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  1. Ha. Right in front of me. Thanks, sigma.
  2. My question on this quest is: What happened to the hulks? Under Setup, it states: "The ynfernael hulks are not placed during setup." From that point, nowhere in the special rules text nor under Reinforcements are the hulks ever mentioned again. How do they get on the board?
  3. Hey, I set up a FB group for Michigan pilots if people want to join. I know the group for Netrunner has really helped the community in this area (such that 6 of the top 32 were from SE Michigan), and I'd like to coordinate regular gatherings, tourneys, tourney announcements, and so forth, so let me know if you'd like to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/628108733880477/
  4. Jackwraith


    Awesome. Thanks much!
  5. Jackwraith


    Traded for a copy of Rune Age that came in sleeves. Picked up Oath and Anvil and discovered that Dragon Shield sleeves are not the ones on the other cards and are too wide for Rune Age's cards. Is there an FFG type of sleeve that is narrower than regulars that fits Rune Age cards (Dragon Shields fit my Netrunner cards, for example)?
  6. Going to be at Fun 4 All in Ypsilanti this Friday (14th) to get some games in. Have four decks ready to test.
  7. Hoping to gather both a regular group and some tourneys in and around that area, either at Get Your Game On in AA or Fun 4 All in Ypsi or both. Sign on to the thread or ping me on BGG, where I'm also "Jackwraith". Thanks.
  8. I'm trying to get people organized in Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti (Get Your Game On and Fun 4 All, respectively) but Pandemonium is always a possibility, too.
  9. No, it's actually supposed to be "grey". That's the British spelling from the British company that invented the character. See here: http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?catId=cat440084a&prodId=prod1040030
  10. I'm looking for a regular group in Ann Arbor.
  11. I mean, we certainly know very little about it at the moment, but for the last big 'reveal' moment on the main page, I was hoping for something other than a BattleLore game that happens to be done under a license that hasn't really been worked in any significant fashion for almost 5 years (still waiting on the Song of Ice and Fire adventure game that had a prototype flitting around a couple years ago...) A straight wargame, which means a limited audience; only 2-player, which means even more limited opportunities to play; and $80 for a non-coffin-box game. Think I'll pass...
  12. Wow. Looks quite impressive. The rules sound very much like the old GW version of the same name (in the same series with Battle for Armageddon and Doom of the Eldar; all of which I own, 40K geek that I am.)
  13. Thanks, as always, for the feedback, CF. I was hoping you would respond. Also, I'm assuming that Dwarf Trollslayers conforms to the purposeful limit on Old World tokens, such that when the card is resolved in the End phase, if there are no more Hero tokens to place, Heroes are not moved around simply to resolve the card. Is that right?
  14. So, we played our first two games tonight and they were a blast. We only had 3 players, so I'm sure that colored our experience a bit, but the color that most comes to mind is a sickly shade of green: Nurgle won both games in pretty crushing fashion with victory points totals over 50. The first game saw Tzeentch and Slaanesh pitted against Nurgle and was the closer of the two. Tzeentch lagged behind while he figured out how to maximize his effectiveness between magic symbols and warpstone tokens, but there were only 3 that ever appeared on the board and one of those was from a dial upgrade. Slaanesh did well enough corrupting Nobles but as soon as Nurgle achieved the Great Unclean One upgrade, meaning that he could spend 3 power points per turn and automatically get a dial tick no matter what the other players did, he started moving ahead. More corruption meant a snowball of ruination in the next couple turns which he further capitalized upon with Provender of Ruin, so that even when Slaanesh won first place on a couple Ruin cards and hit 54 points, Nurgle was still 19 points ahead of that total. The second game saw Slaanesh replaced with Khorne and we found that the Blood God was an excellent answer for Nurgle, simply by chasing his cultists everywhere with Bloodletters. However, the second Old World card that emerged was Electors Sue for Peace. As Nurgle had the lowest Threat at the time, he placed both Event tokens in Brettonia and The Empire, two populous regions in the center of the board. That card stayed in place for the rest of the game, so that his cultists could never be removed from those two regions, which meant he was constantly getting dial ticks and, of course, the first chance he took to get an upgrade brought out the Great Unclean One again. 3 points per turn sending the GUO to Kislev and Estalia meant 1 or 2 ticks per turn, as well as consistent plays of Plague Aura, giving him domination of The Empire and Brettonia every turn which neither of the other gods could do anything about (Khorne doesn't have enough cultists to ruin either and combat couldn't take place there; there was no Warpstone in either region so Tzeentch was hampered) and another runaway VP win. I guess my question would be: why would you ever play any upgrade card before GUO? Nurgle's dial track may be the longest, but every step adds another bonus and if you can do it for an expenditure of points which is easily met, why wouldn't you? That expenditure of points also brings a combat monster and the use of that GUO also brings access to the other, lesser upgrade cards for virtually nothing. One of the things I really enjoy about the game is the variety of tough decisions that need to be made by each player in terms of playing cards and placing figures, but the use of the first upgrade for Nurgle is a virtual no-brainer. It opens up everything else that Nurgle can do and is relatively impossible for the other players to affect. We're definitely going to try to get some 4-player games in to see if it changes the experience at all. Overall, it's an excellent game, but that one path to victory just strikes me as a bit too obvious.
  15. No, I realized that. I guess I'm just underestimating the amount of action that can take place in each total game turn. Colts is probably right. Thanks for the replies.
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