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  1. I was disappointed in Lafayette's apparent demise, and generally don't like big skips forward (they didn't really spell it out, but seemed like several weeks/months passed by right at the end). But yeah, In general, I really like the show/what they've done with the vampire concept
  2. Thomas Snow said: Saves aren't quite as meaningless a stat as holds. Pretty much the same thing - I think they are both equally meaningless.
  3. Stag Lord said: K rod a choker?? Wha??? Dude set a major league record for saves last year, he helped them win the world series in 2002 and I can't think of a single big game he has blown in the post season. Well, the mlb record for saves may not be completely meaningless; but, it doesn't mean a heck of a lot either - saves are about the least meaningful stat ever created in baseball (maybe any sport). That said, I wouldn't call him a choker, he's a solid reliever.
  4. Hah! I KNEW IT!!!! Remember last year when I posted that if Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot were alive they'd be Cubs or Yankees fans. Well, Luke, here's some SOLID proof for you - yes the Cubs are even more evil than the Yanks - enjoy: http://hirejimessian.com/2008/12/07/winter-meetings-preview/
  5. Yeah, I watched it, and really enjoyed the show. A little disappointed with the season finale, but overall a thumbs up
  6. ktom said: It's a whole new clam bake around here. ~So, the player base has turned 180 from that of sausage fest?
  7. The misnaming/spelling of the Night's Watch is just ghastly. Really, If I was brand new, looking into this game because I was a fan of the books and I read that, it would pretty much end my inquiry.
  8. Yeah, I can totally see how this would have fit the attachment/like how it highlights the spear.
  9. Agreed. No need for a bunch of different alliance type agendas - Just reprint the Treaty Agenda and be done with it if that's your thing/you want to be able to use some cards without running these houses separately. At the very least, this really should be done for Martell and Greyjoy. I'd really like to see it done for Tyrell, Arryn and Tully as well -as their own houses so they could be played on their own. I'm not calling for more than 9 houses/a bunch of mini-houses here - the 'House X' traits are fine for Boltons, Umbers, Freys, Florents, Dothraki, Daynes, etc. etc. And I think that wildlings and Night's Watch are perfect nuetral choices for the utilitiy/Jaime type cards that go in every deck. There probably should be a couple of these in every deck - that aspect of Winter block was a good one - it just wasn't executed well/was overdone. Personally I prefer more powerful locations working of the traits as opposed to an Agenda for a wildling or Night's Watch only deck; but, an agenda for each would be OK as long as the Agendas don't become commonplace (as I said above, we don't need them for all the House X traits). Ned in me is undecided as to weather Brotherhood characters should really be nuetral or a bunch of dual-housed characters tied to Baratheon (kind of the Robert contingent of the 3 Bara brothers)
  10. yeah, as much as I would enjoy watching Sabathia pitch for the Brewers again in 2009 - I'm kind of glad that he went to the Yanks - even the lesser offer the Crew gave him would have crippled them IMO had he accepted. Milwaukee's just too small a market to spend that much on 1 guy -especially a pitcher, and for that many years.
  11. I just really don't see a downside to doing this. That would be 5 'core addition' chapter packs, and then going forward, the 'normal' chapter packs could still have just as many cards for the 'big 4' houses as they currently have. Figure that with 9 total houses and nuetrals, equal math would be 2 new cards each (so a Stark player would get 2 house cards and 2 nuetrals added to the pool/collection). Now, however, throw in just a couple of dual-house cards per pack, and cut the allocation to the 'Little 5' to one card four out of five packs, and you're right back to the 'Big 4' houses getting 4 new cards (4 of 5 packs, 3 the 5th) and 2 nuetrals (6 playable cards) to their pool EACH chapter pack. I haven't done the math/confirmed with existing packs; but, my first impression is that's at least as good as what each house is currently getting, and maybe even better. And we've done it with just 10% of the card pool being nuetral and only 10% dual-house cards. I would REALLY like it if FFG did this (hear me o FFG gods - Nate/Christian, how many sheep must I slaughter for thee?)
  12. Well, I think those kinds of chapter packs would have to be viewed almost as addendums to the core set. I"ve been thinking on that for a whiie, and may post my 'fantasy' chapter packs/vision for the game. But, I think you could have a 40 card chapter pack for Greyjoy, and Martell, and, personally, could even have a separate pack for Tyrell, Tully and Arryn as their own houses. I think that you could entice the Stark, Bara, Targ, and Lanni players by including dual house characters and neutrals. For instance, fill out those packs by including Night's Watch, Wildlings, and Brotherhood characters in each (I'd spread those out as opposed to having a single pack). Examples: Martell would include a neutral Anguy the Archer, L/M Queen Myrcella, Tyrell would include: Samwell Tarly (N), a B/Y (Bara/Tyrell) Knight of Flowers, L/Y Margaery Tully could include: Ser Denys Mallister (N), Tom Sevenstrings (N), a S/U (Stark/Tully) Catelyn, Can easily cover all combos with some non-uniques as well: T/U House Darry Knight, B/A (Arryn) Bastard of Robert, a M/S House Dayne character, I think you get the jist of it (I'm still waiting for several characters I'd then like to see in future chapter packs: a B/A Ser Robar Royce The only real difference these chapter packs would have vs a 'normal' chapter pack is that instead of 10x1 and 10x3, most cards would be single copies (excepting the locations/resources). Just include 3 Fiefdoms, a house Card, and reprint a plot. That could put those houses on the board/make them playable, even if they get far fewer cards/are less competetive than the 'Big 4'
  13. It is a bit slow. I like the fact they have icon choices by game - I'm just suprised by what choices they have - do they really need 2 Jon Snow icons? A lot of the best artwork isn't even a choice.
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