forced another out, service for non-Magic people has gone way downhill). There's a chance I'll be moving back to Milwaukee this Summer - there was never really a meta when I lived there 3 years ago, but that may have changed (Luke probably knows more than I would) - check out Board Game Barrister (a store in the BayShore Mall), and there's another store on the South side (can't remember name/had moved/changed locations @ 4years ago). Boy, I miss the private mail of the old boards - is there a function like that now I'm just not aware of?
  19. rings said: Darksbane said: If you are the one running this plot though it is really only going to cycle you into one new plot card. Your City plots aren't going to get that much of a benefit. The only thing you get to faster is recycling them at turn 7 instead of turn 8 I'm going to be throwing this into my multiplayer plot decks just for the fun chaos it will cause Darksbane said: If you are the one running this plot though it is really only going to cycle you into one new plot card. Your City plots aren't going to get that much of a benefit. The only thing you get to faster is recycling them at turn 7 instead of turn 8 I'm going to be throwing this into my multiplayer plot decks just for the fun chaos it will cause Yeah, I was thinking the same thing really. I doubt I will use it, for obvious 'it isn't one-sided' reasons and it is a 3/3/1. But I WILL be interested in what people like Dobbler use it for That's essentially what I was trying to say. I just believe that Dobbler, Ktom or someone else who's a much better deck/plot builder than I will eventually come up with a devastating use for this. And by devastating, I mean that it wouldn't surprise me if it eventually requires a banning. But maybe my experiences with Wheels within Wheels and Counterplot are clouding my judgement on this. I hope I'm wrong - it's an interesting card in concept - but it's setting of my sixth sense.
  20. My immediate reaction is neat idea, but a huge concern that this thing will create an ultimate lockdown. In the 'ban' thread, I almost replied that City of Spiders should be banned - heck you're probably kneeling 3 characters and getting two claim (can you imagine if Valar had just a claim of 1?). Now you can cylcle through the plots that much quicker - kneel, kneel, kill, kill, and go do it again - all 'when revealed' effects. While very innovative, and a great idea in theory- I foresee this causing all kinds of problems - the same way Wheels did back in the Westeros block (& yes, I walked two miles through snow to get to my computer & make this post). Too restricting on what you can do with future plots.
  21. Well, as I'm the designer for this exercise, there will be 9 Houses. I'd re-arrange mechanics round a couple of major themes for each house and a few minor themes (usually another house would have as a major theme): Stark: I see "Tactics" (claim raising, jump into/remove from challenges type effects) as their main strength. Targeted kill fits into this (I wouldn't go quite so prevalent with it as it is now). Search effects and Military challenge other major themes. I've never understood the Defense mechanic they currently have - makes very little sense in the context of the books. I'd strongly consider making powerful attachments a major theme for them (Ice, Needle, the direwolves, etc). Greyjoy: Perhaps the house that's done best currently (Ned-wise). Unopposed Challenges, Saves, and they should have many powerful locations (centered on the warship theme), fewer characters. Minors in Military, location steal. Lannister: Gold, Kneel, and masters of the intrigue challenge. Lannister should lose the Draw theme. Baratheon: I'd give them more/bring back Character stealing/take control to highlight Robert's/Renly's charisma/abilities. This would complement a lot of renown and Power challenge effects. A stronger minor theme should be the warship theme, and standing. Arryn: I'd give them effects centering on winning Dominance. Also, ''joust' type effects, allowing only 1 player to attack/participate in challenges. Minor theme centering on power challenges, defense. Targaryen: Keep Burn/Kill. Allow them to excel when they control fewer characters than opponents. Minor themes around Power challenge, and attachment removal. Tyrell: They should be the main Draw house, and have effects centering on Knights. Minor themes centering on armies, and they should have high influence providing cards to power effects. Martell: Revenge and Cancel. I'd focus a minor theme around them being able to reduce strength/discard opposing characters, and their own character being immune to strength reduction. Tully: I'd make them the standing effects house, and card recursion with a minor theme on armies and defense/ anti-gold effects. Probably have to tweak those some, but a good start, and would still keep other minor themes (House Bolton, Clansmen would go to Arryn, Sand Snakes, add a House Frey minor theme to Tully, etc). I'd use Night's Watch and Wildlings can be used for toolbox type effects - specifically, Night's Watch would have many locations, and excellent location save effects and defensive effects. Wildlings would have location discard.
  22. Penfold said: I think that the fans would be much more likely to buy the myriad of other products available to own a piece of Westeros, the board game, Battles of Westeros, the art books and calendars all come to mind over the LCG. I was actually also inclined to think this at one point. However, since the inception of this game (CCG days) to know, the local shops report that there are a number of people buying the cards who simply never show up for gaming nights - so the cards have some appeal to collectors fans/only. Now, perhaps those types will buy every chapter pack anyway. I don't know. I'm inclined to think that if you go to the many Martin fan sites, you'd find some fans who would be more tempted or likely to latch onto the game, if it were easier for them to get their favorite characters/cards first. I think this could be especially true if/when the HBO series debuts or a new novel comes out. Penfold said: I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that a card list would not be a detriment in any way to the game, but it is also not a selling point of the game. Casual gamers are just that. A full list of all cards, stats, effects, etc. just doesn't match that. Anyone who wants that would need to do a search to find it in general on the site or on google and one of the fan sites will come up, giving them what they are looking for. If someone here really feels that there needs to be an official one send an email to FFG support and ask. They may even have one they use in house... but there is is not much reason for them to produce or provide one if the community is already doing a bang up job, unless there are a number of requests asking for it. FFG did print card checklists for roughly the first 3 years of the CCG, then stopped. They've been asked to ever since and have not. As far as googling for fan sites or searching these forums - many casual players may go to the company web-site (especially if listed on the product instructions) to see what else they have, but will never enter a fan forum/message board. Likewise, the thought of googling for a 'fan site' is totally a gamer mentality - the concept of a fan site existing will simply never enter the mind of many casual players/non-gamers - it's a foreign concept to them. Again, while I think a searchable database by card abilities, traits, text, etc would be great, that's really not what I expect from FFG (that's what fan sites are great for, and really does appeal more the serious gamers or "Jaime" types). However, I would expect a simple card list by set with at least card title, type, house (and maybe ability).
  23. Darksbane said: LordofBrewtown said: One of the other reasons given for the shift to the LCG format was to get more casual players (non-gamers and often non forum posters) to purchase the product. Do you really think they even know the fan sites exist? Heck, I've been playing this game since it first came out & I don't know anymore which fan site is up to date (they come and go just like many of the veteran players, as free time comes and goes). Would a casual gamer even really care though? I'd think truely casual gamers treat this much more like a board game with expansions than a CCG. They aren't going to be trying to uber tune a deck. I've got 2 of my good friends interested in the game recently and they are the definition of casual. They are video game players at heart but they have each bought core sets and a couple chapter packs/expansions. They don't come here to FFG's site or any of the fan sites. They don't really care to read spoilers and basically they just take the cards they own and try to build whatever they can with it. I guess I'm kind of grouping the Martin fans in with the casual gamers. Thinking more from the standpoint that they would be more likely to want to use or collect favorite characters from the books & sculpt their collection that way as opposed to uber tuning a deck (as a lot of the readers favorite is Tyrion, doesn't it stand to reason they might want a Podrick, Bronn and/or Shae, but maybe they could care less about Greyjoys & Baratheons). In that respect, I'm thinking some casual gamers/'fanboys' would want to see a card list, and not even care so much about the cards abilities/stats. I think those kinds of players would be more likely to get a Core set, without much intent to get the chapter packs (expansions) - unless of course they know a favorite character is included. It seems to me like the more serious gamers are going to purchase everything anyway.
  24. Stag, Where's the new thread? How about the ex-Badger Stepan getting the hat-trick in his debut? Hope you enjoy watching him in the NHL as much as I did here in Madison (& captaining the juniors to the gold over Canada in one of the most exciting games ever).
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