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  1. My initial reaction is that I like this mechanic & the way they are implementing it. Of course, I will have to nit pick a bit and say that from a Ned perspective, I would like to have seen a Redwyne sub-theme for Bara (or maybe dual-house Lanni/Bara since there isn't a separate House Tyrell) instead of more smugglers. I have a hard time getting enthused about building a smuggler deck.
  2. Clu - if you're attending days of Icen & Fire - bring a couple of these civil war decks with you - I'd play in downtime. I view this format as the heir apparent to Draft.
  3. Bomb said: Davy Back Fight said: 3. A House Arryn box as a completely new house because that would be awesome. I realize this will probably never happen, and some people wouldn't like the idea, but fully believe it could be implemented in a fair way. I feel like introducing a brand new house with a new house card would require much more than a deluxe expansion at this point. Either one that is at least 70 cards large or one that is followed by several chapter packs with several of this house included. I am not sure it would receive a lot of love from the players that focus on 1 or 2 houses only. It may have potential if they replaced any new neutral cards however. Any new houses would definitely be weaker/not as competetive at first. Frankly, I'd be just fine with that. As I've repeatedly posted, I'm all for 9 houses (Tyrell, Arryn, and Tully). But, I strongly believe the way to do that is to introduce slowly. Maybe with a 'deluxe' expansion/intro like the Greyjoy/Martell boxes. And before a deluxe box even comes out, they could just include some dual-house characters in the chapter packs (Stark/Tully Catelyn; Arryn/Bara Ser Robar Royce; Tyrell/Bara Florent characters, etc.) - that way cards can be used by existing houses, while the other houses come up to speed. I'd even be happy if they introduced the other 3 great houses, but they always had a somewhat lesser card pool/less viable competetive/tournament builds than the existing 6.
  4. rings said: I have been to the Days of Ice and Fire, which this seems to be replacing. It was a serious blizzard the first year. The hotels are...pretty meh. Roseville is pretty meh, if that is where they are having it. Listen to you, Mr Hoity-toity. ~you mean Hot pockets in a vending machine & microwaves don't garner 4 or 5 stars????
  5. I think Dobbler's pretty much nailed the reasoning for FFG. If they really do fly some champions in, with Minneapolis being a Northwest flight Hub, Minneapolis actually should be easier to get to than Indy. More tournaments is always better - so that's a plus. Although this works better for me ( I can never make Gencon), I understand how Gencon/summer is much easier for the lackbeards (that'd be you college aged players).
  6. rings said: I agree it is WAY under-priced, and all the moving parts are still good cards. It isn't a combo deck. It is a strong deck, that is close to unbeatable for certain builds (Bara rush, new Cercei decks, any deck that relies on large characters). I agree with everyone who has made that point. Thanks for a lead in on one of my recurring rants! Definitely undercosted. Remember how in the early cycles of the CCG, probably 90% of locations had to kneel to trigger the effect? That alone slowed them down/limited them to 1 use/round, and made them much more susceptible to being negated (through location kneel effects that were much more prevalent, & Attack from the Sea was a good plot at that time PRECISELY because so many locations had to be knelt to trigger effects). Getting away from that has been a real problem IMO.
  7. If you remember when: There was only one character with all 3 icons Baratheon had no zero or one cost characters Characterless decks I used to ***** about Shadowcat
  8. WolfgangSenff said: Staton said: Alright guys, the question of the century is going to be decided once and for all. Does Draw = Win? Well I'll let you guys be the judge of that. Discuss! The simple answer is: Of course not. You also have to have a decent deck behind it. You could draw your entire deck of locations and attachments and lose. I would say that draw is necessary but not sufficient for winning. Duh. This is true. However, I do believe that draw is the most consistently under-costed ability on cards in the game. That's the reason everyone plays with so much of it, and what leads to this topic/perception within the game. You'll see decks sacrificing other mechanics (attachment or location removal, gold/location lite, character-lite); but, you'll rarely see a deck that doesn't have draw.
  9. Staton said: I think we'll see a lot more use of returning your OWN characters to your hand than people thinking. I think its going to be more combo oriented than just a flat out soft reset. Works great with Boltons, works great with Targ Ambush. Heck, killing off Lucas Blackwood during your marshalling phase to do a military should be fun! I think people will use it to bounce some of their come into play characters too. Fleabottom Scavenger, House Messenger, Dragon Thief, etc. Agreed. This is VERY Disappointing to me. It's not that that I hate the bringing back to hand, I just really detest the come into play effects, and this plot is really going to make those cards even more commonplace. I hope we don't see more new come into play effects. I've always much preferred having to win/lose a challenge or dominance in order to trigger something. Just requires more in game decision making IMO. I do NOT want to return to an environment where you can search, easily trigger a come into play effect, return character to your hand, and do it again.
  10. playgroundpsychotic said: LordofBrewtown said: Best thread in five or six years on these boards Milord this is no laughing matter. The shadowy moneymen are working diligently to turn off the bright light of education with their vile intrigues and dare I say, dark magic. Recently a portrait was released of one of their more infamous members that is proof of their foul wizardy. The moneymen deal with all kinds of scum who show loyalty to no one, even their own paymasters. This infamous fool lost his hand to these scum yet this new portrait show it to be intact! A man cannot grow back his hand! At best, they are withholding valuable medicine from the masses. At worst, black sorcery. They spray innocent people with burning substances created with foul magic. They use sorcery to improve their bodies so they can continue to hurt others. There are now rumors that they're experimenting with grotesque necromancy to create an army of unstoppable monsters to dominate us all. This cannot stand! #OccupyCasterlyRock I contend that the Maesters are in league with the shadowy money men. They are fearful of losing their grip on power to new deck ideas, so they reinforeced old advantages via the chains with draw and making it a waste of effort to try to play attachments against them. This allows easier decision making for them, and helps weed out any out of the box decks they may run into. They deluded the masses into thinking they were there to help new and average deck builders by showering them with chain attachment goodness. In reality they knew this would just help entrench the traditional powers & elites among the final tables at tournaments, and stamp out any deck individualism and new ideas. I find them to be the equivalents of the intellectuals & Washington men in Atlas Shrugged.
  11. Best thread in five or six years on these boards
  12. Fieras said: jack merridew said: Staton said: Death to Maesters! QFT DEATH TO MAESTERS! I'm in.
  13. I don't think there's anything wrong with your play - based on the way the rules are set up. However, this is an excellent example of why the current rules giving points for 2nd, 3rd place are IDIOTIC. The Melee rules need to be changed so that only the winner receives points, & go to strength of schedule after that. In a Game of Thrones, you win or die.
  14. Rave said: But yeah, I've never seen Attack from the Sea used either. Even since Westeros Edition, or whenever it was introduced, I guess you could make a case for it though. Attack from the Sea was a great plot back during the Westeros/I&F CCG cycles - at that time 90% of locations had to kneel to trigger their abilities, and 4/5 gold/initiative were both pretty good. Now, the initiative would really have to be cranked way up, and maybe the gold - just too few locations that require kneeling to be effective these days (subtle kind of power creep, but striking if you compare LCG locations to the first couple of blocks from the CCG). There are a number of Plots that seem like they could be good, but that I've never seen played: Herding the Masses (more gold or initiative could definitely make this more attractive) Calm over Westeros (seems like a decent opener for a slower deck) Stay of Execution Holding the Trident (agree that raising gold, initiative, or the strength boost could make this tempting - always nice with the Red Viper)
  15. FATMOUSE said: This isn't meant to start a pity party, nor do I expect or desire a single reply, but I've decided my days of posting in this subforum are over. The general sentiment expressed by many in the community is that if someone suggests an idea that would alter the status quo or standard defined by FFG is, "STOP WHINING AND SHUTUP." There are many people and venues in which I often participate in meaningful, fruitful conversation in a wide variety of topics going far beyond the scope of AGoT and -- by far -- the AGoT forums is one the worst venues I've ever participated in (there are definitely worse but I avoid them). The people in the AGoT community are some of the nicest you'll meet in any gaming community, but far too often any kind of serious discussion is stifled by people telling others to not have that discussion (i.e. stop complaining) or simply making false assumptions (i.e. this person is suggesting X because he or she simply doesn't like X and that's it) and basing their counter-arguments on those assumptions, misguiding the conversation. So, why give in to these people? Hey, I hardly post here anymore, but always like to see posts challenging the status quo (& the status quo is not even near the hight of best game play level during this game's history IMO - this game is soooooooo Jaime for the last 2 years it's not even funny). Just keep posting. If people don't like it, too bad. This game & forum desperately needs posters questioning it & pushing the limits.
  16. Kennon said: Penfold said: Nowhere in the rules does it say I can't do any number of things, the rules do not forbid me from using physical intimidation or bribery to get the results I want. I'm calling it now. Next year, $15 to each person who lets me win. That's $1 per power! I need this, folks! I NEED IT!!!! (Also, a Lannister pays his debts. Remember this, folks.) @Rings (since the quote functionality is terrible. You know Valar Midwestous would have adopted you for the Melee! I mean, let's be honest, most of us like you better than our real meta-mates anyway! yeah, but that's just for the sexual benefits
  17. As much as I thought I liked this book, JJ's post has really made reflect on this (& Feast), and led me to think GRRM has lost his way a bit. As stated, nothing really gets wrapped up. I liked Quentyn's chapters; but, really what did they accomplish? Did they really make things any more unpredictable? Likewise with Brienne in Feast. I'm not saying cut them altogether. However, it's like GRRM is stringing us along/building things up too slowly - both books could have been just as effective with a hundred to two hundred less pages. Specifically the Ohters - I can't see how George can wrap this up in two books - unless the Others prove to be a far less formidable opponent than we've been led to believe
  18. hklown said: Why is it that we're stuck with melee as the format it is now? It's obviously a bad tournament format, so why don't we make a good multiplayer format/encourage FFG to make a good multiplayer format? And this cuts to the heart of matters. Mathlete - I'm curious on your thoughts - would things have been different at all if the current scoring was different? I'm referring to the "You win or die" system several of us are proponents of - no points for 2nd through 4th. Still some advantage temptation team up - but I think it would be much less so, as you are now totally sacrificing yourself, can't go for the 1/2 both advance combo. Another question/comment I have based on this - my personality is such that as soon I saw this occurring (round 1), every round thereafter I'd be asking where people were from (City/State/meta) - & if two opponents were from the same meta, I'd automatically sacrafice myself for the 4th person at the table (just how I am). Did this play out at all? What if players had to list a meta or have ID's checked when registering, and this info announced at the table? Any change at all? I realize for tourny play melee has its problems, I'm just convinced the assanine scoring system magnifies them.
  19. WolfgangSenff said: Kennon said: My vote? Split the two and have a Melee Champion and a Joust Champion who each get to design a card and get to have a title and the accolades. Then in place of the overall let's have a "Queen of Love and Beauty" elected by all registered players who didn't drop. ~It sounds fun and it's probably my only chance at designing a card. No, but seriously. It's my only hope. Unfortunately, there would again be colluding in this: For every GenCon I go to, I would be colluding with myself to win this, and, being the most attractive person in the game, would automatically win. Sorry. It needs to be random, to make it fair, you know. I responded too quickly to Kennon's post - good counterpoint
  20. Kennon said: My vote? Split the two and have a Melee Champion and a Joust Champion who each get to design a card and get to have a title and the accolades. Then in place of the overall let's have a "Queen of Love and Beauty" elected by all registered players who didn't drop. ~It sounds fun and it's probably my only chance at designing a card. No, but seriously. It's my only hope. Not a bad idea at all
  21. If Mel does give Jon the red kiss, I do not see any threat of 'zobiefication', or 'turning evil' as others have mentioned. Beric was resurrected several times without any seeming change to his personality or wits. Cat was different - but, we were provided with a reason for that - she had been dead for several days when they found her & brought her back. Mel should be able to get to Jon fairly quickly. Add in the Warg factor, and there's no 'off' time for Jon's brain/personality - I don't see that as a problem. The bigger question would be - how does that play out? With Beric it was always as if his wounds weren't as bad as thought - with Jon, that would still make him Lord Commander, unless Mel hides him.
  22. Well, FFG's scoring for melee is stupid to begin with (as is the modified win) - so nothing they do surprises me. IMO, it should simply be best average finish - not how many points it took to reach that placement in joust or melee - that gets rid of any problems with the # of participants skewing points totals.
  23. Also, found it interesting that there were more participants for melee than joust, despite the fact we have a large number of outspoken players on this board who we know didn't participate in melee but did in joust... ~take that joust snobs
  24. rings said: first congrats to z...couldnt b happier...secomd dobbs wa at the final table of both melee and joust and didint win overall....a total travesty...lastly i am hammered and won drunk draft How many participated in the annual drunk draft??? Do we have some bad info on the overall champion? Is it Corey or Dobbler? Was Corey 1st and 5th vs Dobbler's 2nd and 4th (that's the only way I can see Corey being overall champ)?
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