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  1. The flow of the game is Hobbit 1 - Sauron - Hobbit 2 - Sauron - Hobbit 3 - Sauron, etc but Sauron is basically deciding whether or not to play a card, so his turn is passing very quickly for the most part. I wouldn't find it much fun to hand manage separate piles of cards for each hobbit, and 90% of the game for me is about not knowing exactly what's in each player's hand. The rules-as-written have Sauron as the 6th player, but I'm thiking of adding him in at 5 players (4 hobbits, 1 Sauron) just so we use the expansion a little more. If necessary, I'll give each hobbit an extra card or two. Hope this helps on your decision to purchase. Wow. A month since I visited last - its been a while.
  2. You could, i suppose. But you'd need to tweak the rules somehow as hand management for 5 hobbits would be brutal. Also, the Sauron player as about as much to do as 1 hobbit in any given turn. So I think you'd end up with one person playing 80% of the game and Sauron playing about 20%.
  3. Last_Crusader said: - FTL jump cards come up .. a lot ... (in a large game it is possible to make a jump before a cylon player even gets to go again!) I think my main criticism of this game is that turn order / seating of humans & cylons is enirely random and a big factor. In 4 player games, cylons going twice consecutively can wreck the human side with no chance of responding. In 6 player games, humans getting 4 turns in a row means that the cylons can't get any momentum. Not sure about 5 player games.
  4. VerdatPagan said: As far as I'm aware.... 1) Yes, the revealed Cylon using the Ressurection ship must give all of his loaylty cards to ONE player. Someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe this to be the case. 2) Page 12 of the rulebook does not implicitly state it, but I believe the quorum cards are given to the new President. It states "... the President is in charge of the current hand of Quorum cards." Between that and other posts I've read, I believe the correct interpretation is to transfer the hand of Quorum cards to the new President along with the title. Anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. Hope this helps. For 1) I read it as the Cylon player gave one of his loyalty cards to another player. Thus Baltar (or Boomer) could give loyalty cards to two separate players, but would have to activate the Resurrection ship location twice to do so. 2) I agree with this.
  5. Last_Crusader said: 2 - Along with #1 .. the Sympathizer didn't come out .. it seems pretty easy to have one resource drop to 1/2. In our case, knowing this, I purposely made a crisis fail (despite being NOT a cylon) that gave us -1 morale to drop it into the red shortly before we hit 4 distance ... I felt it was the only smart thing to do . .if I became a cylon in the sleeper agent phase .. I had helped lower a resource .. if I wasn't a cylon after sleeper agent phase I didn't want to have a 3-3 game. Lucky I did .. a few turns later we jumped and I got the sympathizer card! This has been discussed in both groups .. when a sympathizer card is in the game .. the humans should ALWAYS try and let one resource drop to half (specifically the easier ones to control like morale or food) so the humans will outnumber the cylons. As Admiral, I encouraged this strategy in the last game I played and the humans won, though barely (every resource at 1 when we made the last jump). Fortunately I did not end up a Cylon in the sleeper phase. The interesting thing was that had I been a Cylon, I could've used the Admiralty to jump to a water moon and restored the food dial back to blue. So it's not a fool proof strategy.
  6. Well, we've played twice, and it's one victory for each. The Human victory was on an early jump and we made the dice roll to not lose all our peeps. All the dials were on '2' or '1'. So yes, the humans do win.
  7. I've only played a few (3 or 4) games against Sauron, because of the need for a 6th player. The only hobbit victory I recall was tense, with Merry, all alone in Mordor, dunking the ring after using it to get to the end of the main story line.
  8. I have only played the Sauron expansion a few times because of the 6 player minimum. This seems to be the biggest obstacle to getting that set out. There are some components that can be used in a smaller game (resource tokens, new Gandalf cards, a few special rules) Sauron does not break the game, but it does make it quite a bit harder.
  9. If I was teaching the game to a group with limited attention spans I would only play until the sleeper phase. If everyone was having fun then you could playout the rest of the game, or even start a new one. If people aren't having fun you've only invested an hour or so - plenty of time breakout Ticket to Ride or BANG!
  10. Yeah, I can't see why it should be easier to get out of jail.
  11. My guess is that Apollo would go, then the Raiders. Other than a hunch, I have no actual reasoning to back this up until I can get home and reference my copy of the game.
  12. Well, I sure thought that was thorough. Also didn't know that the HR stays in space until it can unload its cargo of destruction.
  13. Thanks Smuggler - follow up question - if the president reveals as a Cylon, are the Quorum cards discarded or passed to the new president?
  14. iceberg84 said: Unless I'm mistaken, the new president gets the hand of quorum cards possesed by the old president. The quorum deck and discard pile remain untouched though. Where are the rules for this? (open question for anyone) We couldn't find any reference so we assumed the player kept the Quorum cards already drawn, unless they were a revealed Cylon in which case they were discarded. Also, isn't there a Quorum card that Roslyn can get and play, even if she's not the president?
  15. iceberg84 said: I got what you meant originally but I don't think it really matters anyway - if all the vipers are out there then the humans should be fine. I've never been in a situation where all the vipers were on the board anyway. Although now that I think about it, it could be a problem if some of the 8 vipers were destroyed, but after 5 games I've never seen the humans lose more than 1 viper to destruction, even with cylon pilots someone always has evasive manuevers ready to go when an 8 is rolled. Well, we've only played the one time but we lost because we had no Vipers to deploy when a Cylon attack crisis came up leaving civilian ships with no cover in a zone where Cylons raiders were already deployed (Our 5 functional Vipers were already deployed). Next turn was a Cylon turn and he activated Raiders before we had an opportunity to re-deploy the CAP. So yeah, it can happen.
  16. Mattr0polis said: Sam Gamgee said: (This can have the nasty side effect of leaving the humans no vipers to deploy, as well) Not sure what you meant here, but if you meant that one of the pilots won't have a viper to launch because they are already all outside, that is incorrect. A pilot can always pull one of the unpiloted vipers back to reserve to launch in if he activates the hanger bay. No - I meant if you have launched a lot of vipers already you won't be able to setup the unmanned ones as shown on the Cylon attack cards.
  17. Binary's answer is a little lost in the formating so I'll try again... spirit_machine said: Do we just add the current crisis card set-up to the total on the board? Yes. And while Lego Basestars sound really cool, you only add the ships that are available; that is not in play already or removed from the game. (This can have the nasty side effect of leaving the humans no vipers to deploy, as well) From the rule book, page 28: Tokens and plastic ships are limited to the quantity provided, and can run out during the game. The current player always decides the order in which a component type is placed, and if there are not enough, he decides which ones are not placed. There is also an example on the same page.
  18. OK, I get it now. Thanks ~ I thought I'd missed a rule...
  19. Sorry - can you guys explain this a little more? I thought that the instructions on the Caprica location meant that in the Cylon turn the Jump symbol and Cylon ship symbol were ignored completely. (ie - no movement of the jump marker and no attacks / moves with Cylon ships).
  20. I really liked SoC, as did the rest of my gaming group. We have a strict secrecy rule when playing SoC, which makes a huge difference and so we all understood the importance of secrecy in BSG. If your anti-SoC friend is prone to talking about his cards all the time then you may have an issue (SoC is totally un-fun when people josh about how many Grail cards they have or how there hand is good for this or that quest). I was very excited about BSG, especially reading player write-ups about treacherous acts and so on. We played our first game last Sunday, and I don't think the comparison to SoC can really be made. The mechanics are completely different, there is basically no downtime between turns and there's way more trash talk at the table (all good things). After the Cylons reveal it is either 3 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 team play. There is a fair amount of luck - dice rolls, destiny deck, and crises cards. My biggest criticism of the game mechanics is that seating at the table seems to impact the game, at least in the 4-player game we played. The Sympathiser and Cylon ended up going consecutively, so the two humans (Chief & Starbuck) could (maybe) defeat the crises on their own turns but then got hammered twice in a row with the worst of two crises draws and no cards to defeat them (the cylons figured out quickly that double teaming us on the Caprica location meant we had to burn our cards and one shot powers). The human side was surprised and unprepared for how quickly the game turned against us after the sleeper phase, and I personally felt frustrated in the last few turns as the crises mounted and there was little or nothing the humans could do. We did some post game analysis, and I think the humans had a pretty rotten stretch of luck after the sleeper phase. The last few rounds of play featured 4 cylon attack cards, two 'choices' that forced the president (Chief) to discard cards and hand off the president's title (otherwise game over), and if IIRC only one of the cards had an FTL jump marker. The best part of the game was definitely table atmosphere - everyone was watching each little move and accusations of "CYLON!" were flying - that was hilarious. Take my comments with a grain of salt; we've only played once and despite some end-game frustrations on my part the game overall was enjoyable and we are looking forward to playing again.
  21. I would think this goes against the spirit of the game. It's not Avolon Hills' Diplomacy after all.
  22. Advocator said: 1. If a player uses this spot and they have an unrevealed loyalty card, are they required to pass it off to another player? 2. If a player uses this spot and they have two unrevealed loyalty cards, are they required to pass of both of them? 3. If a player uses this spot and they have two unrevealed loyalty cards, are they required to pass them both to the same player? I just bought the game a few days ago and haven't had a chance to play yet, but I have read the rule book in preparation for tomorrow's gaming session. I don't know the answer to number one, but it given the limited number of turns in a game I'm not sure why you wouldn't choose to pass your extra card on. As for 2 & 3, and maybe I'm missing something, but I was under the impression you couldn't get to the cylon locations without first revealing yourself as a cylon - so how would you end up in the resurrection ship with 2 unrevealed cylon cards?
  23. Mattr0polis said: JerusalemJones said: Are you sure about that? Dunno about anyone else, but I am 100% sure. Check page 28 under 'Component Limitations'. Happened to have the rule book on hand and checked - its pretty clear on page 28: If all vipers are already in play and a player wishes to activate the “Hangar Deck” location, he may choose to move a viper from any space area to the “Reserves” so that he may pilot it. cheers, -j.
  24. I find it's actually a very interesting game as soon as you realize that most of the luck is actually bluffing strategies like poker. I enjoy it because it's a fun mechanic and you don't get bogged down with players trying to plan the 'perfect move'.
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