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  1. I dig it! Great idea for a paint scheme, especially well suited for the Firespray.
  2. I don't think number of wins matters, as they are only using the highest single game score to determine placement.
  3. I‘ve always done this. From day one I just assumed that's how you were supposed to do it. When I saw people putting the dials on the table near the minis, it seemed odd to me. There is enough on the board to keep up with, especially when ships get clustered. Why make it worse? As for my quirk, it really bugs me to fly the Firespray with anyone but Boba Fett. The Firespray IS Boba Fett to me, since he is the only one shown flying the ship in the movies. (OT that is) Boba has always been one of my favs since I was a kid and I loved that ship. I still remember opening that toy on Christmas morning. So I will fly other pilots if it fits my squad build, but I don't really like it and I still think of it as Fett when I look at the table.
  4. Bazinga said: Thank you I also meant to add he used the two Front guides at the base which I thought was not allowed but it changed the way the ruler lined up just enough to make my ship viable But when I questioned it I could not find the section of the rules that covered it. I believe it is on page 10 of the rules that you do not use the guides when determining firing arc or measuring range.
  5. Stealth Device isn‘t a pilot ability, it‘s a ship upgrade. Any ship can equip one upgrade if they have the points to pay for it.
  6. Yes, glad this was finally cleared up and that it will be FAQ`d.
  7. Zoso

    Custom LED Gaming Table

    Agreed. Great looking play surface. I would definitely smile if I got to play on something like that.
  8. hothie said: I'm still going by the first paragraph of page 8, which states explicitly: 1. "each ship may perform one action immediately after moving." The key word here is immediately. So this happens directly after moving, but also after step 4, which is checking pilot stress, as noted on page 7. 2. "Additionally, certain pilot abilities…may allow ships to perform other actions." I'd say this qualifies as a pilot ability that allows the ship to perform another action. Which, I might add again, occurs during the Perform Action step. Also, from Night Beast's card: "After executing a green maneuver, you may perform a free focus action." I would then be led to believe that performing this free action would then occur during the perform action step, which as stated above, happens immediately after moving, but I guess I'm wrong about that. Please send this in to FFG. i would love to hear them say how performing a free focus action does not occur during the perform action step. Just to play Devil's advocate, I don't think you can use the wording on Night Beast to justify that the free focus action takes place during the perform action step. The exact same wording appears on Turr Phenirr (After you perform an attack, you may perform a free boost or barrel roll action) and obviously that can't occur during the perform action step as that is already over by the time an attack happens. So that demonstrates a free action can occur outside the perform action step and I see no reason why if a free action can happen after the action step that it couldn't happen before the action step. Just because Night Beast's ability triggers before the perform action step does not mean that you wait until that step to do the free action. On the other hand, I also agree that there is nothing to specifically state that the free action has to take place in the same step as whatever triggered it. So I am in the school that feels like this needs to be clarified by FFG. If I had to bet, I'd say that FFG will say that in cases like this, the free action happens immediately after the trigger resolves ( I feel this way mainly because of Phenirr's abilty-it wouldn't do him much good for getting out of firing arcs if he had to wait), but it is definitely ambiguous enough to need clarification. Has anyone submitted this yet? EDIT:I don't know why this text is highlighted, but I did not do it on purpose.
  9. I meant to say spending a focus to change eye results, not re-roll. But the question is still the same.
  10. You also have to check the title of the card. If it has a black dot in the title bar, it is unique and you can only have one of that card in your squad. A good example is Squad Leader.
  11. After reading both cards, I assume Dark Curse would in effect cancel the ability of Deadeye when attacking him. Spending a focus to re-roll or spending it in place of a target lock is still spending it, which DC specifically forbids. Is my reasoning correct on this?
  12. This damnable forum software and the double posts….
  13. magadizer said: dbmeboy said: Those are not multiple factions, but both belong to the "Rebel" faction. To be technical though, you can play 2 YT-1300s in your squad, but only one of them can have the Millenium Falcon Title card as it is unique. dbmeboy, you are one of the best and most patient rules explainers on the forum, but you misread the OP's question this time, even if you gave him the right answer. He did say "multiple falcons," not multiple "factions." I did the exact same thing! I thought it said factions as well.
  14. My guess is that "single starfighter" expansions is just how they refer to the expansions, to differentiate them since the core set comes with 3 ships.
  15. Zoso

    AT-AT Card

    Very cool! I will have to give this a whirl with my Hallmark ornament AT ATs. BTW, I think the stats BigDogg gave (0,0,6,2) were for the shield generator target, not the AT AT.
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