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  1. The game seems interesting. I haven't taught it to my wife yet because I'm still trying to understand the rules. At the moment I'm trying to understand why anyone would play either the "Nuclear Escalation" or the "Live Benefit" card. If I understnad the special ability "objective" cards correctly, you discard the card when you use it, so you can't get the points for gaining the objective during the "debriefing" phase. What's more, the VPs for the discarded card are *deducted* from your score, so why would I discard the "Live Benefit" card to gain a group card that won't help because there's no longer an objective to win VPs for? I must be missing something because that appears counterproductive.
  2. Do "Group" cards that I have recruited remain on my side into subsequent turns or are they returned to the "Group" pile for the next turn? If "Group" cards stay on the board into the next turn unless somehow discarded, do they stay "Mobilized" or are they turned back to "Ready" between "Cease Fire" and the next turn? Thanks Gunhawk
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