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  1. Does not having the 'board' matter? I own Talisman 2nd and 3rd edition. Nearly picked up the BI version because it was on sale. I haven't seen an image of the board for the FFG version. Since the upgrade pack doesn't include it, I would assume that the board in FFG's version is similar to the one in the BI version?
  2. Seems to be the case with several FFG games: unclear rules (perhaps written by people 'too close' to the game). Talisman is such a simple game so I don't see how the rules can be screwed up. I mean, I think the 1st/2nd edition rules were what, 4 or 6 pages? Perhaps FFG should release the rulebook to the general gaming populace to get feedback? Or pay an editor or proofreader to check it before release!
  3. Pardon my ignorance but why and when did Battlelore switch from DoW to FFG?
  4. shawn_low2

    Doom or no Doom

    Doom is (IMHO) imminently easier to get to the table. It finishes in 3 hours versus 4+ for Descent. I like the tension and agony as the Marines struggle to survive. I felt that Descent took the Doom system and bogged it down with too much extra chrome.
  5. Since Blue Moon has had so many deck expansions, can we expect an expansion for this game anytime soon? A perfect inclusion would be the two expansion tiles distributed by Spielebox. There could be new tiles and new race cards?
  6. Spielebox magazine is worth subscribing too as they now offer 'expansions' in each issue. Cool stuff I've gotten include Carcassone Expansions, Mr Jack Carriage piece, St Petersburg Expansion, Blue Moon City tiles etc. Only issue is that some expansions will be in German (Agricola X deck) and the magazine is in German...but the pics in the magazine are worth the price of admission.
  7. As a fan of the series, I am excited and am well and truly ready to embrace this game. However, not all the people I game with like or have watched BSG. With the 'theme' being such an integral part of the game, will non-BSGers 'get' the game? Will they 'get' characters/motivations and plot elements?
  8. Being a fan will help you appreciate the game more. The show suits itself to the boardgame perfectly! This is available on lots of online retailers so do check them out. I've seen them for sale at Troll and Toad, Thoughthammer, Boulder Games, Boards and Bits, Timewellspent etc. Now, availability here in Australia on the other hand...
  9. Wasn't it a 'Nexus' game NOT an FFG game? I was under the impression that Nexus got the license, designed and developed and FFG just distributed it. Ditto for War of the Rings! Marvel probably want too much $$$ for the license. They are in the stratosphere after hits such as Iron Man move.
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