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  1. You might have done everything right but the 'card image display' within the program is toggled to 'off'. If so, run the deckbuilder, select any card and click 'cards' on the grey options near the top (in between 'statistics' and 'notes'.) You should then get a summary of the selected card. On the left hand side just above the resource symbol are two buttons. The top one is 'toggle card image display'. Once activated the program then displays card the pictures. Hope this helps.
  2. Well you can certainly count me in on a UK tournament. Just an idea, but it might be worth mentioning it in the AGOT and Warhammer forums. Some of those guys might mainly play one of the other games, but might play Cthulhu casually and want to come along.
  3. I like the decisions on dogs and birds and the helpful explanation of what happens when a non-character card goes insane (always a grey area in my mind.) Now if only the Mulligan rule was scrapped as well, I would be a truly happy camper....
  4. Really sad to say I will have to miss this year's festivities as I am unavoidably away in China at the vital moment. Best wishes to all participants and if anyone is on the fence about going, let me assure you it really is a blast. Very friendly contestants, fantastic location in a spooky castle and copious amounts of fine German beer (though I am not sure this last one really helped my concentration last time!) Hopefully next year there will not be any diary clashes, so I will look forward to seeing everyone then. Cheers, Nomad (Andrew Clarke)
  5. Hey Nyarla, Thanks again for all your hard work keeping this superb utility up to date, I would not dream of putting a deck together without it. I left you a little tip, but for some reason it wouldn't let me send you a message with it, so I will say thanks here. Cheers, Nomad.
  6. Dam said: Those who have/have seen the Assault on Ulthuan box size, is SoA the same size package? Yes it is.
  7. TheProfessor said: Actually I'm thinking that Miskatonic is starting to fall off a bit. They didn't get any "big" cards. Having some willpower is nice, but not as uplifiting as the other cards mentioned. Yes, that was my reaction too. I think Miskatonic really misses not having Historic Discovery at its disposal, but maybe it is just too powerful for the LCG environment, a bit like Shub with Ghoul Khanum.
  8. Many thanks everyone for your kind words. "Yes, yes, you have some change for all Night / Days cards where Night / days become keywords placed in the text box. You have also cards with a different subtypes from the first edition. Take just an example : Terrors in the Dark, it's now an Environment. The wording Night. It is Night have been also added. The Greatest fear gains Disaster. Madness, etc." Hi Dadajef, You are right I had missed those! There maybe a few more small changes too. I just noticed Deep One Rising has slightly different text from both its original printing and its revised text after the errata in the old CCG FAQ. Nothing major, but presumably to stop abuse with Hydra.
  9. For welcome but unfathomable reasons, the Mi-Go that run FFG's marketing and distribution seem to have favoured us in Europe with the first copies of Secrets of Arkham. I picked up my copy yesterday from my FLGS in St. Neots (near Cambridge in the UK) run by my friend Colin ('Bigshow' on these boards) so I thought I would share the goodies with those from elsewhere. To answer Chick's question from another thread: No, to my knowledge the release in Europe of this set is a first, normally we seem to get things about a week to two weeks behind those of you on the other side of the pond. The Format: OK let's kick of with this. The set consists of 110 cards, 2 copies of 50 cards each with the extra 10 being the 'new' story deck (more on this later.) Each of the seven factions gets 6 cards, with neutral getting 8. Of these, each faction gets one new card and five reprints taken from the days of the CCG, so there are plenty of old friends putting in a re-appearance. In neutral there are 3 new cards and 5 reprints. The Cards I won't go over the reprints beyond listing their names, those unfamiliar with the details can easily look these up on Nyarlazobec's excellent deckbuilder programme. From my cursory examination, there do not seem to be any changes to the reprints from their time in the CCG. The number shown before each card is its number within the set. I will quote the new cards in more detail. Agency 1) Agency Medic Type: Character, Cost:1 Icons: None, Skill: 1, Keywords: None, Subtype: Government. TextBox: Disrupt: Sacrifice Agency Medic to cancel 1 wound to a character. 2) Paranormal Specialist 3) Lightning Gun 4) Norman Blackwood Junior 5) Beneath the Burning Sun 6) Femme Fatal Miskatonic 7) Scientific Text Type: Support, Cost:2, Subtypes: Attachment, Item. TextBox: Attach to a Miskatonic character, while Scientific text is ready, attached character gains Arcane Icon. Action: Exhaust Scientific Text to Draw a card. 8) Visiting Professor 9) The Neconomicon (Book of the Mad Arab) 10) Soothsayer 11) Misinformation 12) Professor Armitage (Venerable Librarian) Syndicate 13) Elite Hit Squad Type: Character, Cost 3, Icons: 2x Combat, Skill: 6, Keywords: None, Subtype: Criminal. TextBox: Elite Hit Squad cannot commit to stories during your turn. Action pay 1to have elite hit squad get +1 skill and gain 1 combat icon until the end of the phase. 14) Hired Mystic 15) Forced Foreclosure 16) Intimidate 17) Anarchist 18) Fixer Shub-Niggurath (Yep, you are reading it right, the faction order has mysteriously changed...) 19) Mi-Go Surgeon Type: Character, Cost 3, Icons: 1x Combat, 1x Investigation, Skill: 2, Keywords: None, Subtype: Mi-Go. TextBox: All Mi-Go characters gain an Arcane Icon. 20) Mi-Go Commander 21) Rampaging Dark Young 22) Albino Goat Spawn 23) Ageless Mi-Go 24) The Mother's Hand Cthulhu 25) Hydra Type: Character, Cost 5, Icons: 2x Terror 3x Combat, Skill: 5, Keywords: Villainous, Toughness+2, Subtype: Ancient One. TextBox: Pay2 to choose a Deep One character in your discard pile and put into play. 26) Lord of Y'ha-nthlei 27) Primal Fear 28) Carl Stanford 29) Deep One Rising 30) Giving Thanks Yog-Sothoth 31) Things in the Ground Type: Support, Cost:2, Subtypes: Environment. TextBox: Action: Exhaust Things in the Ground to discard the top 2 cards of each player's deck. Any characters that would be discarded by this effect are instead put into play insane. 32) Calling Down the Ancients 33) Gatekeeper 34) Hermetic Scholar 35) Chant of Thoth 36) Wizard of Yog-Sothoth Hastur 37) Poltergeist Type: Character, Cost 2, Icons: 2x Terror , Skill: 2, Keywords: None, Subtype: Monster. TextBox: Poltergeist cannot commit to stories. Insane characters you control do not restore. Action: Pay 2 to give control of Poltergeist to any opponent. 38) Carcossa 39)Messenger from Hali 40) Writihing Wall 41) Infected by Madness 42) Implant Fear Neutral 43) Feint Type: Event, Cost:0. TextBox: Action: Choose a character. That character gets -2 skill and loses a combat icon until the end of the phase. 44) Diseased Sewer Rats Type: Character, Cost 2, Icons: 1x Combat , Skill: 1, Keywords: None, Subtype: Creature. TextBox: Forced Response: After you play Diseased Sewer Rats, choose a character with skill 2 or lower. Wound that character. 45) Magnifying Glass Type: Support, Cost:1, Subtypes: Attachment, item. TextBox: Attach to a character. Attached character gains 1x Investigation icon. 46) Azathoth 47) Seeker of Mysteries 48) The Greatest Fear 49) Terrors in the Dark 50) Dimensional Rift Stories 51) Secrets of Arkham: Resolve the effects of all other non-conspiracy story cards in play. 52) They Come at Night: Each Player names a character or support card. All copies of the named cards are sacrificed. 53) Obsessive Research: Each player draws until he has 8 cards in play. 54) Change of Plans: Each player chooses a domain and attaches his hand to that domain as resources. 55) Terror out of Dunwich 56) The Innsmouth Threat 57)The Thing at the Gate 58)The Secret of the North Woods 59) Dreams of Kingsport 60) The Well Old -timers will notice that the last six stories were originally released as part of the CCG. The game comes with a note saying that these stories are now the official ones for all tournaments. General Comments Personally, I rather like the set overall. There are some of my favourite cards reprinted from the days of the CCG (Carl Stanford, Intimidate, Anarchist, Deep One Rising, Calling Down the Ancients to name but a few) and there seems to be a welcome boost to some of the factions that seemed a bit under-powerd (IMHO) in the LCG: Syndicate, Cthulhu and Yog. Deck discarding is back. Amongst the new cards, Hastur's Poltergeist looks particularly fun. The set comes with an interesting insert that gives a bit of flavour about each faction and sets out how the designers were trying to develop them with this expansion. OK that's your lot. What do you guys think?
  10. Yes, Secrets of Arkham is in stock here in the UK as well, at least at online retailers. I will be picking up my copy from my FLGS in the next few days.
  11. I'm not sure if this is just a false alarm, but here in the UK Infinity Games has Secrets of Arkham to be on sale on 21 May. It could be an error, but they just sent me (yesterday) an email specially announcing it as one of their 'upcoming games' for this month. For those interested, the link is here: http://www.iguk.co.uk/products/secrets-of-arkham-expansion-call-of-cthulhu-lcg-10149.aspx
  12. Just to let everyone know, I have emailed FFG a couple of weeks ago seeking clarification on this card and will post the results on this thread when they get back to me.
  13. I am afraid this is not correct. Adjacent regions are simply that: those that share a border. Rules page 11: "To place a figure on the board, the player places a figure in one of the nine map regions. The only restriction on a figure placement is that the figure must be placed in a region where that Chaos power already has a figure, or in a region adjacent to such a region. (Adjacent regions are those that share a border.)" The arrows are just there to show the region order for resolving battles, placing corruption etc. (see rules page 25.)
  14. I'm glad I'm not the only one that finds the text on this confusing! What seems to me particularly weird is that if they had simply left out the bit of text about committing to stories and just said instead 'he turns into a character', all confusion about when he could commit would disappear...Unless we are all wrong and he really is intended to be able to commit to stories at odd times. Strange.
  15. Nice card, I really like this one and Yog's Speak to the Dead.
  16. I agree, I think it makes more sense that the Pillar just commits normally as a character though maybe slightly changed card wording could make this more clear. Anyway, many thanks for you inputs and I will tell my friends in St. Neots.
  17. OK, here is a question that came up the other day at my local club for which I would be grateful for any help. It concerns Guardian Pillar and quite simply when you can use it. Its text reads: "If you control more Dreamlands support cards than any opponent, you may exhaust Guardian Pillar to commit it to a story as a character with 4 skill, one terror and three combat icons, and invulnerability." I assumed that Guardian Pillar functioned just like an ordinary character when its condition was met, committing to stories at the normal times as either attacker or defender. Others however disagreed, believing that its ability could work even outside the normal commitment phases, for example the attacker could use it to commit to a story after the defender had already committed their characters. I guess the confusion comes because the card does not state explicitly when it can be activated. We both noted that the card effect seems to be a Passive Effect because it does not have the words Action, Response or Forced Response in front of it, though we are not sure if this has any bearing on the interpretation. Any thoughts?
  18. I think making them unique would be a step in the right direction, but probably would not be sufficient. Making them highlander could work, but runs the risk that the element of luck would be enhanced as the first to draw their champion could be at a big advantage. I do think both these ideas are worth a try though and if they do not do the trick, the problem can be revisited. All the rest of the ideas regarding Adorations, Messengers, and rituals would certainly get my vote.
  19. Yep, allow me to join the chorus of congratulations to FFG, this is a most welcome change.
  20. OK, for what it's worth, here are my thoughts on this subject: To begin with I completely agree with all the changes Carioz proposes and for the reasons he proposes them. However, in addition I think something needs to be done about the world champions cards too. I think Yig, Ghoul Khanum, and Ithaqua (once the Messengers are tweaked) are all fine as they are. I have not encountered Ancient Gold enough in my meta to have much of an opinion. I would either simply ban Assistant to Dr West and Mentor to Vaughn (I believe that is what the French have done in their championships) or if they were to be altered instead, I would start by making them unique (which kind of fits thematically anyway.) I would also assign each to a faction to limit their general utility (at the moment their neutral status means they tend to find their way into most of my competitive decks unless I have a really pressing reason not to include them) specifically, I think Mentor should be Syndicate, Assistant should be Yog. I realise this topic is really focussed on a legacy FAQ, but I would also like to see something done about the Sledge Dogs and the Descendant as well.
  21. Hi Roberto, Really sorry to hear your news, but not altogether surprised having had the opportunity to chat to you at Stahleck. It was great to meet you and play against you back in December, as I recall the vagaries of the Swiss format meant we only played each other once, but I do recall it was a fascinating game. I must admit having only just seen your post, I haven't had a chance to examine the decks you posted in any detail, but I shall give them some serious study after the New Year for future tournaments. Funnily enough, even before Stahleck, I had been working on a Tsathouggua focussed deck (though pretty different to your posted one in virtually all other respects except that it included The Frog) and nearly brought it to the European Championships this year. Your post might just inspire me to blow the cobwebs off it and see if it can be turned into something worth testing out. Anyway, best of luck playing that 'other game'. I believe Bard also plays it these days, so perhaps you two will run into each other. Of course, if we could tempt you both out of retirement for just one more mixed borders (I agree it's the best format!) Stahleck event some time in 2010, that would be really cool. Andrew
  22. @Bard: hey good to hear from you! Us old-timers certainly missed you, (and Laura and Aero) this time round. If we can tempt you all out of retirement next time, that would be really cool...
  23. As it's been a few days, I thought I would post a few words on the European championship held at Stahleck between the 11th and 13th December. I don't intend to say too much about decks that were played at Stahleck, mainly because I don't want to give away other players strategies without their permission, but I will make a few general observations to those interested. Just to explain the format: there were two main tournaments at Stahleck this year, the LCG (white border only) and Standard Constructed (black and white border) events. There was also a highlander standard constructed event (one copy maximum of each card in a deck, from both black and white border sets) and an LCG multiplayer event (in which two players formed a team, each player playing separate decks with one common pool of stories.) The highlander and multiplayer events saw all sorts of weird and wonderful decks, in both cases there is not much to say about strategy, but rather that both were great fun to play in. I like highlander as it gives the chance to try out all sorts of odd cards that never quite make the cut in most of my decks (both Pocket Telescope and Silver Twilight Temptress did well for me here) while the multiplayer is pure craziness as both teams struggle to gain an advantage over their rivals. In the highlander I played Agency-Cthulhu with a few neutrals thrown in, in multiplayer I made a Shub-Syndicate deck on the spur of the moment which really acted as a support deck to my ally's (Graham Hill's) deck. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised to finish third in both events. Roberto (Carioz) won the highlander and Franck and Francois won the multiplayer. The LCG contest was held on Friday and while I didn't see everybody's decks, I do have the distinct impression there was a lot of Agency-Hastur played with the Alaskan sled dogs and Descendent of Eibon making plenty of appearances. The dogs really ruled the tournament and many were left with the impression they were a bit powerful for a one drop character, especially as most people presumably had eight in their decks. Graham Hill, last year's defending champion, won the LCG European championship and I believe he used Agency-Hastur. I managed a respectable third, I too was playing Agency-Hastur with dogs and Descendants. The standard constructed was the last event played. My deck was mono neutral (well with a few 0 cost events/support cards from other factions) that focussed on getting powerful characters out quickly and also attempted to make use of conspiracies (I have an irrational affection for conspiracy cards...) to hopefully cause my opponents some problems. I saw all sorts of decks from Syndicate rush to what looked like a mono Hastur control, but don't recall all the details. To my surprise, my deck worked really well during the event and I found myself up against my old rival and team mate Graham in the Grand Final. I had played against him in an earlier round, so I had a reasonable idea of what was in his deck. After an epic contest he pulled off the win. I don't want to say too much about his deck, but I don't think I am giving too much away to say it was Yog and Shub based. As has been remarked by many before, the whole event was huge fun and all the people that participated were both really nice and good sports. CoC's rules are a bit fuzzy in places (to put it mildly) and the idea of trying to adjudicate them in several different languages with varying levels of comprehension between the players, could have been a recipe for disaster. The fact that the event did not turn out this way, I think, reflects well on the skill of the the organisers and the spirit of all those that took part. Overall I can't wait until next year. Just one small plea to the organisers: please keep the Standard Constructed as one of the main events next year as many of us (and I can speak for a few people here!) are not ready to give up our black borders just yet. Nomad (Andrew Clarke)
  24. Hello and welcome to the game! In terms of faction strengths and weaknesses, I highly recommend the article 'Better than Skittles: Cannon's Guide to the Faction Rainbow' which although it was written for the old CCG, still has many useful pointers for beginners in today's environment. In fact, there are several good articles on the site, so I enclose the link below. http://hem.bredband.net/xedric/CoC/Articles/factionguide1.html Hope this helps.
  25. @ Dadjef: thanks, I really enjoyed meeting you and the rest of the French party too! Also I would like to add special thanks to Articman for running the tournament so well. Perhaps one day I will make it to France for a few games.
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